3 Zodiac Signs Who Can't Stop Thinking About Their Ex On April 25, 2024

Once upon a time...

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When Mercury goes direct on Thursday, you can expect for things to slip back onto their normal path, but this could also end up with a few zodiac signs jogging a memory or two about their exes along the way. We're in the presence of Jupiter trine Lilith, and this transit may have us thinking about love, romance and whoever brought us happiness in this department, once upon a time.

We will be thinking about our exes, and for three zodiac signs, those thoughts will take us all the way from feeling anger over the breakup to wanting to get back with this person as we think they are the loves of our lives. We may feel confused during Jupiter trine Lilith, and with Mercury Direct, we are looking at a day that has us processing our feelings.


We're also joined by the Moon trine Neptune, which really has us in our heads all day long. We'll see that our ex is definitely living rent-free inside our minds for most of the day. Do we want to get back with this person, or is this just a fleeting fancy? Is this the love of our lives, or are we just feeling melancholic and wistful? Either way, three zodiac signs won't be able to stop thinking about that one person all throughout the day.


3 zodiac signs who think about their ex on April 25, 2024:

1. Cancer 

Ah, the good old days. Were they really all that good, or does memory just recreate them that way so that when you look back, you smile, thinking that everything was once more than perfect? The mind can do things like that, and you'll be doing just that during Jupiter trine Lilith on April 25, especially with the help of Moon trine Neptune, which is notorious for putting an old memory into our heads and letting us dwell on it, all day long.

Your old memory will be about your ex and how you and they were just so magnificent together. Or...were you? Were things really that good, or are you just rewriting history so that you have a good story to tell? The reality here is that you did have a good relationship with your ex, and while it wasn't a nonstop bed of roses, it was good enough to reflect upon, and with Moon trine Neptune in the sky, you'll be doing plenty of reflection.

Jupiter trine Lilith has you thinking about your ex — not so much because you aren't happy with your present partner but because you shared a part of your life together that can never be the same again. You and your ex were younger people together, and while there were still the same worries and responsibilities to deal with, you both shared a much lighter attitude toward life — and you miss that now.

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2. Leo 

You miss your ex-partner for reasons only you know, and one of those reasons might be because it's an anniversary of sorts. When it comes to memory and anniversary, you always spend a good amount of time going over what once was. This ex of yours was super special to you; in fact, you'd probably go as far as to say they were the love of your life. So, what happened? Life happened, as life does.

It's all OK, though, as you aren't running back into their arms. You've adjusted to the fact that you and your ex-partner have moved on in life, and this is a good thing. During Jupiter trine Lilith, you'll fondly look back at what you had and won't spend any time thinking negatively about them; this day has only fond memories of a good person and the good times you had with them.

And if you can't stop thinking about your ex, it's OK. You know you aren't going to do this forever. You might even use the power that comes with Jupiter trine Lilith to accept that, on occasion, you have days like this, days that are dedicated to memory and the past. You aren't living in the past, and you aren't burdening anyone in your present life with your trips down Memory Lane. All is good, Leo, and you've accepted the past as just a good part of your life. Nothing else is required.

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3. Libra 

You spend a lot of time thinking about your ex because something happens that seriously reminds you of them. What would they do, you'll think, and that will set off a chain reaction of thoughts that all revolve around this person and how much you once loved them. During Jupiter trine Lilith, you'll remember their smile, making you smile.

Nothing about remembering this person or thinking heavily about them harms you or anyone else. You are very innocent in your approach to thinking about your ex. You're not holding them up against your present partner, and you aren't comparing the two people, either. You are just letting yourself have a fond memory, and it makes you smile, so what harm is there? There is none.

This day has you smiling and meandering through old photos. It's nothing that will continue on, and you aren't opposed to putting aside those photos by the end of the day. During Jupiter trine Lilith, you'll take pleasure and comfort is delighting in some of these old memories, but that doesn't mean you aren't in acceptance of the present. You just like to give in to old memories now, and then, you'll find that you have good reason to.


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