2 Zodiac Signs Experience Abundance On May 18, During Sun Conjunct Jupiter

Expansion creates room for luck and abundance to flourish.

2 Zodiac Signs Experience Abundance On May 18, 2024 FIKAR RAMADHANI form FIXART, mimagephotography

When the entire universe conspires to bring you an expansion of luck and abundance, your only task is not to question it. Believe that good things will happen and that there is no such thing as a setback regarding your destiny. When you can embrace a sense of optimism, you see the world differently, and through that lens, you can see that each and every moment of your journey is only meant to help you succeed.


One of the luckiest transits of 2024 peaks today as the Sun and Jupiter unite in Taurus, helping to increase your positivity and bring in opportunities for expansion, luck, and abundance. The Sun governs external actions you take in life, while Jupiter brings a blessing of luck to whatever area of your life it touches. 

As the two connect in the earth sign of Taurus, there is a sense of movement, and new possibilities surround you as it feels like you are finally on the other side of any struggles you have been moving through. Taurus governs over themes of enjoyment, new beginnings, and long-lasting success. You must be confident in your chosen path, knowing that to attract the luck and abundance you seek, you must make room for it to grow.


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2 zodiac signs experience abundance on May 18

1. Aries

Abundance Affirmation: I am confident that I am meant to live a life of luxury and wealth.

Prepare for an incredible day in your financial life as the Sun and Jupiter unite in your house of wealth. As one of the ruling signs of Venus, you are known for your desire for the finer things in life, as you like to be surrounded by what feels good to your soul. On May 18, there is an enormous blessing in store that will help you attract greater wealth and live the life that you know is destined for you.

As the Sun and Jupiter unite in Taurus on May 18, you will be receiving optimism, expansion, and abundance in your financial realm — along with stepping into the confidence of knowing you deserve nothing but the best. This transit can bring an unexpected windfall that will increase your finances or payment for a previous project. 


It’s important to ensure you are utilizing the qualities of Taurus by engaging in important conversations, networking, and being willing to make a plan to manifest the luxury you desire. This lucky transit is occurring at the end of Jupiter’s reign in Taurus, and isn’t one that you experienced in this area of your life since 2012. It’s important to make the most of it to create the foundation for the wealth and abundance you desire in your life.

Taurus asks that you embrace your social connections to achieve your dreams by creating a stable foundation for success. This means that planning ahead, focusing on each milestone, and being willing to practice patience will be crucial. Although your financial gains may be gifted to you unexpectedly, you are also after a long-term plan for wealth and abundance in your life so you can spend your time enjoying what is most important to you. Remain aware of all the possibilities that surround you today, and remember that you are worth all you desire, you need to create space to receive it finally.

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2. Virgo

Abundance Affirmation: I trust in my destiny as I embrace new and exciting adventures.


A specific project or endeavor is reaching fruition as the Sun and Jupiter unite in Taurus, in your house of luck and abundance. You have been working to achieve this project or new path in life over the past year but have been waiting for that perfect divine moment to feel as if you’ve finally made it or are ready to launch it into the world. As you embrace the lucky and abundant energy of Sun and Jupiter, remember that it also will serve you to move with the universe if you’ve been putting off taking that leap of faith or booking those travel tickets the moment you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived.

On Saturday, May 18, the Sun and Jupiter will align in the earth sign of Taurus, an event that hasn’t occurred in this area of your life since 2012. Take a moment to reflect on what you were doing around that time, what you hoped to begin, the risks you were taking, or the travels you were dreaming of. Now that you have almost moved through Jupiter’s entire period in Taurus, as it prepares to shift into Gemini on May 25, it’s time to recognize that you are also being guided to seize the divine opportunities from the universe. You may be making a big decision around this time that holds the potential to open your life up to new and exciting adventures, as much as there is always some trepidation around new beginnings to remember how long you’ve spent dreaming of this moment.

The one aspect that can help you make the most of the opportunities Sun and Jupiter will bring is to not hesitate in making decisions or taking an opportunity to do something new. Whether it’s related to education, spirituality, business or travel, a gift awaits you once you take that first step. You have done all you can to set yourself up for a life of success and abundance; now it’s time to step into it.


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