The 6 Dates In May 2024 That Bring Profound Change For Each Zodiac Sign's Relationship

Mark your calendars!

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As May 2024 — a new month with lots of opportunity for each zodiac sign — begins, it ushers in winds of change that will bring profound shifts into your lives. Lean into the lessons and take only what is necessary and valuable forward. You have survived the first Eclipse Season of 2024, and though certain pieces of your relationships may still feel out of place, the six most important and life-changing astrological transits and events in May 2024 will lead you into a destiny that was always meant for you. 


The most important dates for each zodiac sign in May 2024 that bring profound relationship change: 

1. Pluto Retrograde: Thursday, May 2

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Pluto, the lord of the underworld, begins its retrograde in Aquarius, drawing you to a new truth and deeper healing. Pluto retrograde helps you process things internally and grow so that you can better create a relationship and life based on what you desire. The lord of the underworld tends to ask you to dive deep, working through childhood trauma, your shadow side, and challenges in your relationship. It’s this journey that allows your deeper truth to surface, which is also precisely what will help you find greater love in your romantic life.


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2. Tuesday, May 7: New Moon in Taurus

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The New Moon in Taurus will rise on Tuesday, May 7, birthing a new beginning based on having a healthy foundation. Taurus is an earth sign but also one of the ruling signs of Venus, making this especially powerful to use in your relationship. With Mercury retrograde now behind you, there should be greater clarity in knowing where to direct your energy so you can create a more stable relationship. Reflect on how you can find a new beginning, even in an existing connection, which allows you to feel not just safer in your relationship but also able to know more of what love is meant to be.


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3. Thursday, May 15: Mercury in Taurus

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Mercury shifts into Taurus on May 15 and benefits the way in which you communicate with your partner and speak to yourself. Mercury governs thoughts, communications, and agreements. In Taurus, you are looking for facts, knowledge, and the ability to plan out what your next steps are. This isn’t the time to take things as they come or see where they might go. Instead, have a clear and direct plan for what you want. While life will inevitably differ from what you envision, the plan you make today is the dream you get to live tomorrow.


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4. Tuesday, May 21: Gemini Season Begins

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Gemini Season begins, and suddenly, you have so much to say. This energy helps you break free from the winter doldrums and embrace the energy of the Spring season. You are more sociable during this time and entertained by new possibilities and activities. Use this time to begin to approach life and love more playfully. This isn’t to negate the stability you’ve been working on building, but instead, now is the time to enjoy what you’ve created. Enjoy late-night conversations with your partner, take off on a weekend trip, or plan something new to enjoy together. Learn that while love may need to be built slowly, there’s also an importance in just sitting back, laughing together, and not taking life so seriously.


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5. Thursday, May 23: Full Moon in Sagittarius

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The Full Moon in Sagittarius occurs opposite the Gemini Sun, highlighting themes between your higher self and those of your human. This contrast can help you find a greater balance between responsibilities and the desire to experience all that you can. Sagittarius creates a need to find a deeper meaning, while Gemini may prefer just to have fun. Still, between the two, you can begin to explore what it means to see that welcoming in an easy, playful love can actually be the purpose of your connection.


On Thursday, May 23, Venus, the planet of love, will shift into Gemini as well, drawing more energy and bringing restlessness to your relationship. While, in some cases, this may help you open yourself up to new love, it doesn’t carry a strong sense of commitment. Hence, you need to ensure that you’re not overlooking an incredible connection simply because you’re feeling a desire for newness. Make sure that you’re communicating with your partner and bringing in new experiences together, even if it’s trying a new place for dinner or shaking up your routine. Flexibility and a sense of curiosity will allow you to keep investing in your relationship, knowing that you are precisely where you are meant to be.

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6. Saturday, May 25: Jupiter in Gemini

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Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, will leave Taurus and shift into Gemini on May 25. Jupiter seeks to expand whatever area of your life it touches, and in this case, Gemini is also going to highlight themes surrounding communication and enjoying life more. While certain zodiac signs like Sagittarius, Pisces, and Aquarius will feel this more so in their romantic life, it can help every sign in its unique way. The most important aspect of Jupiter in Gemini is that your words will hold greater power. While there may be opportunities to be distracted by what seems easy, it will be your task to ensure you are expanding upon what brings the most value into your life.

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