3 Zodiac Signs Learn From The Past & Improve Their Lives On May 12

We have to own our mistakes so that we can properly move forward.

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OK, you did something wrong, or rather ... you made a mistake, and if you hear another word about it from a second party, you'll repeatedly banging your head against the wall. Yes, you know you made a mistake, and yes, you have learned your lesson. So why does everyone expect less of you now? That doesn't feel fair, and you know what? It isn't. We all make mistakes, and for three zodiac signs, Sunday, May 12, will feel like the 'airing of grievances' starring ... YOU.


Yay, can't wait. What's going on is that right now, we've got the clown transit of Moon trine Saturn above us, and while Saturn would really not want to be considered 'that foolish' the one thing it really knows how to do is show us where we went wrong...again, and again. Thanks so much, Saturn, but we're 'here' already; we got the point. We don't want to spend our Sunday apologizing for something we did ages ago...can you lay off a little, huh?


All joking aside, the reality here is that during Moon trine Saturn, while we might not want to go over things YET AGAIN, there's a reason for why it's all happening, and that's to jam down our throats: the idea that we need to be more careful in the future. No, we didn't destroy Earth and the surrounding planets, but we made a mistake, creating difficulty for others. That's why we take Moon trine Saturn seriously; we own our mistakes to move forward properly.

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3 zodiac signs learn from the past and improve their lives on May 12
1. Leo

It's rare that you actually admit to your wrongdoing, but sometimes, you can't get away with it. On Sunday, you'll be in a position where that one person you made that one mistake in front of will decide that this is as good a day as any to make you feel bad about this mistake you made. You may wonder why they keep harping on it, which will definitely make you angry at them.

The chances that this person is your romantic partner are high, too. And right about now, you feel like a lover's spat is the last thing you want, especially as you had high hopes for this Sunday, being that you wanted to spend the day having fun. And yet, with Moon trine Saturn in the sky, you'll see that your partner has other things in mind. You wish they would give it a rest already. Yes, you made a mistake. Do you have to be reminded of it, endlessly?


The good part is that you'll catch on to the idea that if you don't respond to this nagging "I told you so" attitude, you'll see that your partner eventually tapers off the accusations. So, the big lesson here is to own your mistake but let it be known that you're not into hearing about it forever. In other words, your lack of interest in being scolded may weaken your partner's resolve.

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2. Libra

Oh boy, you sure did make a mistake. You thought you had it all together, yet things didn't work out as planned, did they, Libra? OK, so it's time to admit that you aren't the mastermind you thought you were. On Sunday, you'll be reminded of that faux-pas in ways that actually have you resenting the person who keeps on pushing it.

You may wonder why Moon trine Saturn seems to have it in for you, as you really did 'get it.' You made a mistake and own it; you're not trying to shirk responsibility, and you know what you did was wrong. So, does this other person in your life have to be so intense when they repeatedly drive home that you made a bad choice? Yes, you know all about it, and you'll spend much of this time regretting your choice.


This totally brings you the lesson of discretion. First, you don't want to make this kind of silly mistake ever again. OK. Got it. Second, if you ever 'do' make a mistake again, you want to be sure not to tell everyone and their uncle about it so you don't have to hear their opinion later in life.

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3. Sagittarius

You made a mistake once upon a time. In fact, you made a slew of mistakes, which created the situation you're in right now. OK, so ... you understand where you went wrong, and you are working on becoming better towards yourself. You feel as though you've learned your lesson and that as time goes on, you'll make better choices, as everything is, essentially, a choice.

What brings Sunday, May 12, down for you is the power of Moon trine Saturn, which shows you again and again that the reason you have what you have now is because of what you did 'then.' You're over it! Yes, you are paying the price, but does this price have to be so relentless? That's how Saturn transits work: they are cool, cruel and relentless. But they get the point across.


The wonderful news is that every day is a new opportunity for you, and you know that you are the sum of ALL your experiences, not just your mistakes. You do so many things well, and you've suffered because of naïveté in the past. Well, naïveté has a cure: experience and attention. You've paid attention to your surroundings, and no longer are you subject to making those kinds of mistakes. You're working it out, and you'll be fine.

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