Relationships May End For 3 Zodiac Signs On April 18

The Virgo Moon keeps us busy, and we may be too busy for love.

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On April 18, 2024, three zodiac signs feel too busy for love. There are many reasons why a person would reject love, and one reason is having things to do. With the help of a Virgo Moon, we who do the rejecting will have thought this through before acting. This is no mere impulse; we've gone over the reasoning for such a response to love. What we've come up with is the idea that right now, we have better things to do.


Better things to do than love? What on earth could that be? Well, first, we must consider that this isn't a rejection of love as an idea and for three zodiac signs. During the Virgo Moon, we're very specific about what it is that we are disallowing into our lives. This is about being selective, as we do not wish to be disturbed or distracted by the 'drama' that comes with love. We have to do something, and we need to focus. It's that simple.

Let's remember what the Virgo Moon brings: perfectionism, thinking behavior, and the search for truths. This is no ordinary day for these three zodiac signs. This is a day that we need to keep our heads on our shoulders. We'll either be deeply embroiled in work, or our attention will be needed in ways that show us that love or romance could only be a distraction. We need to focus, which means that we need the kind of tunnel vision that holds love at bay, at least for the time being.


Relationships may end on April 18, for 3 zodiac signs.

1. Cancer

What you've come into, at this point in your life, is an amazing set of opportunities, and none of them are things you are willing to slide. Right now, the only thing that's needed in your life is focus and dedication. You have worked towards this kind of situation. In fact, you're the one who set the foundation for this great amount of opportunity that seems to be all around you, and 'by golly,' you're going to strike while the iron is hot.

During the Virgo Moon, you can choose where you place your attention. What may feel like you are literally 'rejecting' love is more along the lines of having to make a big decision to put love on the 'to-do' list. Right now, it would be best if you concentrated on the work at hand. Love has no place in your world right now, implying that if you made a space for love at this point, you know you'll lose your concentration and possibly blow your big opportunity.

The Virgo Moon pushes you towards consciousness in the work department. You are called to deliver, and you are not only ready to do so but also feel creative and original. This day allows you to focus on what you need to do NOW so that you can give your full attention to love when the time is right. Smart thinking, Cancer.

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2. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

Just because you've got the Virgo Moon on high doesn't mean you are necessarily giving up on love. You're not. You're just putting it on hold for the time being, as there are way too many things on your agenda that need your undivided attention. You give yourself wholly to love, and that would mean that there would be no 'you' involved in anything else. What you need right now is your full attention and your full presence. In other words, you can't be distracted by love at this time.

What you want to prove to yourself is that you can set your goals and actually accomplish them. You have seen that your romantic inclinations have swayed you in the past. While you have no regrets, you still wish to stay on track and go about your business without having to worry about a partner. You don't want to show anyone disrespect, but you most certainly need to come through for yourself. To do so, you need to reject love, at least for the time being.

Because you are a people pleaser by nature, you don't want anyone to get the wrong impression of you, as you aren't rejecting love as much as you ARE pursuing your ambition. The fact that the Virgo Moon has you feeling able to delineate your feelings — and express them properly so that there's no misunderstanding, you'll find that your choice to place love on the shelf for the day is a good choice, indeed.


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3. Scorpio 

Love is just a fabulous thing in your life, and you know in your heart that being in a relationship and experiencing all the joy that love brings you is truly a blessing. However, in your mind, there's a time and a place for everything. If you're ever to succeed in business or your creative work, then you have to separate love from work. During the Virgo Moon, you'll know just what to do to make this work out for you.

What you will be most conscious of is the idea of letting your partner know that you're not exactly 'rejecting' their love. It's more along the lines of prioritizing your needs. Yes, you still love them, and you'll always be there for them, but if the two of you are to have the good life that you intend for, then there has to be some work-related action to keep up the lifestyle. This day, let's just put it this way: Work rules out love.

It's all good, and mainly because you know what you're doing. You've done this before, so it's not going to insult your partner if you do it again. This is a working relationship for the two of you. You've come to know that if what you have is to last and last, then there will have to be times when love is not the first item on the daily checklist. This is what works for you, and you should go with it, Scorpio—more power to you.


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