Love Can Be Very Lucky For 3 Zodiac Signs On Sunday, April 7

We might even surprise ourselves on this day.

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This Sunday, three zodiac signs are very lucky in love. If we were to assign a certain transit to the idea of powerful love, then that transit would just happen to be made up of an Aries Moon conjunct Venus.

This means that on April 7, the powerful love that's been in question is about to make its debut.

We may love someone, and we may not have had the nerve to show them this love. The strength and courage to do so will be what we will experience on this day.


If there are any doubts in our hearts about the love we feel for another person, then those doubts will dissolve. We might even surprise ourselves with what we can do, what we can say, and how we conduct ourselves when in the presence of the person we are, well, madly in love with.


Three zodiac signs will come to know the power of love by how we decide to just go for it. Whatever it is that's going on in the cosmos, it's hitting us hard. It's letting us know that if love is what we want, then we have to be an active participant in the seeking and manifesting of it.

This isn't going to happen unless we make it happen. During the Aries Moon conjunct Venus, things like 'making it happen' are just what we do. These three zodiac signs will be able to tell us all about it by day's end.

Love is very lucky for three specific zodiac signs on April 7, 2024:

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

What you may feel is a rush of power, and you could only call that power 'love.' You feel it in everything you do. You want to share the wealth of it, as you feel as though you are richly abundant and that love permeates your every action.


During the Aries Moon conjunct Venus, which occurs, you will not only reach out to your romantic partner to share the enormity of your life. You will want to let everyone in your life know what you're going through.

It's as if you'll be having some spiritual revelation around this time, and it makes you feel like all there is is love. You may even come across as a real cornball, and you may end up as the brunt of someone's joke. That's only because they marvel at how loving you are. Because it's new to 'them,' they end up joking about it. They mean no harm, and even if they did, you'd melt them into a puddle of love with your good intentions.

On this day, nothing gets to you—no problems, no worries about bills. Even if your romantic relationship has seen better days, you'll make sure to flip that around so that your partner recognizes the love right before their eyes.

Nobody in your proximity will get away with feeling negative on this day, as you truly are the brightest star in the sky. During the Aries Moon conjunct Venus, you shine love down on everyone.


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2. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)

You will focus all of your loving attention on your romantic partner. During the Aries Moon's conjunct Venus, you may experience a rush of power that makes you realize just how lucky you really are. This could stir up some very intense gratitude and emotion within you.

When you feel grateful, you show it in loving gestures and sweet words. Your relationship is built on trust and shared values. Without these values in place, you wouldn't have much in common with the person you are with. Still, fortunately, there is so much that you mutually share that if you're smart—and you are—you'll use the power that comes along with the Aries Moon conjunct Venus to strengthen the relationship.


The days when you doubted your partner are long gone. What you have now is a solid foundation, and that's not going to crumble any time soon. In fact, what you've created with your partner is definitely the stuff that long-term relationships are made of. This day shows you that you are not limited either. You can look forward to more and more romantic love as the days go on. You are that fortunate, Cancer.

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3. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)

One of the things you pride yourself on is your devotion to your set of rules. While this is highly admirable, you may discover that you break your own rules on Sunday, as the Aries Moon conjunct Venus seems to be acting as the impetus that cracks your shell. What this means is that you kept yourself from giving too much when it comes to love and romance simply because you feared being hurt.


By Sunday, your relationship will seem safe. During the Aries Moon's conjunct Venus, you may want to do something you've never really done before: trust another human completely and utterly with your heart. This is a huge step for you, Aquarius, but it's about to be done. While you may surprise yourself, you'll also notice that you are ready for it.

So, this day changes it all up for you, Aquarius. This is the day you realize that this kind of intense trust definitely puts your heart on the line, but this kind of raw vulnerability also has you experiencing all that love has to offer. It's as if this day shows you that if you're going to be born human, you might as well opt in for the entire human love experience. So, why not? Go for it and trust that this experience is indeed a great one.

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