Love Horoscopes Improve For 3 Zodiac Signs On May 8

Are we in touch with the child within?

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Good news, zodiac signs. Wednesday, love improves for three lucky zodiac signs. May 8 raises a very good question: Are we in touch with our inner child? We've all come to understand that as we get older, life just heaps on more responsibilities and pressures. Without even knowing it, we suddenly forgot what it was like to feel innocent and childlike. In our love relationships, it's even worse. We started life having fun, and then, as time went on, we lost that joie de vivre.

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During the transit of Moon conjunct Uranus, three zodiac signs will remember what it was like to feel like a kid again, and we will invite our romantic partners in for a childlike vacation. This Wednesday will have us tending to our big adult responsibilities while taking time to smell the roses. When was the last time you found yourself walking around in nature, finding wonder all around you? Welcome to May 8, where nature shows us exactly how happiness is done.


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Uranus transits work on the rebellious side of our own nature, and that is why these three zodiac signs will feel like embracing that inner child once again for the sole purpose of having fun. When was the last time we had real fun without the constant presence of bills, appointments, due dates, and pressure? Enjoy this day, as it gives us a break from all of that adulting.

Love horoscopes improve for three zodiac signs on May 8

1. Aries

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While you and your romantic partner have created quite the life for yourselves, you may wonder, 'Are we there yet?' Just like you did when you were a kid, you'd ask that of yourselves about romantic happiness. "Am I happy yet?" Wednesday, you realize this is a process, a journey, and the happiness you seek is happening right now.

What you feel is taking place is that you are changing, and you aren't quite sure you like the direction you're headed. There doesn't seem to be enough playtime involved. You work so hard that you forget to play. While the word 'play' is not something you tag on to being an adult, just thinking about it makes you feel melancholy. You long for the times when you could just be innocent. You long for those childlike moments.

Well, welcome to your life, Aries, as you can create and have anything you like. What's up to you here is that you need to decide what is most important. You and your partner have worked and worked and worked, and you may feel that because of transit like Moon conjunct Uranus, it's time to start relaxing it down a notch. Take some time off to enjoy the life you've created with your partner. All work and no play makes Aries a dull person, and you know it!

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2. Scorpio

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Something has changed in your relationship's dynamic. A certain kind of levity is taking place, and come to think of it — you like it. So, that's what's been missing all this time. You've forgotten what it's like to be a kid. While nobody ever told you that this could be a life-saving thing, you have discovered it on your own, by accident.

This Wednesday, you experience a moment of pure giddy, childish behavior, and because this moment happens with your romantic partner, it sends the two of you into uncontrolled fits of laughter. Wow, is it ever great to let loose like this? You and your partner will laugh so hard that you'll forget that you are both 'responsible adults with things to do. ' Blah, blah, blah.


Oh, how nice it will feel. At least you don't have to lock into being a grown-up every second of the day. This giddy, goofy feeling of being a kid again has you wanting more and more of it. The fun part is that you don't go back to not knowing once you know. That means you and your partner can be kids any time you want because you share the desire and are willing to let go of all that burdensome responsibility, even if only for a day.

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3. Aquarius

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Moon conjunct Uranus works well with your personality, Aquarius, and it will show you that you're on to something now, as you aren't all that interested in acting like the rest of the world. You have always had that childlike interest in topics that move you, and while you are still just as responsible as anyone else, you allow yourself the pleasure of feeling childlike every now and then.

You are in a relationship that benefits tremendously from this kind of childish behavior, and that's mostly because you and your partner have such 'heavy' jobs that you really need the release. You are grateful to have someone in your life who is as playful as you. You fully intend to take them up on that playfulness for the rest of your lives together.

You will never give up on this part of yourself, as you've seen what giving up on that inner child has done to friends of yours. You've always known that while innocence may be lost, there is still life to be lived, and if you're going to be happy in your life, then you are going to live it as you wish, meaning that so much of your perception will be reserved as 'to be seen through the eyes of a child.' Good on you, Aquarius. Good on you.


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