3 Zodiac Signs Whose Lives Improve On May 1

There's nothing quite as inspiring as the first day of the month.

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May 1 brings us the transit of Venus square Pluto retrograde, and by the nature of this transit alone, we are looking for change and major transformation here. If we want to improve our lives, why not start this Wednesday? There's nothing quite as inspiring as the first day of the month, and with this transit acting as our helper during this time, we might as well shoot for the positive.

Love and romance do well this Wednesday, as Venus' energy is powerful and directed towards healing and mending. We are learning to work with what we have now, meaning that we have come to accept who we are, who our romantic partners are, and what to do about it all. We want to show our partners that we are not stiff and stoic; we are bendable and malleable, which comes across as easy-going.


We're not saying no to our partners at this time. We are picking up on that Pluto vibe that has us wanting to go with the flow and be there for our person. Our lives improve this Wednesday because we want them to improve, but not just that: for three zodiac signs, we learn that if we desire improvement, we have to be open to taking advice and guidance, and during Venus square Pluto, we are very receptive.


3 zodiac signs whose lives improve on May 1

1. Gemini

Your life improves on this date, May 1, because you want it to. You may not know what exactly you've done to get this upgrade, but you certainly do know that you've been open to change for a long, long time. Now that May has just begun, you feel as though something good has come and that you'll be partaking in the goodness because there's nothing here to stop you.

It appears that you and an old friend or family member will be reuniting, and that's a great thing, even though both of you might be hesitant at first. You'll find that this Wednesday, during the transit of Venus square Pluto in Aquarius, you may doubt the goodness at first, but as soon as you decide that the waters are 'clear,' you'll go for it, and you'll see that things are a lot better than you could imagine.

This is how it goes for you and this other person. Venus square Pluto has a way of getting you out of an uncomfortable place, and in your case, Gemini, you'll do it with choice words and discretion. This person means a lot to you, and you want your relationship with them to improve...and it does this Wednesday. You may take it in baby steps, but the outcome will be something joyous and much improved.

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2. Sagittarius

Speaking of the reunion, you didn't see this one coming as you and an old friend or family member will reach out to each other and work towards releasing any old grudges. May 1 lets you know that time is, indeed, marching on and that you don't want to live this life without knowing that you and that one person are at least on good terms.

The improvement comes through communication, as both of you do not want to offend or put the other off. That's just too easy to do, and you want to avoid that, as this person is worth the effort to get to know again. You want this person in your life and you are willing to let go of the past for the sake of improving the relationship.

Wednesday has you smiling silently, knowing that you did the right thing. This can only go up, as you will find that during the transit of Venus square Pluto rx, that which needs positive change will manifest. It's time for you to feel gratitude for the healing effects of time and to honor that if we come to know special people in this life, we can hold on to them.

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3. Pisces

One of the reasons you may feel your life is improving is because you've started to have more patience with the people who mean the most to you, Pisces. This Wednesday, May 1, will remind you that kindness is King and everything else takes a backseat. You definitely love certain people, and you want them to be happy, and so much of that has to do with how you treat them. So, less judgment and more compassion do this trick during this time.

You'll start to notice that you aren't always right, and that's a good thing. In the past, you have stood by your own feelings to the degree that you shut others out, or you might have made others feel bad simply because you don't agree with something they do. Now, in May 2024, you have a different attitude. You've matured, and you are much more easygoing.

So, this is a time that makes you feel humble enough to step back and let others shine. You let go, and what happened was that it all came back to you in shining colors. You detached from your opinion, and now your life has improved exponentially. You are on the right track now, Pisces. More of this to come, for sure.


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