3 Zodiac Signs Who Find Their True Love On April 23

Our hearts are full and we are in the right place to fall in love.

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We've all heard of 'true love', and it really isn't until we experience this phenomenon on our own that we take any heed to the idea that such a thing might exist. While a relationship can reveal, over time that it is indeed a good example of true love, we might see that on April 23, the concept of true love may very well be something that is destined for us to experience, firsthand.

Because this day brings us the Full Moon in Scorpio, we are automatically 'alert' and open. Our hearts are full, and we may find that we are in the right place at the right time to fall in love. We won't be able to deny the power of our emotions as the Full Moon in Scorpio puts us in touch with our innermost emotions. This is the day three zodiac signs find their true love.


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What puts us in the right situation is that we are eager to fall in love but not desperate. We create an air of readiness around ourselves while not creating a vacuum of neediness; we are not needy in the slightest. We are open to love, and all that comes with it, and we will find that it will be on this day, April 23, that our true love walks right into our vision.


3 zodiac signs who find their true love on April 23

1. Gemini 

If you've ever heard of the idea that giving it up leads to getting it all, you'd be happy to know that your detachment, so far, has led you to this place, where, on this day, you literally 'get it all.' You have always loved the idea of love, but you didn't want to put yourself on the line for it, which, in a very Gemini way, gave you peace of mind, as you were the one in control. During this day's transit, the Full Moon in Scorpio, you'll see that you made a space in your world for true love to thrive.

By not needing it, you allowed it to happen, and because April 23 is the day all this takes place, you'll see that your lack of neediness is exactly what's put you in the right place at the right time—for love. And love will find you on this day, Gemini. Your heart is open, and while you may not have been ready for it, it matters not; you are ready now, so open that heart and keep it open.

The funny thing is that you always wanted your love life to be perfect, and while you know there's no such thing, your version of perfect would include the words 'true love,' which only you can define for yourself. On this day, during the Full Moon in Scorpio, you will come to experience what true love means to you and be very happy that you were open to it.

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2. Libra

True love — what an ideal. Is this something you adore thinking about, Libra, or does this kind of idealism make you laugh? The interesting thing is that either way, this day, April 23, will give you a taste of what true love is and what it means to you. During the Full Moon in Scorpio, you'll have your chance to know if this ideal is all it's made out to be.

You are going to meet someone on this day because you're going to somehow put yourself in the right location at just the right time, and what's going to happen is that sparks are going to fly. What you might think of as infatuation at first will rapidly show you that there's more to it here than mere attraction; this is the real thing, and you won't be able to deny it during the Full Moon in Scorpio.

One of the main reasons you will fall in love on this day is that the last thing you were planning on doing during the Full Moon in Scorpio is to fall in love. Things like 'true love' didn't seem possible to you before this day, and yet, here you are, and it all seems very real and very, very possible. What will you do with this information, Libra?

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3. Aquarius

By the time this day, April 23, is over, your entire life will have changed, and all because this is the day you find your true love and fall madly in love with them. Yes, it all sounds so unreal, but what else could you expect during the Full Moon in Scorpio? This is part of this transit's job: to show us the way to love and have us act on it.

You knew that if you were to fall deeply in love with someone, they would have to be special. If you were to draw up the criteria for such a love, it would have to contain the idea that it must be lasting, true and respectful. April 23 has you gliding into position for such an occurrence to occur, and whether you thought it was going to happen or not, it seems that this is the day you meet your true love.

You may giggle during the day as this new person makes you feel lightheaded and happy. That's a good sign, Aquarius! You may not have put it down on your true love checklist, but one of the most important things to you about love and romance is the idea of laughter. You've wanted a partner who can make you smile and laugh; that person has just walked into your life. Rejoice.


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