3 Zodiac Signs Who Overcome Challenges Now Through May 5

What does down, must come up.

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The truth is, as human beings, we experience so many emotions on any given day that we might end up overthinking ourselves into a snit. We've all heard it said a million times before by people who've spent their whole lives learning their lessons that in the long run, we should all 'laugh more' and 'take things less seriously.' This is a huge lesson, and we usually shrug it off.

May 5 brings this idea front and center for many of us. These three zodiac signs will have the hardest time recognizing the wisdom in the idea of 'letting go.' We may find that we attach ourselves to painful thinking or worse, we identify with it, as in 'I am a sad person, and I never get a break.' Wrong! We all have a chance and a choice as to how we perceive our lives. This day may push certain folks toward paranoia and self-doubt, but is it something we need to wallow in? Oh, heck no.


What's interesting is that we're at the tail end of a powerful Aries lunation, which means that we're still upset over something, yet we feel the 'cool down' coming on. That's a good thing, and we need to ride with that. Let's know this: what goes up must come down, automatically implying that what goes down must come up. Hang tight, zodiac signs. This roller coaster ride will end up in our favor. No worries there!


3 zodiac signs who overcome challenges now through May 5

1. Gemini

Paranoia and self-doubt? Who me? Why me? This is the kind of day you may have, Gemini, and it's only because the gigantic Aries energy is pushing all your buttons now. Sunday may seem like an ordinary day, but for you, it's all about not letting the bothersome memories come back to haunt you and take over. You get tired of having such a good memory at times, and you'll find that you'll want a vacation from thinking during this waning crescent.

It's OK. It's not destined to last, but it's also something you deal with now and then. The persistence of memory, so to speak. It happens, and your memories seem to flood at the most inopportune times. You know that you are a complex person and that you even baffle yourself at times, but that weird paranoid feeling that crops up for you on May 5? It's no big deal, and it will fade shortly.

The Bright Side: You'll see this as an opportunity to apply some of the therapeutic lessons you've recently learned. You've been trying to overcome that which seeks to pull you into the muck and mire. While Sunday seems to want to break down that dam, you'll find that you're much stronger than your desire to give in, is. You'll rise above the fear and congratulate yourself for a job well done.

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2. Scorpio

If anyone in the world is going to opt for 'laugh more, take things less seriously' at this time, then it's you, Scorpio, as you have started to see that taking it all as seriously as you've been taking it is not doing you a whole lot of good. However, you did take something too seriously recently. During the waning crescent in Aries, you'll realize that the self-doubt, fears, and general malaise that you've been feeling is something you can avoid.

You are now conscious of the idea that you're the one who's running this show, and if you have fallen into the trap where you feel less than worthy, then no way's going to last. You need to snap back into being that feisty Scorpio, once again. If you're smart — as we all know you are — then you'll use the waning crescent in Aries, as it's here to bring you back into that glorious feeling of self-love.

The Bright Side: The great thing about you, Scorpio, is that you never 'stay down.' Sure, you may have a day here or there that's got you punishing yourself for whatever reasons, but May 5 shows you that you're the one who gets to call the shots. With that as a full realization, you'll switch your attitude around. Say goodbye to paranoia, and hi to self-confidence and clarity.

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3. Capricorn

May 5 shows you that for all of your great efforts, there are still days here and there that get you down. It's OK. Nobody gets away with perfect days every day, and you know this. You're such a perfectionist sometimes that you can't help but think that when something doesn't go as smoothly as you'd like, you're being punished, which is so out of line and wrong. Don't be too hard on yourself, Capricorn.

If you're not worrying about making it all work out for another person in your life, then you're worrying about what won't go right on Sunday, and this is all just a false projection. You've already got it in your mind that you will somehow lose out this coming Sunday, and there's no evidence to show you that you're right. You are not right. Something great may still happen, but stay open to that idea. Positive thinking is creative!

The Bright Side: What's great is that you already know the outcome on some deep level. You don't want to think of yourself as a sad sack who indulges too hard in their weepy feelings, but you're also the same person who has always dug your way out of the dark. You know what it's like to be happy and healthy. On top of it all, nothing will stop you from creating that space for yourself very shortly. Eat it all up, Capricorn; this is your world, too, you know.


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