3 Zodiac Signs That Experience Emotional Healing On May 18, 2024

May 18 is a beautiful and positive day for healing, loving and self-esteem.

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After a period of trauma, hardship and misunderstandings, Saturday, May 18 is all the more satisfying for three zodiac signs as the completion of this pain feels imminent. This Saturday, the transits of Sun trine Moon trine Jupiter reveal that not only is the sky the limit when it comes to positive energy, it also means that we've made ROOM for that energy to occur. We have healed ourselves, and now, we can open our hearts to the universe. Once the universe catches on, we will see what it's like to move through the world unfazed by emotional attachments.


That isn't to say we are without our ties, connections and loves. We are attached in that way, but we are no longer attached to the pain that may have tagged along. We've worked to rid ourselves of this pain, and now, that work is showing up as a result. 

Saturday, May 18 is a beautiful and positive day for healing, love, and self-esteem.

3 zodiac signs that experience emotional healing on May 18, 2024

1. Gemini

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There's a whole lotta 'trining' going on. During Sun trine Moon trine Jupiter, you'll find that luck is not only on your side, Gemini, but that you've reached the end of the line where your low mood is concerned. Most of us have a degree of depression now and then, leaving us to battle through, hoping to seek higher ground. On May 18 you see that clearing, and you go for it. You are not content to sit and wallow in emotional turmoil. You've paid your debts and now you signal to the universe that you want 'out.' You want to live a happy life — and the interesting part here is that, on Saturday, the universe hears and responds to you with joyous liberation.

What happened to you is now a thing of the past in earnest. There's kidding yourself, and there's telling yourself the truth. What you'll come to know at this time is that the healing you need to go through is done. You made it. You are on the other side now. The past is over and done with and your emotional wounds are now scars that will fade out as time goes by. Congratulations, Gemini.

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2. Virgo

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There's a lot to unpack here. Because you've made the efforts to do the inner work, you'll see that the emotional toil you've endured has come to an end — and rightfully so. You've put in a lot of time trying to figure out your life and the reasons why so many things happened the way they did. Here you are on Saturday, and you'll notice that something's shifted: your perspective.

Not only does the energy of Sun trine Moon trine Jupiter provide the right moment for emotional healing, it also gives you the confidence to fearlessly get involved in new things. You no longer carry around the weight of self-doubt or that of the people who put that doubt there. You have divested yourself of negative people and are healing well because of it.

You may even feel surprised that such a positive state of mind could happen to you, but you won't rescind this offer. You know that what you've stumbled upon is a good thing and you plan on making the best of it. Healing took time, but it came about at the right time.'May 18 is your new beginning, Virgo, and you will make the best of it.

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3. Aquarius

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You are a very, very intense thinker, Aquarius. There have been times when that logical mind of yours took a wrong turn and you've ended up thinking a little too much for your own good. You don't let things go. You hold on to them, letting certain memories fester in your mind. What takes place on May 18 is a real change of pace, and with the help of the Sun trine Moon trine Jupiter, you will see that you are, for the first time in forever, able to let go of the pain.

Despite striving for emotional healing, you always found a way to side-track yourself. Distraction is your enemy. Yet, it's always been a thing you couldn't help but get involved with. As time goes on, however, you've learned that not everything is the same priority level. This is you learning about discretion. Choose your battles, as they say. Learning this is what sets you free, Aquarius. While you are a stickler for details, you've come to know and appreciate the concept of simplicity. 


This is the gift the universe has brought you on Saturday. You are free to heal in full now. There is nothing for you here but to work on your new self and nourish your mental health with positive energy.

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