Old Friendships Flourish For 3 Zodiac Signs When The Moon Trines Venus On May 17, 2024

Whatever happened to so and so? Are they still around?

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On Friday, May 17, we will find that with moon trine Venus in our cosmic sky, we feel the need to reach out and find old friends — and three zodiac signs are urged to do just that. We may even pencil this date in as the one where we all get together. It's a Friday after all, and mid-May has us enjoying the idea of being outdoors, having fun and gathering together. 

With Venus on our side, it's a loving vibe for sure. We need this kind of lightweight love in our lives. This isn't about falling in love or starting a relationship. This is about getting together with an old friend to see how they've been, with honest curiosity and good intentions. We've all grown up by now, and it should be fun to see where our old friends are, what they're up to and what their lives are like now. These three zodiac signs will do just that on May 17, 2024.


Old friendships flourish for 3 zodiac signs when the moon trines Venus on May 17, 2024

1. Cancer

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You are feeling social! You want to surround yourself with good friends and you are all there for the merry-making. It's a good time for that kind of thing, too, as moon trine Venus paves the way for fun, friends, excitement and reminiscing over the good old days. While you're here, you may want to reach out to that old-school chum, to see what they're up to.


The fun part is that you're part of a friend circle that stems from way back to childhood, which leaves a lot of room for both memories and the mention of 'whatever happened to that guy who only wore band shirts?' and 'did you hear that so-and-so married so-and-so?' This inspires you to look for that one person everyone is curious about. You'll find them, during Moon trine Venus.

What do you get for your efforts, Cancer? You get a good ol' good time — and rightly so. Your mood is light, your friends are thrilled by the prospect of being back in touch and you're all interested in seeing each other again. This is the perfect time for fun and reconnection, so go for it with all the gusto you can muster!

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2. Libra

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You have always had a ton of friends and a ton of great memories to go along with all of them. While your flock of buddies isn't always around you, you sometimes miss each one of them individually for the personal meaning they have in your life. There's that one person, though, who comes to mind on May 17, leading you to become so curious about whatever became of them you'll want to give them a call. Well, you've got the perfect transit supporting your efforts and that is, of course, Moon trine Venus, which has us craving fun and loving experiences. 

Your old pal always brought you a ton of joy, and you feel that 'why not?' Why shouldn't you stoke up the fires of friendship once again, with them? And so, you do. You receive a great response from them for your efforts. So, it's time to reconnect with an old friend and make your life a happier place because of it. It's a beautiful thing to have friends and even more special to know that at any point in your life you can touch base. You don't need to sign on for an everyday 'check-in,' you are simply happy to be able to get in touch with them now and then. The compatibility is still there and you're still as thick as thieves.

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3. Pisces

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The astrological of May 17 brings the party! You, being social and ready to go, will more than likely show up somewhere and be smack in the face of someone you once knew, and an old 'best' friend. You didn't expect to see this person ever again, simply because some friendships naturally fade. Still, when you see this person during the transit of Moon trine Venus, you'll be be so shocked and stunned by their presence that you might just bust out in laughter. What's even better is that this reunion is just as giddy an experience to them as it is to you. It doesn't necessarily mean the two of you are going to start it all up again, but it sure does feel good to spend quality time with them on Friday.

Life feels good for you, Pisces, and you are grateful that you've lived the kind of life that has you surrounded by pals. There's nothing long-term about this meet-up, but what you DO get out of the whole thing is a warm feeling of camaraderie that lets you know you are loved, liked, respected and wanted. You are in the thoughts and hearts of others, and this brings you great joy on May 17, 2024.

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