3 Specific Zodiac Signs Are Luckiest In Love The Week Of May 13

We are part of someone else's 'love equation.'

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For many of us, knowing that we are, indeed, the sought-after prize in someone else's life is not only humbling, but unbelievable. It's very hard for many of us to think that we are the goal of someone else's hopes and dreams, or that we are worthy of such a position. We see the world from our perspective, and we rarely look at ourselves as part of someone else's 'love equation.'

While it's a beautiful thing to believe in one's self, we may find that during the week of May 13 - 19, 2024, we not only get to see how much we matter to our loved one but that we're not some kind of 'door prize.' We matter. We are the beautiful and the desired ones. We are the ones worth fighting for, and transits like Moon square Venus, Mercury in Taurus, a Waxing Virgo Moon and Venus conjunct Uranus show us that we are indeed the prize.


For three zodiac signs, the days of wondering if we are worthy enough are over. This week has us leaping over the hurdles that prevented us from seeing that it's true: we have value. We have worth. We are the apple of our partner's eyes, and no longer are we doubting it. It's good to be us! Let us delight in the idea that we are worthy of respect, love and honor.

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3 zodiac signs are luckiest in love the week of May 13

1. Taurus

You can teach us all about what it's like to live as a person with total self-esteem. There's something about you, Taurus, that just doesn't care what others think of you, especially if what they think is negative. So long, buddy, you'll have none of that, which is why you are a firm believer that you are, indeed, the prize. If someone is lucky enough to be in a relationship with you, they certainly must know this.


You'll have the Libra Moon on your side, along with Venus conjunct Uranus, and together these transits will bring you the confidence you need to know that, no matter what, you've got everything you need, right there, inside you. You are strong, brave, loving and lovable, and because you think so highly of yourself, you attract only the best. This proves to be true in your romantic partner.

You'll see that this is the week that not only brings a smile to your face but that your love for yourself is genuine. You aren't lying to yourself when you say that you demand respect. You aren't the kind of person who falls into dark depression because no matter what happens in your life, you feel that light within, and it translates as self-esteem. You are the prize, Taurus, and those who know you recognize this.

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2. Gemini

Your life is a story of comedy and tragedy, and you've learned so much already that you're able to use your well-acquired knowledge to benefit your love life. While you aren't a show-off or a braggart, you do know how to direct things to go your way, and in a love relationship, you prove to be quite the handy partner, as you are someone who can do everything.


You'll see that the transits conspire to bring out your best side, and that's pretty easy for you, as you have so much good to offer the world. What you offer your partner, on the other hand, is almost more than they can take. You are kind personified, and this week shows how appreciative your partner can be.

If you hear them praise you during this time, accept it happily and know you are worth your weight in gold, Gemini. You are the partner who comes through, shows up, and stays present. You are the best partner anyone could ever want, and while you might not go as far as to call yourself a 'good find,' the reality is that you are the prize in someone else's life. Maybe in many lives, for that matter.

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3. Pisces

You've always known that you're capable of great love and caring, but you aren't always that sure anyone notices. Still, you've remained true to your ways since you were a small child, and as an adult, you have no intention of swaying from the path. You like being nice, and this week shows you that 'nice guys don't always finish last,' as they say this week, You take home the gold in terms of your romantic relationship.


You are so much more adored than you even realize, and that's why this week will stand out so much for you, Pisces. Your partner will admit something to you that might shock you: they believe that you were put into their life to bring them joy and happiness. They only hope they can do the same for you, which, fortunately, they do. How nice.

So, it pays to be humble; if anyone is humble, it's you, Pisces. You are not only loved by your partner but you are also placed on a pedestal in their eyes as they can hardly believe their good fortune. Having you as the love of their life is a dream come true for them. It lets you know that you are the result of much loving intention; you are the prize. You may not know it, but you are.

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