2 Zodiac Signs Experience Abundance On April 2 When The Sun Conjuncts The North Node

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2 Zodiac Signs Experience Abundance On April 2, 2024

Tuesday brings a certain level of abundance for two specific zodiac signs — each person's fate is written in the stars at their birth. This fate is wrapped up in the best and most abundant life possible. It only comes with one caveat—it must be chosen.

On Tuesday, April 2, the North Node, ruler of your fate, will align with the Sun in Aries, creating a unique moment to take action and consciously choose your destiny.

The life that the North Node represents is also in alignment with your soul purpose in this lifetime, and so to be able to step into it, you also must be in a state of learning your karmic lessons.

As you learn your karmic lessons, you will shift from operating from your wounds, which often include not feeling worthy, confident, or validated for your authenticity. As you heal these parts of your generational karma and personal life experiences, you naturally start to align with your soul purpose more deeply. You will naturally radiate the energy necessary to manifest the abundance you seek in this life.

The key to abundance is never to focus outside of yourself solely, but first to look within and realize that having to choose your fate isn’t a burden — but a gift that is solely meant for you.

Two zodiac signs with abundance in their horoscopes on April 2, 2024

1. Aries

Abundance Affirmation for Aries: I am consciously choosing the life I want to live.

The year 2024 is really all about you, as you are being encouraged to break through barriers and start living life according to your wild spirit. You may have been wondering recently why life always seems so hard or if nothing quite goes according to plan. Lean into these feelings because sometimes, when experiencing great difficulty, it’s because the universe is trying to make you so uncomfortable that you switch directions.

Abundance comes from the awareness that in each and every moment, you are deciding and creating the life you want to live. If you want your life to be easier, to be filled with more joy, financial success, or love, then that is what you must choose. Your fate is closer than ever and will be if the North Node continues to move through your zodiac sign of Aries, so it’s important to be aware that each choice you are making right now is actually sending a higher message to the universe.

In many ways, you can visualize that each choice you make becomes the framework for the life you are hoping to build. If you want more abundance or opportunities, then that means you need to make sure what you’re putting in place is going to support that. As the North Node and Sun unite in Aries on Tuesday, April 2, you are being given a chance not just to choose your fate but also to take conscious steps to create it. You can manifest anything you dream of this year if you ensure you are choosing what you really want.

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2. Pisces

Abundance Affirmation for Pisces: I am worthy of receiving great abundance.

To really attract all that you desire and are working for, you must know within your soul that you aren’t just worthy of receiving it — but that you can handle and manage it as well. The year 2024 is a breakthrough year for you in terms of success, financial wealth, and fame. Although many of these themes once made you uncomfortable, you are in a different place now, so it’s important to be able to truly speak into existence the life you want to live because you are on the brink of manifesting more than you’ve ever wanted.

On Tuesday, April 2, the North Node and Sun will unite in Aries, lighting up your financial sector of wealth, self-worth, value, and fame. This area of your life will go through dramatic shifts for the next year as the North Node continues to help you move more into the fate that has always been destined for you.

You can’t send mixed signals to the universe. You need to remain consistent in your efforts and recognize that as much as you may shy away from the limelight, you also can’t only take part in your destiny and still be in alignment with your soul's purpose. Accept that you are meant for so much more, a feeling you’ve likely had your whole life, and trust that whatever is a part of that is something you are open to fully receiving.

Mercury is retrograde in Aries during this time, but with the North Node and Sun uniting here today, this may be more about bringing in a past opportunity or offer that you weren’t quite ready for then. This is when you are being guided to become unapologetic about what you are worth and let that energy filter into every single facet of your life, knowing that this is only the beginning of you receiving all the abundance you have ever dreamed of.

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