3 Zodiac Signs Feel Powerful & Positive On March 20, 2024

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zodiac sign feels powerful and positive march 20, 2024

Here we are in Aries season. Let me tell you, this is where we all get a taste of what real power feels like. There's no joke going on with the lore that comes with Aries and all that warrior attitude and fierce determination.

This Wednesday, March 20, shows us exactly why Aries is considered the strongest of the bunch. For three zodiac signs here on this day, we'll feel that power in the form of positive energy. Not bad!

In its first few days, the Aries Sun really starts the engines up. If we want to see a change in ourselves, this is the day we begin to take it all very seriously.

Not so seriously that we can't joke, however, as Aries is also known to bring out the comedy. While we're being strong, determined, and goal-oriented, we're laughing our heads off.

Plus, it's hard to feel anything BUT optimistic during the Spring Equinox, as this day represents new life, the manifestation of dreams come true, and the fruition of well-made plans.

So, hopefully, our prior plans were made with good intentions! Three zodiac signs will help us understand the rush of Aries power. Wednesday, March 20, 2024, brings it all to life for us in beautiful, bright springtime colors.

Three zodiac signs feel powerful and positive on March 20, 2024:

1. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

You aren't about to say 'no' to the rush of energy you feel, as it's hard to tell Aries to go away. Why would you want to, as this Sun season really affects you the right way? This is the 'zip' you needed, that energy boost that has you feeling as though, yes, you can accomplish. Yes, you can go, go, go. Finally, a break, and here you are, knowing it's meant for you, Gemini.

Feeling powerful and positive isn't always your 'go-to' attitude. When you do catch wind of such positivity, you are THERE for it all, and you make sure to take full advantage of its energy. During the first few days of Aries Sun, you'll be so all over the place with enthusiasm and hope that you might not be able to recognize yourself in the mirror, but that's OK because you want to transform. You want to change. You are on a roll, baby!

Whether it lasts or fades, all you know is that on March 20, you'll be riding this one for all it's worth. The positive vibe you allow in is the same kind of vibe you give off, which benefits all those around you. When your mood is as stellar as it will be on Wednesday, consider yourself the star of the show, as you truly do radiate good vibes and positive intentions. 

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2. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

Life has changed for you in so many uplifting ways. It isn't until Wednesday that you really get to show off what you've learned. Because of the Aries Sun, you're now starting to come out of that hiding place. While you've just spent a great deal of time working on improving your own life, you now feel that the warm, sunshiny vibes of the Aries Sun are here to give you space so that you can stretch out and truly radiate.

On this day, you can help others because you are finally at the place where the self-healing that you worked so hard to get is now here, and it's real. Your healing makes it possible for you to help others. During the Aries Sun, you don't feel as though any of it depletes you. In fact, you get charged up at the idea of bringing sunshine into someone else's life. This is a great place to be, and you realize it on this day.

One thing that hits you big time on Wednesday is that you feel everything is precious and that you'd prefer to use your power to concentrate on the good rather than the negative — the days spent dwelling on the problems, and the pains are over for you, Sagittarius. The more you welcome that feeling, the better it is, and the stronger you grow.

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3. Pisces 

(February 19 - March 20)

As it does every year at this time, the Aries season brings you nothing but joy. On Wednesday, it will be no different. However, this year, you might feel even better as you have been doing so much of the internal work needed to create a better life for yourself. You'll notice that you are more understanding and patient on this day, Pisces. You'll see that this really works for you and others, as well.

Life is precious to you, and you don't want to waste your time dwelling on what brings you down. Those days had a purpose for you, and you are grateful for the past. Still, you are no longer a slave to it. That is why the Aries Sun imbues you with a near-to superpower. That is the one where good energy saves the day. The 'bad guys' are all in the past, where they no longer have any relevance.

The Aries Sun moves you into a very powerful place mentally. You feel as though you can tackle old problems with ease as you prepare yourself for the future. What's obvious is that the 'now' moment shines through as perfect. You are quite pleased with how this day works out for you, Pisces, as you are the writer of this story. It seems that you're as good as a best-selling author!

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