5 Zodiac Signs See Relationships Improve Starting March 18, The Week The Sun Enters Aries

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zodiac signs whose relationships improve march 18 - 24,, 2024

"Every day is a fresh start." - Unknown. Each morning that you rise with the Sun, you are being gifted with a fresh start—a chance for a new beginning. What often gets challenging is that it can be hard not to carry over the woes of yesterday, especially if there is healing or resolution that still needs to take place. But, this week, that shifts as you find the balance between releasing the past and moving forward into the fresh start and new beginning your heart is hoping for. 

Potent energy is available midweek as the new astrological year begins on Tuesday when the Sun shifts into Aries on March 19. This day also marks the Vernal Equinox, a time of equal daylight and darkness, which can help you hold the themes of healing from the past and moving forward into your present with equal confidence.

The Vernal Equinox marks the beginning of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and helps to support a change in energy. The quiet of the winter season is almost behind you, and with it, you can already hear a new season and new beginning calling your name.  

With the start of Aries Season, there are still many planets in Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. This week is intensified as Mars, the planet of action and ambition, shifts into the watery romantic realms of Pisces and changes your perspective. Mars likes to take direct action and is focused on attainable steps to reach its goals.

However, in Pisces, it becomes more challenging as this planet that prefers to move forward is slowed down and asked to consider emotions, feelings, and the inner desires of the soul. Although Mars might work better in other zodiac signs, this is still a time you can use to your benefit by reflecting not on outward steps in your relationship but instead on how you want to feel once you get there.  

By embracing the fresh new energy of the astrological year and the Vernal Equinox, you can begin to see that the most important aspect of your life is how you feel — and not what it might look like. When you can prioritize your emotional fulfillment and your joy, you are also choosing to see things in a new light, which will help you seize the opportunities for a fresh start that will blossom around you this week.  

Three zodiac signs see relationships improve the week of March 18 - 24, the week the Sun enters Aries:

1. Libra  

(September 23 - October 22) 

Give yourself time this week to center yourself and ground your soul. There are incredible opportunities for growth and newness in the coming weeks. but a big part of that is making sure that you're clear about where you are in your life and what you now want and need from love. You've been traveling toward this place of making different decisions in love. It's not always easy, especially when you have still been working through your feelings of trying to keep the peace of making others happy. This week, a breakthrough happens as you lean into the quiet before the storm and finally see that the new beginning you're seeking has always been available for you.  

On Tuesday, March 19, the Sun shifts into Aries, highlighting your romantic sector, while the Piscean energy is activating themes of determination and well-being. This is a pivotal moment for you, but it's one that you need to give yourself time to feel through. With the Lunar Eclipse in Libra only a week away, followed by the Solar Eclipse in Aries, you know inherently that major changes are in store for you.

This week, you can start to see how to prioritize your growth and healing as actionable steps toward attracting and creating that great love. Don't be afraid to rock the boat of life, as it's likely whatever you choose will create waves, but it will also help carry you to where you are meant to be.  

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2. Virgo  

(August 23 - September 22) 

Great desire is in store for you as you settle into the energy for the week. This will serve to help bring about some important moments of realization in your romantic life, which will allow you to create more of the commitment you are seeking. As much as you are quite clear about what it is you want from love, you may need to give yourself time to process some ongoing lessons in your relationship.

If you've been feeling frustrated or wondering why certain themes keep arising, this is your sign to take a step back and see what the universe is trying to reveal to you. By being open to the lessons of the heart, you will be able to turn your relationship around in a committed direction.  

The combination of Aries and Pisces energy focuses on your romantic life, intimacy, and transformation. This can help you not only attract someone new into your life but also move through necessary moments of growth so that you and your partner feel on the same page again.

On Friday, March 22, Mars moves into Pisces, joining Saturn and Venus. This creates a powerful surge of energy that unites action, intent, and wisdom to help you utterly understand what you need to do to feel more at peace and satisfied in your union. As much as it might trigger you to look beneath the surface at the lessons, it's also the only way to create the solid foundation of love that you desire.  

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3. Scorpio  

(October 23 - November 21) 

There is a call to take a risk when it comes to love. Although you may have felt this in the past, this time, it's coming from finally learning some important lessons about what goes into creating a healthy, consistent relationship. It's important to recognize that who you are now is not who you were in the past so that you can trust yourself more to take this leap of faith. To take a risk on love isn't only about connection or the desire for partnership but truly seeing within yourself the ability to attract and create the kind of relationship that represents your healing versus your wounding.  

Although the Aries energy has just begun to filter in, it will be intensified this week as the Sun shifts into this fire sign. Aries governs over your house of well-being and determination. This can help you better understand what you need from your partner and how you can show up in a healthier way yourself. You may also find it easier to instill proper boundaries and lean into your sense of determination to believe that no matter what has happened in the past, the future can be far better.

The energy of Aries will support the influence of Mars shifting into Pisces on Friday, March 22, as it lights up your sector of commitment and marriage. You are looking for a more serious and long-lasting commitment and have learned how to create it. This will bring about opportunities for a fresh start in your romantic life and more joy. As you truly radiate the power, you must decide what kind of life you will live.  

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4. Sagittarius  

(November 22 - December 21) 

The year ahead will bring about dramatic shifts in your romantic relationship as commitment, marriage, and themes of family become more important. It's not just about having a long-term relationship that is propelling you forward, but truly, that aspect of domestic life that you've had challenges with within the past.

As much as you've always craved partnership, home, and family, you also have bucked at aspects of conformity or feeling like it would be a loss of freedom. This had more to do with yourself than any particular partner. Now that you know this, you are ready to truly take the next step and give yourself everything you've ever wanted. 

This week, it's important to give yourself and your partner a fresh start, and you both need to take advantage of this energy. This means having some important conversations, taking accountability, and being more vulnerable in explaining the process you've been on. By doing so, you will unlock not only a deeper commitment but also more of the life you hope to grow together.



As the Sun shifts into Aries on Tuesday, March 19, you will be focusing more on marriage, while the Piscean energy will continue to not only bring healing but also help you set up the physical home for your relationship.

This is a wonderful time to start looking at houses or rings as you take advantage of the blend of both energies. Remember that with Saturn in Pisces, you will need to put in the work. Although you may not see instant results, you must trust that everything is aligning in your favor.  

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5. Leo  

(July 23 - August 22) 

There is never a situation in which it isn't important to reflect and embody the lessons you've learned through love. Even in that, it's about finding balance and making sure that you have also lost your zest and spontaneity for romance.

Learning what you've been meant to wasn't to take the magic out of a relationship but instead to show you how to build the foundation so that you can enjoy the moments of excitement that a dynamic connection will bring to your life.  

In the week of March 18, Aries and Pisces will activate pivotal moments in your relationship. You are drawn to step out of whatever rut you've been in and start to see that love really is the greatest adventure you will ever take. Your senses are sharp, and you are craving something new and different in your relationship. Whether you are single or in an existing relationship, luck is on your side this week when it comes to love.

Try to give yourself a break from trying so hard to do things differently this time and instead just enjoy whatever connection is present in your life. Take a day trip or plan that exotic holiday. Invite your partner to a sound bath or sign up for that Reiki course you've been considering, as you may meet someone of interest there. When you can truly see that love can be both consistent and exciting, then you also create the space for it to show up in that way, finally.  

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