2 Zodiac Signs Who Experience Abundance During The New Moon In Taurus On May 7

The path of change is one that always leads to greater abundance.

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Abundance becomes easier to manifest when you listen to yourself about what you want and need from life. Tune out the world's noise that tells you of the shoulds and focus on what goes into creating a meaningful and abundant life for yourself. The more you listen to your inner voice — and give life to your dreams — the easier it is to walk a path of abundance.

On Tuesday, May 7, the New Moon in Taurus ushers in a new lunar cycle. This earth sign calls you to reflect on what you want. Taurus is an earth sign connected to life's physical pleasures and joys — how abundance forever connects to what is most fulfilling for you. With the New Moon in Taurus, you are guided to take your feelings and create a brand-new beginning. You will continue to nurture through the new lunar cycle and bring abundance, joy and wealth to fruition. While Taurus often asks you to reflect on your relationship with material abundance, it helps to pave the way for you to create a life that reflects what is of most value to you. It can show you that your greatest wealth isn’t only financial; it includes your joy experience.


2 zodiac signs who experience abundance during the New Moon in Taurus on May 7:

1. Aries abundance affirmation: I manifest a new beginning with greater wealth and value.

2 Zodiac Signs Who Experience Abundance During The New Moon In Taurus On May 7 Tamara Hall | Canva Pro

The Taurus New Moon on Tuesday officially closes out the April 8 solar eclipse lunar phase. While the energy of Aries inspired you to get in touch with yourself and begin to take steps toward living a life meant for you, the Taurus New Moon helps you know your worth. You're worthy of everything you’ve ever dreamed of — which helps you attract abundance with greater ease.


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Focus on what intentions you want to set with the New Moon in Taurus, especially those connected to financial abundance and worthiness. While you are excited to begin a new chapter, you must ensure that you feel worthy of it within your soul. You don't have to be perfect or do certain things. Worthiness isn’t something you ever have to earn; it's your innate gift. 

While the Taurus New Moon brings a positive turnaround to your finances, it helps you invest energy into what is important to you. It lets you shift your priorities. You can focus on what you want to grow over the next 30 days.

Taurus is an earth sign, one that can sometimes bring about frustrations within yourself. It invites you to progress more slowly than you naturally like to. When you allow yourself to slow down, you see how taking your time to manifest what you hope is part of a larger phase of abundance — it's not just a momentary experience. Take what you’ve learned about yourself, and start to honor your inner worthiness. Once you feel like you deserve to live out your dream life, nothing can stop you from doing so.


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2. Virgo abundance affirmation: I am committed to living an abundantly expansive life.

2 Zodiac Signs Who Experience Abundance During The New Moon In Taurus On May 7 Tamara Hall | Canva Pro

It can be frustrating that life will never go how you planned, but this represents the most beautiful aspects of what life is meant to be — always will. Try to focus on how you want to feel in your abundant new beginning rather than necessarily how it will look. The universe has bigger plans for you than you can see within this moment. Adventures are waiting for you that you can’t imagine as of yet, so leaning into the unexpected, and focusing on prioritizing your feelings can help you make the most of the abundance that is destined for you.


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The Taurus New Moon on Tuesday will align with Uranus in Taurus, bringing in some unexpected new developments and opportunities that will lead to greater expansion and abundance. While Taurus can tend to be more pragmatic and grounded, as it unites with Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, you will have the chance to see why the universe's plans are always more abundant than those you could have made. To receive all that is meant for you, you also must be able to flow with the events rather than try to force anything. See each new opportunity that arises, even if it takes you out of your comfort zone, as the best thing that can happen for you.

Be open to what comes into your life around the Taurus New Moon, especially if it carries the themes of travel, education, spirituality, or expansion. It’s also important to remember whatever occurs around this time is just the beginning, you may not be able to see where it will necessarily lead, but even with the unknown, it’s important to still say yes and take a chance on fate. Trust that you are being divinely guided, even in the moments when it seems like life isn’t working out — because it is, and in a far better way than you could ever have perceived.

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