2 Zodiac Signs Experience Abundance After Mercury's Post-Shadow Phase Ends On May 13

Take initiative to shape your own destiny.

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There are times in your life when you will be accelerated into manifesting your dreams, yet there will be others when you are called to slow down and reflect. One is not more valuable than the other, so when the universe offers a redirection, you must take it so that you can rest confident in taking the initiative to shape your destiny.

Mercury will finally clear its post-shadow phase in Aries on Monday, May 13 ending its first retrograde period of 2024. Mercury first stationed retrograde on April 1, right around the time of the Solar Eclipse in Aries, a profound time for new beginnings. 


With Mercury retrograde during that time, it wasn’t about taking a leap of faith but instead sitting with your options and what direction it felt like you were meant to take. Now, as Mercury finally leaves its post-shadow phase and returns to the same position it was before stationing retrograde, you can revisit the opportunities of April. This will allow momentum to create the life you know is divinely meant for you.


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2 zodiac signs who experience abundance on May 13:

1. Leo

Abundance Affirmation: I am creating opportunities for the expansion of my soul.

2 Zodiac Signs Experience Abundance On May 13 Canva Pro

Aries energy governs over your house of luck. This also connects to your sense of abundance through educational, professional, or spiritual pursuits meant to remove you from your comfort zone and give you the courage to begin a new path. The guidance of Aries can have you pursuing new interests or traveling as you realize that to embrace the experiences of living is to live a life of soul expansion and unlimited possibilities.


Mercury will finally clear its post-shadow phase on Monday, May 13, allowing you to revisit opportunities that first arose in your life around April 1. Mercury in Aries specifically brings new and exciting offers that may ask you to take a risk but promise a full life of abundance. If you have been debating a particular opportunity or new path in your life, this is also a time when you should feel free to commit, knowing that you’ve put in the work to reflect and pause so that you can now embrace a period of action. The only difference now is that with the increase in Taurus energy, the opportunity for expansion you are being given is specifically connected with your career — which promises not just wealth but a life full of more of the experiences your soul craves.

Take time to revisit what was going on in your life, specifically your career, around April 1 and begin to make a plan for what direction you want to take. Knowing that Mercury is also in the final few degrees of Aries before shifting into Taurus on Wednesday, May 15, it’s also important not to delay in taking action. It’s important to use this energy to your advantage and take initiative in creating the success you dream of.

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2. Pisces

Abundance Affirmation: I am co-creating with the universe to manifest financial abundance.


2 Zodiac Signs Experience Abundance On May 13, 2024 Canva Pro

As one of the most spiritual signs of the zodiac, you often have to go through a journey of healing wounds around worthiness and the symbol of financial wealth. It’s not that you don’t necessarily want a life of financial abundance, but often, there is a stereotype involving spirituality and wealth. Lucky for you, this is also a lesson you have been overcoming, which means you know precisely what you are worthy of and receive what is destined for you.

On Monday, May 13, Mercury will clear its post-shadow retrograde phase in Aries and allow you to begin to work to manifest increased financial abundance. Aries Energy governs your sector of wealth and self-worth, emphasizing the connection between knowing what you deserve and the financial abundance you can create. Mercury in Aries represents a change in how you think about your self-worth and new offers guaranteed to generate greater wealth in your life. While you’ve been on a journey of reflection and leaning into all you’ve learned about what is of the most value to yourself, you are now finally ready to take that leap of faith and seize life-changing opportunities.


As Mercury leaves behind its post-retrograde phase, it is impacted by the influence of Taurus energy, which governs your house of communication. Opportunities centered around writing, publishing, social media, or podcasts become the means to increase your financial abundance. Reflect on what was occurring in your life around April 1. Then, allow yourself to trust in yourself and take that first step toward creating your abundant financial destiny.

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Kate Rose is a writer, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life intuitive counselor, and bespoke retreat curator.