3 Zodiac Signs Who Overcome Obstacles On April 16

If we assert ourselves without being aggressive, then we will be respected

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Oh, what an interesting line-up of transits we have on April 16, 2024. We've got a Leo Moon opposite Pluto, which spells all kinds of radical change in our lives. What may seem like a huge mountain of trouble ahead of us is certain to become the very thing that creates in our minds a victory. This day, for three zodiac signs, we will know exactly what it's like to face an obstacle and overcome it.


One of the concepts that will pop up for us on Tuesday is the idea that we need to assert ourselves. Yet, we find that we hold back because we either fear being disliked or we think we might offend simply by expressing what we really feel. Leo Moon opposite Pluto will teach us that we can split the difference by being polite and professional in our approach. We want to say something to assert ourselves, and we will find within ourselves the way to go about doing so.


Leo Moon opposite Pluto lets us know that there's a difference between aggressiveness and assertiveness—and that's the key to our transformation. For three zodiac signs, it's time to implement those changes. If we assert ourselves without being aggressive, then we will see that we are respected rather than rejected. Interesting twist!

Three zodiac signs overcome obstacles on April 16:

1. Taurus

Tuesday, you may be catapulted into old memories of you that once was and that 'you' was someone who allowed themselves to be taken advantage of and perhaps even used. You were much younger, and you didn't know how to defend yourself. The last thing on your mind was self-esteem. However, those days really showed you how to shape the 'new' you. Ever since then, you learned a very intense lesson: if there's an obstacle, you will overcome it.

You'll see that what might have bothered you so long ago no longer even gets under your skin. There may be someone in your life right now who is trying very desperately to rattle you. Because of this transit's power, you will remind yourself of who you used to be, and you will turn down this attempt. No one is going to bring you to your knees, Taurus.

Gone are the days when you felt you needed to please people so badly that you turned into someone you didn't like. That is how this day's transit has you patting yourself on the back, knowing that, once again, you stood up for yourself. The obstacle of the day is a person's opinion, and to you, an opinion is just another thought. If you disagree with that other thought, then so concludes our story. You aren't worried.


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2. Libra

When backed by a Leo Moon opposite Pluto, you are someone who takes charge of their lives and doesn't let the little—or big—things stand in the way. When presented with a huge obstacle that stands in the way of your spiritual and emotional progress, you will see it for what it is. You'll let it roll off your back. You don't let people take from you any longer, and this day shows you just how true this can be.

Often, the obstacles in our lives are not people-centric, but in your case, it's all about that one person who used to get on your nerves. They are the fly in the ointment to you, and what you've come to understand is that you no longer have to identify with being 'the ointment.' What this means is that if this person means to ruffle your feathers, you've already left the scene emotionally, so let them do or say whatever they want.

You remove the obstacle by using your smarts and your attitude. You could easily bow down and cower before the person who heaps burdens upon you, but you're not going to do that. On Tuesday, you'll be much more interested in seeing what you can do, as opposed to settling down with what someone else tells you you cannot do.


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3. Scorpio

So much about the Leo Moon opposite Pluto is supremely helpful to you. What you'll see is that if something stands in your way or proves to be an immovable object, you will not fight with it to get your way. You are not going to force your way through this obstacle, but you've learned another trick. You're going to go around it. You are crafty, clever, and you think of everything.

While this day means holding you back, you are nonplussed by the idea, and you'll resort to other means to get what you need to be done. You realize that this is not an easy world, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you must be held back by it or, more specifically, by someone in your life who continues to place blockades in the road for you. This is laughable to you, and you'll go around them.

Overcoming obstacles is about assessing the situation, identifying flaws, identifying the foundation, and working with the reality of the obstacle itself. One thing that life has taught you is that this is YOUR life, Scorpio. If someone or something is trying to create trouble for you, then there's only one solution, and it works every time: Walk away.


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