5 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Improve From Now Until April 21

Be open to love whenever it arrives.

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As you leave the first eclipse season behind, you will see that divine movements of the universe are still playing out in your life. While the official Eclipse Portal closed on April 8 with the Solar Eclipse in Aries, this energy is known to continue until the next lunation, which won’t be until the Full Moon in Scorpio on April 23. This means that it’s important to remain aware and recognize that the universe may still have a few tricks up its sleeve to help manifest forever love in your life.


After the First Quarter Moon in Cancer this week, we act and start to make progress on our dreams. This can help you focus on the type of love you want to receive as well as the kind of relationship you genuinely want and need in your life. As the Sun shifts into Taurus mid-week, beginning a brand-new zodiac season, this energy becomes more stable as you can not just focus on what you wish but how to grow it from the ground up. Taurus Season is a joyous time to establish or recreate that spark in your relationship because you are working with the fertile and long-lasting energy of this earth sign.


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Like with anything, just when you think you know what to expect, the universe surprises you. We also experience the most major astrological events of 2024, as Jupiter and Uranus unite in Taurus. This is known as a conjunction, and it merges the energy of both planets to create one powerful force in your life.

In this case, Jupiter represents abundance, luck, future dreams, and expansion — while Uranus governs over unexpected change and the moments in life that change it forever. The more infrequent a transit occurs, the more impact it will have on your life. Jupiter and Taurus haven’t aligned since 2011 and won’t form a conjunction in Taurus again until 2107 — making this an incredibly powerful week in your romantic life.

Focus on your foundation and the one you want to create in your relationship. Honor the spark and attraction you feel, but engage in meaningful conversations that can transform a fling into your forever love.


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Beyond all of this, remain particularly mindful of events that occur this week that may initially upset your plans or even expectations, trusting that wherever Jupiter and Uranus bring you is all part of fulfilling your romantic destiny.

5 zodiac signs whose relationships improve from now until April 21

 1. Capricorn

It’s important to sit with your heart. Notice the emotions that arise, along with the increasing desire for connection and commitment. You are in a beautiful space this week to make real strides in your romantic life. Even if events don’t go precisely how you had planned, it doesn’t mean that your love life isn’t still headed in a positive direction. The need for holding emotional space within yourself begins in your romantic sector and relationships. This creates the desire to act, but before you do, you need to ensure that you’re doing so from your heart rather than your head, especially as the Moon rules over your emotions — not logic.

As you start to recognize where you need to act in your romantic life, the Sun moves into Taurus just ahead of the alignment between Jupiter and Uranus in your house of marriage and commitment. While this energy supports a great commitment in your relationship, with Jupiter and Uranus meeting here, it will likely be more unexpected. This could materialize as a proposal, elopement, or even the fated meeting of someone new that will prove to be significant in your life.


The last time these two planets united was in January 2011. It may serve to reflect on what was going on in your life at that time, as you may be able to use that to bring awareness to events in your relationship this week. While everything is pointing toward a more serious commitment or engagement in your relationship, asteroid Juno stations direct on April 21 in Virgo, bringing in the energy of new beginnings. Trust that you know precisely what action to take and that by following your heart and not your head, you will also be rewarded with the love and relationship you have always desired.

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2. Scorpio

It’s important for you to be in the mindset that you are and will continue to move forward and manifest your romantic destiny no matter what may seemingly stand in the way. This is an important week for you in your romantic life, whether you’re looking to improve a relationship or your love life altogether. However, to make the most of this energy fully, you need to ensure you’re seeing everything in the best possible light and making space for the newness that you crave at this time.

The start of Taurus Season and the alignment between Jupiter and Uranus occurs in your romantic sector, which means you also stand to gain the most growth through this energy. Sun in Taurus tends to draw your focus to improving your relationship, prioritizing it more greatly and focusing on the love and value that your partner brings to your life. But if you are single, it also spurs you to take action instead of just waiting for something to happen. As Jupiter and Uranus unite in your house of love, you are being offered a powerful opportunity for connection and romance. It may not be coming from the person you had anticipated. But trust this week that any offers you receive are real and that dreams really can come true.


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3. Aquarius

Jupiter and Uranus have been moving through Taurus, highlighting themes related to healing, home, family, and domestic intimacy. With Jupiter preparing to exist Taurus and shift into Gemini in May, you are preparing for the final act of what these planets have been meant to bring to your life. In this case, this is less about a new relationship but more about the progression and deepening of an existing connection so that you can feel you genuinely are beginning to merge your lives — even if you don’t live together as of yet.

The Sun, Jupiter, and Uranus will all be in Taurus, bringing in movement, positive changes, and unexpected developments to the connection and bond you share with your partner. To understand the full potential, you also must remain aware that Jupiter will always seek to expand whatever area of your life it touches. In this case, it’s your home setting, which means a commitment, living with your partner, and spending more time together will all be a part of the opportunities that are coming your way.

Uranus doesn’t do what’s expected and instead tends to surprise you with new offers and possibilities that you hadn’t considered. It's important to lean into all of the healing that you’ve moved through regarding childhood wounds or past heartbreaks so that you can fully be in the place to embrace the abundance that is arriving in your relationship. Anything is possible this week if you continue to remember that the love you deserve is also the one that shows it deserves you.


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4. Pisces

You might have to practice patience in romance this week, as everything is progressing positively, but not necessarily as fast as you had hoped. You will have a desire to act toward creating the commitment you want and need in a relationship. While this is a valuable part of feeling safe in your connection, you must also remember that you must allow things to develop organically. Trusting the process is just as important as the destination.

Once the Sun shifts into Taurus, along with the alignment between Jupiter and Uranus in this earth sign, all aspects of communication will take priority. This is especially true as Jupiter and Uranus won’t just bring up the importance of meaningful conversations but that whatever does arise will be unexpected. While patience is needed if events aren’t moving as fast as you would like, the same is true if suddenly it seems your romantic life is moving quite quickly, as you generally need more time to process.

The conversations you will be having will either be about the continuing progression of a current relationship or the unexpected declaration of feelings from a newer love interest. All of this occurs as a lead-up to Juno, the asteroid of marriage, stationing direct in Virgo, your house of relationships, at the end of the week on April 21. Good things are coming, and while it’s true that they arrive for those who wait, it’s also about ensuring you are making the most of this process as well. Continue to reflect on your worthiness and allow yourself to be loved because, this time, it is meant to last forever.


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5. Aries

Your zodiac season was a profound one for personal growth, which hopefully also put you in the space of fully realizing and owning not just the life you want — but also the relationship you genuinely desire. While there will be a strong focus on yourself and how romantic relationships reflect your growth throughout the year, some major developments could occur this week, helping you focus more on setting up the new versus focusing only on what is behind you.

Often, your zodiac season is more of a time of reflection and growth. Still, if you remember the lessons of this past season and the fact that you are worthy of the love you want, regardless of what others might say, then you also can use Taurus Season to build that solid romantic foundation.


Themes of home and committed relationship help you understand your emotional needs as well as how to take action to create a home, family, and committed relationship that aligns with your inner truth. As you are being guided to manifest a relationship and life based on truth, the energy of Taurus season, along with Jupiter and Uranus, will bring some unexpected opportunities for you to redirect your romantic path.

Taurus rule’s themes in your life are connected to self-worth and what you value most in life, which should be a direct reflection of your authenticity. In this space, you will have a better, even if surprising, vision of the kind of partner you need or even a particular person that you love. As much as this may serve to feel like a test from the universe, it’s important also to be able to see it as an opportunity. Although you will be growing this entire year, it doesn’t mean you need to leave the best for last.

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