3 Zodiac Signs Who Believe In Second Chances On May 21

The second chance we believe in is the one we give ourselves without hesitation.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Believe In Second Chances on May 21 SilKing from DK Ollin, Artulina, beaveraphotos | Canva Pro

May 21 will have many people wondering if what they did in the past was as bad as they thought it was and whether or not they 'deserve' a second chance. Some of us hurt people, and some of us made terrible decisions. Some of us created bad situations for others, and some ran away from our duty; we left someone else holding the bag, as they say, and we've been carrying around the memory of 'that bag' for years.


So, do we deserve a second chance? Of course. There's an expression that states, 'Each of us is more than the worst thing we've ever done.' This is true. Human beings are so complex, and we can't be defined by any one thing we've done because we've done literally millions of things. So why should the one 'bad' thing be our definition moment? We believe in second chances during the Scorpio Moon opposite Mercury.


Three zodiac signs will become the example of this belief, by simply stepping up and moving on. This is a very important time for many of us; we can either accept ourselves as the worst we can be, or we can consciously free ourselves from this limiting definition we've given ourselves, a definition that we've allowed others to believe in as well, and on May 21, we will forgive ourselves. The second chance we believe in is the one we give ourselves without hesitation.

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3 zodiac signs who believe in second chances on May 21

1. Gemini

Not only do you believe in second chances, but you hope like hell to get one for yourself, as you are starting to wonder if you and that one person will ever see eye to eye again. Yes, you had a falling out with someone who meant the world to you, and because the two of you were so filled with destructive pride, you let it all go to waste. Now, you miss this person and want to know if they'll give you a second chance.

And, so much of this is because, during the Scorpio Moon opposite Mercury, you feel like you have it in you to give THEM a second chance. Yes, this is a two-way street, this forgiveness thing, and it's occurred to you that there's no real reason to keep up the hostility any longer. It's May 21, and you want clarity and resolution. You'll be willing to give them a second chance and want the same for yourself.


And the beauty of it all is that because it's a Mercury transit, all it takes is for one of you to push aside your pride and reach out to the other. This is going to happen, Gemini! One of you will take this day and make things right again. It's time for second chances to be given and for love to resume. Get excited, Gemini, because it's ON.

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2. Scorpio

You know that you have done a few nasty things in the past and are also more than well aware that what you did destroyed a friendship. Still, what happened before that destructive act? Did you feel delighted and blessed to have such a friend? You regret with your whole heart that you did that dumb thing, but you did it, and now it's over.

Can this person forgive you? Of course, they can, as they aren't as locked into seeing you as the 'bad guy' as you imagine them to be, and during the Scorpio Moon opposite Mercury, you'll find that it's a lot easier now, as things have really faded into the distant past, to give that person a second chance. Mainly because...you want them back in your life. You're willing to put the past in the past...for good.


That's the basis of a true friendship, and you are lucky enough in this life to have this experience. You'll resume your friendship on May 21, or you will, at least, start something up with them again. Life is good, and you aren't going to let yourself fall down that rabbit hole that defines you as 'the bad guy.' You're way more than that; you're pretty much a fantastic person ... now.

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3. Pisces

Do you want a second chance, Pisces? Yes, now you do, but there was a time when you were quite proud to have done what you did, even though it seemed to upset someone in your life. You created a rift in a relationship and walked away from it, thinking it was no big deal. But as time went on, and the communication became less and less active, you realized that maybe you were responsible on some level.

Taking responsibility for your own actions is what turns you around during the Scorpio Moon opposite Mercury. May 21 allows you to walk away once again or face the music. The reality, Pisces, is that you are no saint and you did play a very important role in 'why' you and this one person are not talking to the day. You are responsible for your part; you might want to apologize if you offended someone.


Think about how great life could be if you just admitted your wrongdoing. Imagine if the person you wronged simply wiped it off and decided it's all OK, and 'let's be friends again.' It can and will happen. Don't let pride stand in the way of getting a second chance at being close to the person you love, but push away so that you don't have to admit to yourself that you did something wrong. Admit it, and get past it!

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