3 Zodiac Signs Who Put Themselves First In Relationships On May 13

We are here to experience the beauty of love and romance, not the test of endurance.

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With the transit of Moon square Mercury in our skies on May 13, there will be words. Someone here is going to voice their opinion and that opinion is going to have a serious effect on their relationship. While it's nice to fall in love and get totally immersed in the romantic experience, it's easy to forget boundaries and personal rules of conduct, and on Monday, during Moon square Mercury, three zodiac signs will be reminding our partners about what stays and what goes.


We're not here to play games; we mean it. If we step up and put ourselves in the position of being 'number one' then so be it. We have to look out for ourselves; the only way our partners can get to know this is by telling them. We tend to get lazy in love affairs; we let things slide because, hey, we're in a relationship, and everyone gets their fair share, right? Wrong.


During Moon square Mercury, we are reminded of personal space and how these boundaries can be upheld. We are here to experience the beauty of love and romance, not the test of endurance. We aren't settling for frustration and repression. We need to bring ourselves to the foreground with grace and respect. This isn't a race for 'who's number one'. Rather, for these three zodiac signs, it's a sign of self-respect. We must let our partners know that this is the way it goes.

3 zodiac signs who put themselves first in relationships on May 13

1. Aries

Moon square Mercury not only puts the power in your hands but also the words in your mouth. You can express very clearly how you feel about your pushy romantic partner and their idea of what needs to be. You have agreed to many of their ideas, and so much of what they come up with is worthy and interesting. Still, you don't agree with everything, and on Monday, you will stand your ground.

This is where you show your partner that you, too, have an opinion and a voice and aren't thrilled with something they've suggested. In fact, it makes you feel as if you take a backseat to their wants and desires. Well, on Monday, that's not going to happen. You know that you must make your wishes known. You will put yourself first if need be.

What's great is that while your partner might be pushy, they are also understanding and respectful; they lose their place every now and then. You reminded them that this is a two-way street, your relationship. They have to give and take, and during the Moon square Mercury, you'll let them know what you need to feel comfortable.


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2. Cancer

You are a thoughtful and extremely loving partner, Cancer, and you've done more than your share of 'showing up' for the relationship you are presently in. Unfortunately, your partner has started to get used to the idea that you'll go along with anything simply because you are 'that' loving. They've started to take advantage of you unconsciously, and that's not going to do, not on May 13, that's for sure.

During the transit of Moon square Mercury, you'll not only wish to intercede, you will do just that. You will step out of your comfort zone because you know that if you don't, this bad habit of theirs will continue on. You don't want that to happen. You need to step up and make it known that you come first in certain situations; you aren't a 'sidekick.' You're a real person, and you need to be respected.

Moon square Mercury helps you see that this one is on you, Cancer, meaning you have to fight for yourself here. While this doesn't require much 'battle,' it does require self-esteem, so let it out. You may believe in yourself, but if you don't step up and show it, you will be trampled on, and that's not happening on May 13. You're number one; enforce it.


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3. Capricorn

You've always been reliable and cooperative. The people in your life know that they can run to you for help if they need it, and while you are always happy to lend a hand, you've noticed that nobody ever says 'thank you.' You've started to feel somewhat 'used', as if your job in life is to be there for others while not really being appreciated for all you do.

You are sounding off on this topic, as Moon square Mercury is not the kind of transit that makes it easy to hold back. One person in particular doesn't seem to understand that you are not their personal butler; you are a person, a human being, and your mission in life isn't to serve them. That you have was your generosity, not your debt.

Monday will make you laugh at how you've taken back your power. During Moon square Mercury, you will voice what's on your mind; you are happy to be helpful, but as a respectable human, you must set your boundaries. Sometimes, you have to let it be known that you come first. When you want that point to be known, they hear you, Capricorn. Do not worry about a thing.


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