3 Zodiac Signs Receive Massive Luck In Love Starting On May 22

Change is needed, and we are dedicated to making it happen.

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On Wednesday, May 22, three zodiac signs receive luck in love as they experience what the Power of Yes is all about. That doesn't mean we'll agree to everything or even say 'yes' a lot. It does mean that during Sun trine Pluto, we will accept that change is needed and that we are completely dedicated to making that change happen.

We are at a place in our lives where we want to see progress in our lives. We not only want to be happy, but we want our love relationships to be 'real,' promising and complete with the fact that we, as a couple, can grow. We are fine with the idea that the beginning 'infatuation' phase is over. Now we're down for the rest of it, and because of this transit, Sun trine Pluto, we have come to realize that we need to adapt and prepare for personal change.


Rather than slam their idea down, we run with it when our partner suggests something that is otherwise alien to us. This is the perfect time for these three zodiac signs to own up to the idea that we all need to open our minds to be more for our partners. We have to accept that this romance is about give and take. We need to show our partners that we are willing to take risks, to trust in them, and to trust in ourselves.

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Love horoscopes are very lucky for three zodiac signs on May 22

1. Taurus

You refuse to go down with the ship, Taurus, and your willful and stoic attitude is doubly enhanced during Sun trine Pluto on Wednesday. You've seen many unsavory things happen over the last few months, and while those things could have potentially pulled you right down with them, you stood your ground and refused to let yourself be taken.

The power within you has risen to the surface, and your own love of self and respect for that which you have put so much effort into are now what's running the show here. You have done that very hard thing for many of us to do: you've put yourself first in your romantic relationship because you realize that this is the only way to go—for you.

Your partner can take it however they wish, and fortunately, they are going to witness your example of self-love and self-respect, and they, too, will get on that track. This is where the relationship starts to take off for the first time. You are not content with sitting on a couch for the rest of your life, pretending that everything is OK ... you are a person of action. During Sun trine Pluto, you prove it, and your partner goes along with it just fine.

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2. Scorpio

If you can control it, you do your best to make it all work well. You aren't trying to control untenable things. You are simply trying to make things work for you and your partner. They need your guidance, it seems, and while you don't necessarily want to become their hero, as that means 'work,' you are also keen on making this person happy. So, during Sun trine Pluto on May 22, you find a way to step up and do the right thing by them.

Your romantic partner presents you with a series of complicated issues you aren't automatically interested in solving. Yet, you see that what they are asking for requires you to get involved or out, and you like the challenge here. You will say 'yes' to their plea for help, and you'll be surprised at what you come up with, as the power of Sun trine Pluto shows you that you have a very broad mind and can come up with incredible solutions if put to the test.

So, you'll see that you'll be in the driver's seat, and while you don't want to be totally responsible for how the relationship works out, you won't mind being an important player in the positive direction it begins to take. During Sun trine Pluto, you approach the idea of chance with an open mind, resulting in a great understanding between you and your romantic partner.

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3. Capricorn

It's all about change and acceptance during Sun trine Pluto this Wednesday, and you are not always the person who easily gets into this kind of thinking. You come from that Capricorn standpoint, where if a thing works, then you don't try to fix it. Yet, your partner is asking for change, and they mean it. At first, you see this request as threatening, but as the days go by, you get to think: This could work.

That's the kicker right there for you, Capricorn. Once you know that something could actually work out, you feel a little more confident about pursuing it. On Wednesday, you will see the light, and it will be like one of those comical lightbulbs over your head. What your partner asks for suddenly seems inspiring and thrilling.

That's all you need. While you are hesitant about change, you are ravenous for progress, and if there's somewhere that's even 'better' where you and your partner are concerned, then 'sign me up!' That's your feeling, and during Sun trine Pluto, it's all about seeing how change can do a person a world of good. That's positive, and that's what this day will bring you, Capricorn.


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