3 Zodiac Signs Receive Extreme Luck In Love On April 25 Now That Mercury Retrograde Is Over

We've got some playful and feisty energy that coming our way.

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On April 25, three zodiac signs start seeing incredible luck in love now that Mercury retrograde is over. Thursday is so good that we'll want to eat it up with a spoon. We've got a rich day ahead of us, and so much of it will be dedicated to love and romance. We've got the hopeful addition of Mercury Direct, along with the playful and feisty energy that comes along with Jupiter trine Lilith, and together, three zodiac signs will see their dreams come true. While there will always be people who like to keep their partners on their toes and go about doing so by starting pretend fights or sulking to get attention, all that is done is truly done with a giggle and a smile in the heart. Nothing is all that serious, and while Jupiter trine Lilith likes to see how we react when we're being pranked, Mercury Direct shows us that everything is done in love and respect.


So, it will be during this time that three zodiac signs get to have a little bit of fun, Jupiter trine Lilith-style. Lilith creates some very special and romantic energy. Still, it's also a bit unique and personal, so get ready for a few inside jokes that could possibly bring us a little closer to the person we are already madly in love with.


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3 zodiac signs who are luckiest in love on April 25 now that Mercury Retrograde is over:

1. Gemini

When you wake up on the morning of April 25, you will automatically feel the shift in the universe. Of course, this has all to do with Mercury going direct. What you've also got on your side is the power that comes along with Jupiter trine Lilith, which is exactly the transit that has you and your loved one feeling a whole lot better about life and love, in general.

This is the day when communication comes back and starts doing its good thing. You can talk with your romantic partner in such a way that you feel more than comfortable with them; in fact, you feel as though your connection is destined to be. There's a bond between the two of you that is palpable and because of Jupiter trine Lilith, you can experience it fully.

One thing that really stands out is that you and your partner can joke around with each other without it becoming a war, as it does with certain other couples. You can tell each other jokes and really get a good laugh out of it, as you aren't taking it all so personally that you find ways to argue. Thursday is for peace and understanding, and the love you two will share is inarguable.


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2. Virgo

After this past Mercury retrograde, you feel as though you and your romantic partner have done enough to contribute to the cause of misunderstandings and getting it wrong; you're now ready to let all of that go so that you can make way for Mercury Direct. With the help of Jupiter trine Lilith, you can get back to being your good old selves again.

You feel great about life, and you're happy to be here, alive and well, with the person you are with. You've spent a long time trying to figure out this person, and now that Mercury is direct, you feel less inclined to understand the ins and outs of everything and much more open to just letting it all happen. There's a certain kind of acceptance that comes along, and you're here for it all, and all of it is positive and helpful.

You'll see that you get along very well with your partner during this time and that even with Jupiter trine Lilith's playful energy, you aren't taking things to heart as you might have in the past. Your partner likes to tease you, and you don't mind being teased anymore, as you know it's all in good fun. That's what's obvious about Jupiter trine Lilith's influence over you, Virgo: you aren't taking things to heart, and that's a relief for you.


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3. Sagittarius

You've already started to adapt to the Mercury Direct action, and it's Jupiter trine Lilith that has your attention right now. Jupiter transits tend to work on your sense of open-mindedness, and with Lilith in the mix, you may end up being quite the practical joker. Your partner expects nothing less from you as they know you are quite funny, and they enjoy the kind of humor you like to share.

What you'll see happening to your relationship at this time is that laughter truly is the best medicine, and if you and your romantic partner have been going through anything 'negative' recently, you'll come to realize that you really can laugh it off, and that nothing here demands that you remain too serious. 'Why so serious?' Spoken in true 'Joker' form.

While you can be serious when seriousness is needed, you're going to find that you feel that life is too short to hold on to grudges or to make it all so much worse simply out of a need for drama. In fact, drama plays no role in this day's games. You crave the laughter and the smiles, and you'll find that you and your partner are all about happiness and keeping it that way.


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