3 Zodiac Signs Are Very Lucky In Love During The Sagittarius Moon On April 26

There's hope after all!

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We've got a positive Pluto/Moon transit upon us on April 26, which means good news for three zodiac signs. This is the day we start to recognize that our partners have listened to us all along. We may have gotten into a rut, thinking that all we do is talk talk talk without being 'heard,' but our romantic partners are going to surprise us by showing us that they've heard every word we've said.

Not only that, if what we've said has had anything to do with suggesting 'they' change, we will see that during this Pluto transit, they have not only heard us but are putting what we've suggested into practice. Huzzah! 

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We are not alone, as we have sometimes wondered about. We see hope, after all, and that the person we have spent so much time and energy trying to understand is open to everything we have to say. Yay!


Knowing that this Pluto transit is working with a Sagittarius Moon brings even more hope. This day shows us that we are being heard and respected for our words and that our partners are now willing to start making some positive suggestions of their own. It's now time for us to do some listening. Let's keep our ears open and honor the words of our romantic partners as they honor ours.

3 zodiac signs are luckiest in love on April 26, 2024.


1. Leo

Pluto meets the Sagittarius Moon in ways that help to benefit your life, Leo, especially regarding how you and your romantic partner relate to each other on Friday. You know that sometimes you can have high expectations, and you've convinced yourself this can be cute. While your partner seems to adore just about everything you do, you'll feel a little more mature about how you share your love.

While you love to tease your partner, and 'getting their goat' is not beneath you, you'll also feel that during this Pluto/Moon transit, you'll want to explore the idea of changing your behavior for the better. You have a childlike innocence that is both beautiful and stuck in the past. It’s today that you release the 'stuck' part and stay with the innocence instead.

You'll notice that your romantic partner is very open to your changes and that they like how Pluto affects you. It's not like they were begging you to change, but something comes over you today, Leo. It has you considering your partner in ways you never thought to do so before this day arrived. You want to be the best you can be, and you're willing to dig deep to find out what it is you need to show them the best of you.


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2. Capricorn

As the year marches on, so do you, which means you work with the changes set before you. On April 26, your partner requires help with something you are all too eager to give. Your partner turning to you for the hard stuff makes you feel happy, as this is their way of showing you that they trust you above anyone else. During the Pluto/Moon transit of the day, you'll be happy to help in any way you can.

Pluto tends to be a very stimulating influence, and in your life, when you are stimulated, you react well. You like the idea of being asked to do something as you are action-oriented, and the idea of coming through for your partner when they so obviously need you and you alone makes you smile. You feel rewarded by their love, and you feel happy that you are the person who can give them what they want and need.

Now that Mercury has gone direct, all communications are starting to become a whole lot easier, and so when your partner speaks to you, there is no misunderstanding here. There have been many misunderstandings in the recent past, thanks to the retrograde. Still, with the Pluto/Sagittarius Moon transit in effect, as well as the direct course for Mercury, you feel as though everything is now finally back on track.


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3. Aquarius 

You've always been someone who defies expectations and refuses to squish yourself into a box. When it comes to romantic partners, you require someone who not only acknowledges but also respects this aspect of your personality. You refuse to be controlled or bound by 'the rules.' Friday shows you that the person you are presently in love with embodies this understanding. So much of it concerns the idea that Mercury has finally departed its retrograde and has given way to its direct destiny.

You'll see new qualities in your partner that you never expected to see. As you delve into their character, you'll discover a new attraction towards them — always a good thing! Their ability to delight in the same stuff that makes you happy is what drew you together in the first place. You crave their genuine interest, and because you are kindred spirits, the realm of love unfolds before you both. The universe is on your side, Aquarius. Love rules the day, for sure.

The experience of a Pluto/Sagittarius Moon transit signifies not just your imaginative nature but also your remarkable ability to turn dreams into reality. Your individuality doesn't isolate you. Instead, it is a magnet, attracting others drawn to your unique essence. That's how your partner feels about you; you are the magnet, and they are magnetized. You'll witness firsthand how this distinct magic works in your romantic relationship.


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