3 Zodiac Signs Discover An Unexpected Relationship Betrayal On April 12

Understanding leads to healing on this day.

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We've all heard it so many times before, from the words of those who have lived long, productive lives and are now old enough and wise enough to give advice. They all say that in the long run, we should lighten up, take things less seriously, and laugh more. These people have gone through loss, betrayal, hardships, and experience. On April 12, three zodiac signs will add to their experience by knowing what betrayal means to them.


We have the transit of the Moon square Mars at our backs. This event creates the conditions for betrayal, shock, and surprise. What gets us most is the surprise. This is the day we discover that someone we trusted has turned on us. In our naivety, we feel stunned by the news. We didn't expect to be betrayed. So, we must now figure out how to understand what has happened to us and how to heal from it.

If we are to listen to the words of the elders, then we know that in the long run, everything will be OK and that all of our experiences have a bright side. We might not see it right now, but for those of us who are presently being betrayed by people we've trusted, we will learn that these moments are blessings in disguise. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. And so, the strength begins in earnest now for these three zodiac signs.


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Zodiac signs who discover a relationship betrayal on April 12, 2024: 

1. Aries 

Moon square Mars has you feeling a little defensive, as you give your best only to find out that there's someone in your life, most likely a romantic partner, who has not been forthright with you. While you've mentioned to this person that you can deal with nothing but honesty, it seems that this person, this love interest, has been withholding the truth from you. The discovery of what they've withheld from you is enough for you to consider this a betrayal.

April 12 may start as a regular old day in life, but there will be mighty lessons to be learned here. You will learn them well. You are incredibly strong and smart but also trusting and perhaps a little naive at times. You want so very badly for all things to work out, and sometimes, you convince yourself that they are working out when, indeed, you know they aren't.


That is why the news you'll receive will not come as too much of a shock. What Moon square Mars has in store for you is the realization that you need to trust gut of yours and that when you feel something is 'off,' then you need to tend to it, pronto. You trust your romantic partner to a fault, and while they are only human, you've held them to inhuman standards. That is why the news they will share with you will feel like a betrayal. Still, you will rise above, as nothing gets you down, Aries.

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2. Leo 

You put all your eggs in one basket, and what this means is that, essentially, you trusted someone with your life. You will see that this trust was broken. It may have been because you expected too much from this one person, or they may seriously have gone and betrayed you. During Moon Square Mars, it's hard to tell, but one thing is for certain: you made a mistake in trusting that one person.

That's OK. You will learn from this mistake and live to tell. Being betrayed is not new to you. You've shown yourself that you can roll with the punches and come out smelling like a rose for your efforts. During this transit — Moon square Mars—you will see how easy it is for someone else to disrespect you so that you could only consider their actions a betrayal.


You may find out that you aren't as betrayed as you think you are. You may also learn that you were naive. Because you didn't see the possibility of betrayal, you perhaps gave this person too much to work with. This is yet another notch on your belt of experience. Believe it or not, this 'betrayal' will make you a stronger and wiser. You will not be fooled again, Leo. Trust in this.

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3. Scorpio 

You have the wisdom of experience, as something your heart set on doesn't exactly work how you wanted it to. OK, so that's that. Another one bites the dust, as they say. What that will look like in your life is betrayal and the idea that maybe you put too much faith into someone who was not worth all that effort.

You see that during Moon square Mars, you have power on your side, as this Mars energy isn't sitting around doing anything. Oh sure, it may be Mars that stirs the pot and makes this betrayal come into being, but it's also Mars that comes to your rescue in the form of enlightenment. Someone will betray you, and while it will faze you, you will also become much stronger because of it.


You process this betrayal in ways that others do not, meaning you take the information you've been given and use it to heal. You will not sit around and bemoan your fate as you do not see your fate as anything less than spectacular. Being betrayed is part of life, as that happens sometimes when people get together (animals don't betray us, after all). You will stand tall and face the music. In the long run, you'll see what the elders see: Nothing is worth taking too seriously. Laugh more, and live well.

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