Heartache Ends For 3 Zodiac Signs On April 25

We will heal soon enough.

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Heartache will end for three zodiac signs on April 25, 2023, while the Moon is opposite of Uranus and Jupiter in Taurus. Let's face it, there will be at least one time in our life when we have to deal with what's going on in our hearts, and on Thursday, there may be heartache we need to overcome. This cannot be avoided during the Moon opposite Uranus and Jupiter transit, but it cannot last either. We feel heartache on Thursday because we got used to expecting things to go our way, and now that they've changed, three zodiac signs feel like this is too hard to deal with.


That's OK. We will deal with it. It's just a shock to the system. Perhaps we are processing the betrayal of a friend, or maybe we've just said goodbye to a relationship we believed in. Either way, the heart must go through its emotional response before we heal, and that's how the Moon opposite Uranus and Jupiter shows us that even if we're in pain, we will heal soon enough.

For the three zodiac signs that will experience heartache during the Moon opposite Uranus and Jupiter, we will learn great lessons from what happens here. We will know that we must accept something as it has changed. We will know that we cannot expect things to suddenly 'snap' back. We are in the process of transformation, and like all sacrifices, there's usually a bit of pain involved. It's nothing we can handle, and these three zodiac signs will handle it all like a boss and it will end by the time you go to sleep. All's well that ends well. 


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3 zodiac signs whose heartache ends on April 25:

1. Taurus 

You've been waiting on some very important news, and as the day grows closer and closer to full revelation, you'll see that your wishes for a happy conclusion don't seem to be heading in that direction. You are trying to be strong, and of course, you won't fall apart over what's going on, but on April 25, you will receive some news that may just break your heart.

While that sounds terrifying, fear not, Taurus. During Moon opposite Uranus and Jupiter, we all will be tested and some of us will not be able to handle what we're given, however...you will. You will handle the news well, and while it might not be the happiest news you'll receive this year, it will be something you expected anyway. There is someone in your life about to experience something less than wonderful; it's not you, but you feel for them, and it will break your heart.

What's good is that it's temporary and will pass shortly enough. The idea of the Moon opposite Uranus and Jupiter bringing 'bad news' isn't exactly true; what's going on is that the news you'll hear isn't what you expected, and while the hold-up is still heartbreaking, it isn't tragic, and all will be worked out at a different time. So, this day is about accepting that 'someday' is when it will all work out, not this Thursday.


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2. Scorpio 

Yes, you will experience disappointment, but it's not something you can't handle, as you are used to working with the ups and downs that life gives you. You are strong and capable or great resilience and you'll find that during Moon opposite Uranus and Jupiter, you'll be required to tap into that store of superhuman strength, just so you can get through this temporarily heartbreaking time. It's all OK and you know it.

What you'll see happening is that you will have to face the truth about someone in your life; this is more than like your romantic partner. While the details are unsure, you might discover something you don't like about this person, which might be enough to push you over the edge. You are someone who needs respect, as you are very self-respecting, and what you'll learn is that you might not be able to trust the person you are with romantically.

And this is what gets you right in the gut. However, you are indeed as resilient as you suspected and if it takes a bit to get past the information you hear, then so be it. You'll do what is best for you, keeping in mind that you are number one. Placing yourself above others is what's needed right now and will help see you through your heartache.


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3. Sagittarius 

What breaks your heart, Sagittarius, is that a friend of yours took advantage of your good nature and used you as if you were there for the using. You have such an immense need to trust friends, and so, on occasion, when one does you wrong, you take it very seriously — and you get almost 'too' hurt by it. During Moon opposite Uranus and Jupiter, you'll find that the one friend you trusted is not on your side at all.

This hurts you and breaks your heart, but it's not something you can't work with. You've been down this road before, and you know what betrayal in friends looks like. You've learned certain lessons from this experience, and you will apply that learning to what you are going through right now. The lows are no longer as low as they once were, and for that, you are glad.

While you don't like having to say goodbye to any friendship, you know that as of April 25, you cannot trust this person with anything anymore, as they have shown you that they are not to be trusted.  Rather than sitting around licking your wounds, you will man that warrior stance once again, and you will rise up, free and independent. Yes, you have been hurt, but you are still full of love and ready for a brand new day.


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