3 Zodiac Signs See Big Luck In Love On April 19 As Taurus Season Begins

We are looking at a brilliant and bold day, filled with love, hope and activity.

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Here we are, and Taurus season is about to rev up its engine and get on the move. We are looking at a brilliant and bold day filled with love, hope and activity. We're saying what's on our minds and backing it up with action. We mean what we say, and we say what we mean; so much of this has to do with the very loving transit of Mercury conjunct Venus at the top of Taurus season.

Friday, three zodiac signs who are luckiest in love will know the meaning of love in their lives. 

So much of it will be possible because we feel brave enough to ask the right questions and strong enough to deal with the answers we get. That's not to imply that we'll hear news that's anything but stellar, but if we're to ride out these relationships to the very end, then we have to know that truth and honesty are key, and during Mercury conjunct Venus, we'll be right in touch with that idea, this Friday.


With Taurus starting to kick in, we're now ready to say goodbye to that Aries energy, which means that we're seeing love as something that isn't as shaky as it was only a few days ago. We, ourselves, are stronger. We make better decisions now, and we're clearer-headed. Throw communication skills on top of that, and we can consider this day to be very lucky for love and romance.


How Taurus season brings luck to love on April 19, for 3 zodiac signs

1. Aries

Interestingly enough, you are happy to leave Aries season and move on into Taurus Time, as you feel you've had enough of that pushy energy, and now you're ready to mellow it out with some dedicated Taurus smoothness. You have passed the median line — and you feel good about it. This last season had you on your toes, and while that might have given you a charge, you're now feeling as though the lessons that we learned have turned you into a much braver and smarter person.

You are loving life and feeling good about love. Your partner is very different than you; you admire that. Friday, you'll find that because of transits like Mercury conjunct Venus, that difference is not only curious, but special to you. You feel as though you are able to see this person with fresh new eyes. They are lovely to you, enjoyable ... they are smart and generous.

What you may also experience on this day is that this person is indeed friend material, which is to say that you get along on other levels, not just romantic ones. This puts the idea of longevity into your mind because you see that you can go the distance with them on friendship alone. This person is someone you trust and can speak openly with, and that's the kicker here: you are compatible in so many ways.

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2. Leo

Oh, how sweet love is, Leo. You'll be feeling very good about the way your life is going. In love, you are doing well, but the kicker is all about your mental health, which you've been working on. Finally, all the slogans and self-help terms, the therapy and the patience have started to make sense. You can parlay all you've learned about yourself into this bright and promising love affair.

You finally understand the meaning of 'you can't love another person unless you love yourself.' While those words seem so trite or even corny, you've come to understand they are the real deal. This recognition comes to you, which opens the doors to further insight. You have been bold in your attempts to love yourself, and now that you've arrived intact, you are ready to share that love with another person.

What Mercury conjunct Venus brings you is the confidence to do your Leo thing your way, which means that if, in the past, you held back on your dazzling self, this day will remind you of who you truly are and when you are yourself, your partner is all the more pleased. Your partner loves you, and when you shine in confidence, as you will, they love you even more.

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3. Capricorn

Friday holds so much in store for you in terms of positive energy that you might not know what to do with yourself. Fortunately, you won't be alone in this scattered feeling as your romantic partner will be right by your side, ready to offer suggestions. What you notice is how your love life is filled with excitement and promise. All things are out in the open. You know what you're working with — and you feel as though it's all very, very promising.

Communication is at its all-time high. Your love language is expressed in many different ways, and all of them bring you the confidence you need to just ... relax. While you may feel unsteady at first, have no fear, Capricorn; this day will work out so much better than you could have ever imagined.

That smooth Venus energy will wrap you up in its embrace, and you'll forget all those Capricorn obsessions. You may even forfeit work for love ... holy smokes, now there's an upgrade! April 19 brings you joy and distraction in all the right ways. Enjoy the day, Capricorn, and don't worry about leaving it all behind; there's always more work for you to tend to.


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