The Sun, Moon & Saturn Help Relationships Grow Stronger For 3 Zodiac Signs On May 7

Can we give ourselves fully to one person?

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Both the Sun and Moon will align with Saturn on Tuesday, and their union means a lot of 'coming to terms' with reality, as in the reality of our current romantic relationship. Are we happy with the person we're with? Is this someone we want to devote so much of our lives to? Perhaps yes. But how do we show up for such a grand undertaking?

On Tuesday, May 7, this Sun/Moon/Saturn trio will help us understand the true meaning of commitment. When we hear the word' commitment, ' we usually think of 'monogamy' or 'marriage,' but there's so much more to togetherness than that. What Tuesday brings for three zodiac signs is a chance to examine our degree of commitment. Is it a weak connection, or are we as strong as we think we are?


Around this time, we wonder if we are there for our partners in mind, body and spirit. Do our paths align, much like the stars and the planets? Are we working a secret agenda, or are our actions transparent? On May 7, three zodiac signs will come to know the truth of how we feel, and when we discover that we are all we say we are, we might even feel stronger than we did before we started to think about it.

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Relationships grow stronger for 3 zodiac signs on May 7:

1. Taurus

As life goes on, you grow spiritually, and you've come to a place in your life where you want to be there for your partner. This means that, while there's always time for fun and games, you're starting to see that you might not have taken your relationships as seriously as they are perhaps needed; this can't be helped. We aren't always ready for a serious commitment, but we know we can't put it off forever.


Not if we're in stable and long-lasting relationships, that is. You happen to be in one, but you are now becoming aware that you need to 'act the part,' which means that during Tuesday's Sun/Moon/Saturn transit, you must show up for your partner in body, mind and spirit. You've always been aware of this, but now, due to certain happenings in your life, you feel strongly about showing your true feelings to the one you love.

Tuesday has you weighing your options. You could kid yourself into thinking that this is a just a thing and that you are young enough to do whatever you want at any time, or you could own your reality and settle into the relationship that you know is best for you. Here, you have the chance to be happy with this one person, and during the Sun/Moon/Saturn transit, you'll see this opportunity to do so as a gift.

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2. Scorpio

What makes this day such a joy ride is that you have finally come around to admitting to yourself that the person you are with is the person you want to stay with. So, where does that lead you, or rather, what must you do to make this a reality, as you haven't shown your partner that you are serious? You don't want to give up your independence, yet you can't help but want to join ranks with this person, as they are someone you love and adore.


That's where transits that utilize the power of the Sun/Moon/Saturn come in to give you that extra confidence boost. What you'll see taking place this Tuesday is a fearless approach to being generous with yourself. You've held back out of fear; you didn't want to make yourself 'too' vulnerable, so you haven't shown up for your partner in body, mind or soul. And yet, you've wanted to.

Here's your chance, Scorpio. And know this: once you open this floodgate, the love never stops pouring in. And that's a good thing, so get used to it! It's good to allow love to flow, and it's even better when you realize that you made that happen. You are finally saying 'yes' to love, and now you can participate in all of it without fear or the need to back out.

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3. Pisces

No one would disagree with you when you say that love is scary, but we all get to know sooner or later that if we don't have love in our lives, then we aren't living. This hits you big time, and with the presence of a Sun/Moon/Saturn transit looming large, you're going to want to snap out of it and start showing the one you love that you are there.


OK, so it's scary. That's the way it goes, and we've also come to know that if we don't take risks in this life, we don't get to have experiences, which is why we're here. If life is for the living, it's up to us to take charge of that idea and live our lives. For you, Pisces, this time is about shedding the fear that holds you back from fully loving the person you are with and when you come through for them.

You can make someone very, very happy at this time, and as soon as you realize that the more you give, the more you receive, you'll start to get used to the idea that love is indeed a good thing and that you are incredibly lucky to have someone in your life who has the patience to wait for you as you go through your transformations. This day marks the beginning of all good things for you, Pisces. You are in the right place at the right time.

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