2 Zodiac Signs Experience Abundance On April 23 During The Full Moon

Focus on what is meant for you – and release what isn’t.

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“You are an alchemist; make gold out of it all.” – William Shakespeare. Alchemy is the process in which something is changed from one form into another. It occurs when you take your biggest challenge and make it into your highest success. It can also happen as you transform heartbreak into love, pain into joy, or scarcity into abundance. Without alchemy, you and your life would stay the same, but it also draws the important lesson that you have the power over how you shape the events in your life so that everything truly can occur for your greatest benefit.


On Tuesday, the Full Moon in Scorpio rises, providing the light of alchemy to help you transform into greater abundance while you release all that is not meant for you. The Scorpio Moon is opposite the Taurus Sun, drawing a balance between transformation and your comfort zone, along with the contrast between the physical world and spiritual matters. To embrace the Scorpio Moon is to surrender to transformation, take all that has happened for you, and turn each moment to gold as you shift into your higher self. Use this energy to transform any lingering vibrations inside yourself that aren’t helping you achieve your dreams, as well as focus on how you can radiate that into the world so that you can welcome in all that is destined for you.


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2 zodiac signs who experience abundance during the Full Moon in Scorpio on April 23

1. Pisces

Abundance Affirmation: I am destined for an amazing and abundant life.  


Scorpio energy rules over all of the abundant dreams in your life and gives you proof that you are truly headed in an amazing and inspiring direction. This energy helps you step out of your comfort zone, embrace your intuition, and set off to explore this incredible world through travel, new opportunities, or deepen your spiritual pursuit. While this energy is always powerful, in 2024, it holds even more weight as you are being urged to step into a new and abundant level of life.

On Tuesday, the Scorpio Full Moon will rise opposite the Taurus Sun, drawing a parallel between abundance and a soul project that you’ve been working on. Full Moons bring situations and events to fruition, so for this particular lunation, it’s important to reflect on the New Moon in Scorpio that occurred on November 13, 2023. During this time, you were just beginning a process that is tied to a more abundant life and is tied to a project that is deeply important to you. Taurus energy governs over aspects of communication, so writing, publishing, or a podcast could all be a significant project in your current career.

The magic of Scorpio, though, is that it often creates changes within a certain quiet in the beginning. Think of this as the process of a seed beginning to grow as it is buried within the warmth of the earth. While much has to occur before you see the green buds of growth, it still is undergoing a process of transformation. You have been working quietly for months on a significant project that, in your heart, you believe in. As the Scorpio Full Moon rises, it’s time to release it into the world and be ready to receive the abundant changes that are in store for you.

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2. Libra

Abundance Affirmation: I am worthy of abundant fulfillment.

You are meant for a life that is full of all that you desire. Be it romance, adventure, companionship, success, or the deep knowing that you are precisely where you are meant to be — you are destined to feel fulfilled by your existence in this lifetime. To truly receive this, you must be willing to release, let go, and walk away from anything that isn’t aligned with what you want. While you may have to burn a few bridges on this path, you are also guaranteed to become the alchemist of your destiny.

On Tuesday, the Scorpio Full Moon rises and brings in a meaningful change that holds the promise of greater wealth. As the Scorpio Moon rises, it is opposite the Taurus Sun. It encourages you to know you are worthy of what you are seeking and to trust that as you step into the process of transformation, it will bring all that you desire, including wealth and deeper emotional connections with others. Because Taurus governs over the area of your life that concerns inheritances or shared money that is a part of marriages or business partnerships, you may also be receiving an unexpected financial boost around this time that can give you more freedom in creating the life that you desire.


To make the most of the energy with the Scorpio Full Moon, it's important to tune into the vibration of worthiness — especially if you are hoping to manifest a level of abundance that you haven’t yet experienced. Knowing you are worthy allows any monetary gifts or opportunities for transformation to flow more freely to you. It will also be important that in moments of momentous change, you may find yourself having to walk away from a situation or person that is only taking up space and blocking your blessings. Trust whatever gets removed from your life at this time is truly happening for your highest good so you can continue to evolve into your fate.

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