2 Zodiac Signs Experience Beautiful Abundance On May 22

Look at everything as if it’s a miracle.

2 Zodiac Signs Experience Miraculous Abundance On May 22 La La La, Bich Tran from pexels | Canva Pro

To look at everything in life as a miracle can represent one of the biggest transformations you will ever experience. If something changes in your career, a lover leaves, or an unexpected bill surfaces, you are presented with two choices: feel like the whole universe is against you or that everything is working out better than you ever imagined because miracles surround you. 

On Wednesday, Venus in Taurus will align with Neptune in Pisces, helping you see the miracle of your life and yourself. You can view every single event or situation as something that isn’t happening to you to punish you or set you back but instead to reveal and gift you with greater abundance. Let yourself believe in the best possible outcome, even if it feels scary, as it’s safe to trust in the process of the universe. 


Venus represents love, finances, and real estate, while Neptune is the miracle worker of the zodiac, helping you receive the ultimate blessings of the universe. Trust in whatever has or is still occurring in your life, and rather than holding on or believing the worst, see everything as happening in your favor because when you look for miracles, they can finally be found.


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2 zodiac signs experience abundance on May 22, 2024:

1. Virgo

Abundance Affirmation: I am open to receiving abundant miracles in my romantic life.

2 Zodiac Signs Experience Miraculous Abundance On May 22 La La La | Canva Pro

It’s not foolish to believe the best about a relationship or person. It’s just that you must balance your hopes with your logic without letting either rule your decisions. It’s okay to hope for something in your romantic life, to trust that everything will work out. While you may not be able to have evidence in the ways that you prefer, when you can notice progress and shift toward growth, you are also witnessing the very miracle you’d hoped would occur. Don’t underestimate the small changes as insignificant; instead, recognize that all you go through in your love life is part of a greater plan you may not yet be privy to.


Venus in Taurus will align with Neptune in Pisces on Wednesday, bringing in some exciting miracles to your romantic life and the direction that it’s headed in. Venus in Taurus governs over themes of travel, luck, and abundance, while Neptune in Pisces helps you see and embrace the miracles in your romantic life. As Venus and Neptune align, you will receive a true romantic miracle, although it might arrive a bit unexpectedly. 

Prepare to meet someone while traveling or receive news that your partner has planned a surprise impromptu trip for both of you. You might also realize that if your partner has been quieter or distracted lately, it was because they were preparing to offer you a greater declaration of love and commitment — helping you see that sometimes it does serve to trust in the universe and the plans it has for your life.

Venus and Neptune are here to create miracles in your romantic life, whether through an unexpected meeting, a trip with your current partner, or a new beginning filled with hope. Whatever you’ve been struggling with has been part of the reward you are about to receive; you have to open your eyes to see how everything that has been happening has been helping you become closer to your romantic destiny.

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2. Gemini

Abundance Affirmation: I am ready to embrace a miracle of abundance in my career. 

2 Zodiac Signs Experience Miraculous Abundance On May 22 La La La | Canva Pro

You can’t ever give up on a dream just because of how long it seems to take to accomplish it. Usually, the moment you are beginning to wonder if it’s all worth it is the one just before your breakthrough or miracle. There has been a deep focus on your professional path recently that has asked you to honor what your purpose is. It has also required you to be open to change and commit wholeheartedly to what you want to achieve for yourself. In this process, you’ve had to embrace hard work and honor your intuition as you develop a deeper trust within yourself and where you feel called to make your mark. Through this process, you have been showing the miracle you can now receive.


On Wednesday, Venus in Taurus aligns with Neptune in Pisces, creating a potent day for miracles in your career as you receive the confirmation and divine insight to the path for continued success. Venus in Taurus is in the house of your soul, while Neptune in Pisces seeks to create miracles and profound turnarounds in your career or professional path. Together, they create the ability to make great strides in your progress toward abundance, financial freedom, and trust within the universe and in your divine light. Pay close attention to any new insights or ideas with this energy as you may be guided to receive an important download from your spiritual guides on the next step you should take in your career — or how to make the most of where you currently are.

Success means more than just financial wealth. While you’ve been busy preparing to manifest a soulfully fulfilling and abundant career, you have been guided to follow your path. This has allowed you to take risks, embrace changes, and see that only you know what is meant for you in this life. The miracle you have been hoping for in your career is closer than you think and holds the potential to bring about that pivotal moment that can instantly change everything.

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Kate Rose is a writer, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life intuitive counselor, and bespoke retreat curator.