3 Zodiac Signs Experience Greater Luck In Love This Month After The April 8 New Moon Solar Eclipse In Aries

Venus, Mercury retrograde, the New Moon and solar eclipse in Aries powers up three zodiac signs and their love lives.

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If we can get past the first full week of April 2024, then we're in the home stretch for happiness on the home front. This is because April starts with the Mercury retrograde we all fear so intensely.

While this one will be mild in comparison, we can still expect the same tech breakdowns and misfires in communication.

Aries, Taurus, and Gemini will be the luckiest in love until April 30, 2024.

That is why, for the three zodiac signs who will benefit in love during April, the reason for such success comes from getting through the retrograde, but not until we are beyond the New Moon solar eclipse in Aries and Venus entering Aries.


Once we are over the April transit Hump, it will be free and clear from here on in. We've got much healing energy through node transits and the many Venus alignments scattered throughout the month.

With Lilith being 'very' present at times, these three zodiac signs will know what it's like to argue a point, only to discover that the argument actually brings us closer to our partners.


We're working our way through a very powerful Aries season. With a New Moon solar eclipse in Aries on April 8 and a power shift to Taurus Sun on April 19, we can look forward to healing our hearts and transforming our minds.

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We want to feel positivity. We are tired of being slaves to the negative, and for these three zodiac signs, it's time. It's time to make the best of what we have and bring the love back. Thankfully, along with the showers, April brings the love.

These three zodiac signs will experience greater luck in love this month after the April 8 New Moon solar eclipse in Aries:

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)


There's no surprise here, Aries. You probably felt it in your bones that April would be a great month for you in love and all manner of other things. You've worked so intensely hard to get where you are now, and this month only shows you that it's just the beginning. There's a lot of Mars action happening during this month. While your average person might not be able to take that kind of intensity, well, you're not the average person, are you?

Early in the month, you've got that incredible Sun conjunct Node vibe coming your way. Because of Lilith's presence at the time, you might see that it's time to really talk with your partner—the one where you set a few boundaries and get a few things off your chest. You are fearless, yet your approach is kindly and gentle—that's a major coup for you, Aries.

This month shows you that you can be firm and get your way while staying calm and collected. The start of the month may test your patience, but as you move into Taurus Sun, you'll see that your great amounts of energy temper into something more solid and doable. In terms of your love relationship, this implies that whatever you and your partner come up with will work, and the relationship will thrive.

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2. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

Taurus season is just around the corner, and for you, that's always a time for celebration. You adore the fact that you were born a Taurus, and you love all the attributes that come with it. This month, you'll see that the Aries energy accompanying your every move will perfectly complement your Taurus personality.

Because there's so much Venus energy floating around you, you'll find that time spent with your loved one is quality time. You may even decide that when you spend time with your romantic partner, that's it: no one else gets this time. You are totally into your partner, and you want a zero-distraction environment when it comes to them. You may even see a vacation with them this month, Taurus.

Also, don't be surprised if your partner plans something big for you, and that's where the 'travel' idea may come into play. April shows that you'll be moving around a lot. While this could also imply that you'll be relocating together, the chances of you two traveling will be stronger than the guesses here. April, you feel very capable and vivacious. You love this kind of attitude, and the more you add to it, the better it all feels.


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3. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

While many transits help you and your loved one out, you'll see what starts the engines up happens during the New Moon in Aries. This transit reminds you of why you're here ... in this relationship. The Winter month definitely took a toll on you, but the relationship continued to stand strong. What you didn't want to happen was for your partner to get tired of waiting for you to snap out of it.


Thankfully, you'll snap out of it just in time. That's not to say your partner would walk out on you — they weren't. What it is to say is that you knew you couldn't go on being 'that' lazy or that inattentive to them for long, as it would hurt the romance if you ignored them any longer. What's great is that the Aries energy that got you out of your funk is the same energy that will charge you up for a positive new future.

So, what you're looking at is how Spring has sprung, and you are now ready for the world and all it has in store for you. You are, once again, fearless and ready for the challenge. Your partner has never stopped believing in you, and that will create a feeling of deep gratitude for their consistency and presence. April proves to be a wonderful month for you, Gemini, as you were able to extricate yourself from a potentially negative attitude. To life! It's all about you now. Go, get 'em, Gemini!

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