8 Steps Happy People Are Taking To Protect Their ‘Vibe’ This Year

Don't let anyone drain your energy.

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The energy of our home, friends, family, and coworkers inherently rubs off on us, making us a product of our environment. If we’re not in a safe, comfortable space with people who appreciate us, chances are our energy is going to be low. 

Lifestyle guide @thechalkboardmag shared the eight ways you can protect your “vibe” this year — ensuring you’re able to take control of your life and transform it for the better. 


Here are 8 steps happy people are taking to protect their ‘vibe’ this year.

1. Avoiding gossip and drama.

Talking negatively about ourselves and others inevitably leads to unhappiness. Not only are you focusing on inherently negative language, but you’re also attacking other people’s energy. 




The universe uses karma intentionally, so if you’re intent on hurting others, you’re only setting yourself up for negativity down the road. 

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2. Letting go of things they can’t control. 

A hard truth many of us deal with is that we cannot control every aspect of our lives. Inevitably, things will be thrown at us that are completely out of our control. However, we can always control how we react to situations and that’s what matters most. 


Research reveals that letting go of these unavoidable and uncontrollable life events can transform your life, helping to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression.

So, how do you do it? Don’t rush through life changes, appreciate your company, and identify triggers that make you anxious. All of these things can help you to loosen your grip on control and live in the present moment. 

3. Avoiding comparison to others.

“Comparison Culture” is a pervasive phenomenon that so many people struggle with. It’s the innate need for us to compare our own accomplishments to that of others. Whether it’s a successful neighbor, celebrity relationship, or Instagram influencer — we often find ways to put ourselves down by looking at others’ achievements. 



Experts agree that “Comparison Culture” is a large reason for increasing rates of anxiety, depression, and lacking self-esteem in many demographics today. 


So, how do happy people learn to avoid comparison? Simply acknowledging that we do it is the first step. As YourTango’s founder and CEO Andrea Miller shares, it’s not about “ignoring it,” but rather, growing “through it.” 

Adopting gratitude practices, talking with the people we trust, and introducing new ways to build our self-confidence can be the key to avoiding this unhealthy culture and protecting your “vibe.”

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4. Keeping their faith larger than their fears. 

You’re the only person that can introduce happiness, success, and confidence into your life. If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody else will. 


Happy people protect their “vibes” by being confident. Living in fear, accepting our anxious thoughts, and comparing ourselves to others is a perfect recipe for disappointment. Building up your self-confidence and faith can radically change your life, and those “happy vibes” will create healthy connections. 

5. Trusting their gut and not doing things that feel wrong. 

Our bodies are complex. With every emotion we feel, from anxiety to heartbreak, our body’s health is affected. So, why don’t more people believe it when it tries to tell us something is wrong? 

Learn to trust that nagging feeling in your gut. When you’re around the wrong people, in a toxic situation or acting out of character, your body knows. Take time to understand how it communicates with you so that you know when to remove yourself. 


Protecting your energy starts with protecting your body and honoring it when it tells you something is not right. 

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6. Prioritizing alone time. 

Comfortable for some but scary for others, alone time is essential for individual growth. It’s difficult to truly get to know ourselves when we’re always in the company of other people. 

So going into the new year, set time aside that’s just for you. Whether it’s a morning coffee, a movie night, or a few minutes before bed, it can radically change your life. The more you appreciate your own company, the more protective you are over your energy, leading to confidence in all avenues of your life. 


8 Steps Happy People Are Taking To Protect Their Vibe This YearPhoto: Anna Alexes / Pexels

7. Speaking kindly to themselves and others. 

Whether you’re doing daily affirmations, avoiding gossip, or complimenting strangers, using positive language to foster good energy is the best way to stay happy. 

Especially in a world that focuses so heavily on negative language and drama, spreading kindness can change someone’s life. So, give out random compliments and hype yourself up, because you deserve to save the positive energy around you. 


8. Staying away from people who drain their energy.

“Emotional vampires” are unsuspectingly toxic. They’re the people whose problems are always worse than your own, who need constant attention, and who never provide a listening ear when you need it. 



Setting healthy boundaries with these people who feel entitled to your energy will give you the chance to find meaningful connections with people who are genuinely supportive of you. 

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Zayda Slabbekoorn is a news and entertainment writer at YourTango focusing on pop culture and human interest stories.