3 Zodiac Signs Who Find Happiness In Love On April 30

We are here to seek out brave new worlds...in love.

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On April 30, three zodiac signs find happiness in love. Our luck in love comes in the form of the Moon trine Jupiter, which gives us an open mind and a willingness to go where we have not ventured before. 

We are like the Starship Enterprise, and we are here to seek out new worlds — in love and romance. We feel proud, brave, and willing to go where no person has ever gone before.

Well, at least, in our minds, we feel this way. What does this mean? We see our romantic relationships as challenges that stimulate our minds as well as our bodies. We now know that love is no game, this 'relationship' thing is real. This is a romance, and two people are involved. Both people must be respected. For three zodiac signs, the Moon trine Jupiter transit brings great joy and the idea that we can keep happiness going.


We are conquering new worlds, like cooking for our mates or being the one who picks up the kids, and finding ways to serve one another with love. We are reversing roles during Moon trine Jupiter transit. We do our best to feel empathy for the person we love. This two-way street is real. If we are to continue with the great love story that we've started, then we must open our hearts and try to experience 'how the other half lives.'


3 zodiac signs who find happiness in love on April 30

1. Cancer

By now, you're all into this love affair, and you want it to work. You and your partner are not only going to feel good about what you have going on right now, but the future looks pretty dang awesome as well. And why? Because you both dare to dream big and go for the gold.

One of the things that you've noticed is that, as you grow together as a couple, you take on each other's traits; it can't be helped. We tend to mirror our partner's behavior patterns when we stay together for a long enough time. You know how we always talk about couples who have been together for a long time, how they start looking like each other? Well, this is no new news, and there's something very special about this 'melding.'

It's what true union is, and in love, it's what creates ultimate familiarity. This is where you and your partner are heading: total familiarity and the merging of your feelings for each other. There's nothing to stop you. You'll see that this is not only where you're headed, but where you WANT to be headed. Smooth sailing to you, Cancer.

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2. Scorpio

This one goes out to the Scorpios who are set up in relationships that we know will last. You are one of these people, and you know that it took you a long time to feel safe and secure enough with the person you're presently with. You feel that this person is 'the one.' On Tuesday, you will only reiterate that feeling in your mind as you feel that if ever a truth existed, it's the truth that contains you and your romantic partner.

What you've got going on is the idea that you did work hard to get here. This is no coincidence; while continuing with the person you're in this relationship is still a chance you're willing to take, you know that every day is about being conscience of that person. You take nothing for granted, and during Moon trine Jupiter, you'll see that this may be the way it goes for you for the rest of your life.

This is what brings the two of you closer together, all the time, every single day. The success of your romance is based on the idea that you don't take each other for granted and that you make a space in your heart for their changes and growth. This is a living being that you are in love with. This Tuesday, you can see them as precious, cherishable, and worthy of your time.

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3. Pisces

You may not say it aloud, but you are very, very madly in love with the person you are with. While your partnership has lasted quite a long time, you are still thrilled to greet them every morning, and never, not once, did you take them for granted. Your life feels as though you've been blessed, and you are grateful for the fact that, while the world is a true mess, your personal love life is doing very well.

All of this will be even more obvious, especially with the mind-expanding transit of Moon trine Jupiter for you to work with. You feel a refreshed sense of excitement when it comes to how you react to your romantic partner today. While you aren't going to express it, you may find that your actions speak louder than words. This is something that your partner has always found to be the most touching thing about you.

So, you will be appreciated. You have a partner in this life who 'sees' you for who you are. You may not be the most vocal regarding affection, but you show up in ways that nobody on earth does. This is what warms the heart of your romantic partner. It works now, and it will always work this way. Moon trine Jupiter reminds you of just how lucky you are, Pisces.

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