3 Zodiac Signs Who Can Turn Their Love Life Around On April 22

Venus points the way, and so...we go.

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Three zodiac signs have a chance to turn their love life around on April 22. During Sunday's waxing gibbous Moon in Libra opposite Venus, we will have the chance to rise above any obstacles that we've seen come up in our love lives. We'll be presented with a choice: we can work on what has gone wrong, or we can fall back into that comfortable place where neither party voices what's on their mind. Everyone will then sink back into repression and lack of communication. What's it going to be?


For three zodiac signs, on April 22, the preferred way of being is the one where we utilize that Lunar power. We make the right moves towards saving the relationship and sparing ourselves from a repressed life of secret desires, unfulfilled dreams, and all the things we know we can make real...if we have the nerve to speak up and share our thoughts with our partners.


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That's why Monday brings good luck and fortune, as there's much mystical power in the Moon opposite Venus, as it works directly on our interest in love and helps us to make up our minds, once and for all. What three zodiac signs will you find out on Sunday? We came so close to ending something that certainly has a chance to thrive and blossom if we tend to do it correctly. Venus points the way, and so...we go.

Three zodiac signs turn things around in their love life on April 22:

1. Libra

There's an interesting twist to Sunday's love story for you, and it's the one that has you putting yourself first for the sake of your romance. So, how does that work? Well, on April 22, during the Moon in Libra, you will realize that if you and your partner are to work out, as you both certainly do hope for, then you will have to stand up and make certain things known.

In the past, you might have spared a few words here and there for fear of hurting your partner's feelings, but the Moon in Libra energy has you feeling rather fearless. So much of that courage will go to you standing up yourself and showing your partner that you are a self-respecting person of value in the event that they have somehow forgotten this bit of news.


You suspect that your partner has grown distant and needs a quick lesson on how you desire to be loved. By showing your romantic partner what your needs are during the waxing gibbous moon, you will be calling them back into a real loving relationship, and this is how things change for the better within the context of the relationship—beginning with you.

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2. Taurus

Something is going on between you and your romantic partner, and it seems to have something to do with acceptance. You've been together for a long enough time to have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly aspects of both of your personalities. Yet, you are willing to let it all slide. You feel everything is meant to be, including the good, the bad, and the ugly.

What's nice about this particular Moon is that while others around you feel agitated or aggressive, you feel just the opposite. In fact, you feel more patient than usual, and you want to take advantage of this easygoing attitude and apply it to how you get through a rough patch with your partner. What's going on is that there was a disagreement that, at one point, might have caused a serious argument. Now, it merely skims the surface of your anger, and then, poof, you let it go. Easily.


That is how it works for you, Taurus. You cannot get embroiled in meaningless arguments, and this only leads to good things in your love life. What you've started to see is that mutual kindness and compassion are real things and that if you both show patience and calm, you can let the love rise to the surface. That is how the Moon in Libra affects your love life.

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3. Aquarius

Because this Moon is opposite Venus, it will put your love life to the test. You're all about passing tests, so your attitude on this day is one of 'Bring it on.' You like a little challenge in your love life, and you like being on your toes. Your partner is an exciting and stimulating person, and you'll do whatever you can to match them.

Libra Moon energy can bring out the best in you, and you'll find that you're at your peak strength. You feel healthy in mind, body, and spirit, and all of this has you wanting to bring your best game to the table, where love counts. You want to show your partner that you've got what it takes to be their equal, and the reality is that it has never been any other way. You are loved, and in truth, there's no need to prove anything.


Still, the Moon in Libra has you wanting to impress your person with your personality and ability to create excellent situations. You are a planner and a schemer. You may find that you can come up with a date-night idea that will thrill and chill the person you're with. This could look like travel plans or a surprise event that you plan on springing on very soon.

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