3 Zodiac Signs Finally Feel Content In Love Starting April 20, 2024

The universe shows us just how side tracked we can get at times.

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If ever there were a day that really puts it all into perspective for us about the type of love we want, it would be Saturday, April 20. We are in the midst of a Libra Moon trine Jupiter transit. This cosmic event shows us that we really don't want much more than love, peace and happiness in the household. While that seems to be an obvious request of the universe shows us just how side tracked we can get at times.


Three zodiac signs will see the beauty in simplicity during the Libra Moon trine Jupiter, as this transit points us toward big dreams and possible 'landscapes.' We want our romances to be lush and lovely, but we don't want the drama that sometimes tags along, and with Libra Moon trine Jupiter in our presence, we will see that what we really want is simplicity.

No drama, no fuss, no muss. Jupiter clears it up for us, and Libra reminds us that there's nothing quite like balance; it's a real thing! We want to know that the life we're living is not set up for big surprises...in fact, we yearn for the predictable; we don't see routine as 'boring,' in fact, the safety it allows us brings us a secure feeling. This is what these three zodiac signs are striving for.




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3 zodiac signs finally feel content in their relationships and feel grateful on April 20, 2024:

1. Libra

If you have to deal with another highly dramatic day where your love life is concerned, you feel like you'll go out of your mind. All you want is what you believe everyone else wants, which is to be loved, to give love and to live your lives out in peace and harmony. These are great and positive dreams, and you should have all that you want on this matter; however, you are really going to have to work on that, Libra, as right now, your love life is anything but simple.

During Libra Moon trine Jupiter on April 20, you'll see that, while you love and adore your partner very, very much, this person is also a bit of a troublemaker, and you feel as though you've grown since the days of wanting that kind of trouble in your life. Maybe back then, when you were immature and in need of crazed excitement, but now? Not really. You have grown up and changed, and what really floats your boat now is peace. How ironic.


You happen to really like yourself, and being that you worked hard to get to this place, you want your love life to run smoothly; your partner has not caught up to you as of yet. Saturday, you will more than likely brooch the subject to them; you want change, and you want peace. Can they provide this? Can they live up to their end of the bargain? Love can save the day here, so hang tight and keep the faith, Taurus.

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2. Cancer

This year has brought you all sorts of revelations, and one of the biggest ones to date is the one where you realize that you are happiest when things are simply stated and easy to understand. In your romantic life, when you and your partner come across a problem, you solve it easily because the point of it all is to get back to a loving space, and during Libra Moon trine Jupiter, you'll find this quite easy to do.

April 20 offers insight into what it's like to live a simple life with very little to demand. You've discovered that less is best, as has your romantic partner. The wild days may be over, but that's a good thing; it doesn't mean the excitement is over. You are both definitely 'done' with the high drama and the unnecessary action. You have honed down your life into something much more accommodating, and you love it this way.


You crave an uncomplicated love story and you've got it, right now, and transits like Libra Moon trine Jupiter show you that this is what works best for you, Cancer. You like balance. You like positive energy, and you are now aware that if you put in the effort, you can have both — all the time. You are fortunate that your partner is right there on board with you. Life is good, and you are happy to be here.

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3. Pisces

Nothing turns you off more than a highly dramatic situation that escalates as each person involved takes it to the next step. You've seen this kind of behavior before, and you've excused yourself promptly. You have zero interest in listening to nonsense and even less interest in bringing that kind of frantic energy into your love life. Thankfully, those boundaries were set a long time ago.

Both you and your partner have agreed to a 'drama-free' existence ... at least, to the extent that you can make that happen. While life comes with its surprises, you'll find that during Libra Moon trine Jupiter, you can steer away from the complex so that you and your partner can enjoy the lifestyle you've created for yourselves, which revolves solely around simplicity.


While routine and peacefulness might not be everyone's cup of tea, it most certainly is yours, and both you and your partner don't feel the need to get involved with that which is dramatic or unnecessary. During Libra Moon trine Jupiter, you enjoy what you've created, which is balance, romance, love and the idea that if you keep this up...it will last and last and last.

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