How To Call Your Power Back When You Feel Taken Advantage Of

Your power is your energy.

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Ladies, gentleman, and nonbinary folks alike, it’s time we called our power back to us.

If you haven’t stumbled upon the lovely community of SprirtualTok, consider this your welcome wagon. While you may wonder what the heck SpiritualTok is, the more important question is what we mean by calling your power back.

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Every day, we go out into the world, and in every interaction, every conversation, every act we perform, a piece of our energy, our power, leaves us.

It seeps out of us as we go about our normal day. But by the end of the day, we feel drained. And it's not because we're tired from a day of endless activity; in fact, it’s because our energy is elsewhere.

So, we need to start calling our energy back every day to help us. That's what TikToker Caroline Rose is advocating in her video.



In Rose’s video, she discusses how to call your power back to you, as well as why you need to practice this spiritual technique every day.


Rose begins her video by saying she calls her power back after she replenishes her energy (which she addresses in another of her videos). However, she says that you don’t need to replenish your energy in order to call your power back to you — it’s just something she personally does.

She goes on to explain how to call your power back to you, which you are able to do, “Any time of day, any point in time.”

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To call your power back, just say two quick, simple sentences as an affirmation, either out loud or to yourself:

“I call my energy and power back from every person, place, or thing that has taken it without my consent. I call my power back now.”


You can do this as many times as you want, but you really only need to do it once.

The spiritual TikToker explains why you need to do this every day, adding, “You have no idea how many people you may come in contact with that want something that you have that are gonna try to wrangle in your energy to get it for themselves.”

And it's true. Empaths can certainly relate, as they tend to take on the emotions and energies of the people around them.

But you don't have to be an empath to have your energy drained, and you don't have to have the ability to absorb energy to get your power back.

Even Rose's followers have commented with how they felt after calling their power back, agreeing that it is high time everyone start protecting their energy.


“I immediately paused the video and said this like 5 times in a row, and the whole back of my head and neck got warm and tingly. Thank you,” one comment said. “I started this yesterday and I instantly felt restored, and then today 3 of my exes reached out to me,” another wrote.

One user even used this affirmation to call back money, saying, “I call my power, energy, and money back to me every night.”

The point is to stop allowing others to take your energy without your consent and fight back. Call your power back every day, starting now!


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