What Neptune In Retrograde Means — And How It Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships

Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the astrological waters...

What Neptune In Retrograde Means And How It Will Effect Your Life getty

It's time for Neptune retrograde again! Now, if you're anything like me, you might have no idea what this astrology transit means, both in the literal sense and for your horoscope and zodiac sign. 

Unless you sit all day at your computer obsessing over astrological events (a totally valid way to spend time, for real), chances are there are a significant amount of things happening with the planets and the stars that are affecting your daily life that you might not have any clue about. Them's the breaks! 


You probably know at least a little bit about Mercury in retrograde — that special time when the planet decides to quietly turn your life upside down. It's pretty darn hard to miss unless you walk around wearing a blindfold. But the other planets can go retrograde too, and what happens when they do can be major.

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Neptune has been in retrograde since June 18th, and its reverberations are being felt everywhere. But rather than listen to my hippy-butt any longer, let's break down the essentials of Neptune retrograde, what it means, and how it's going to affect you during this summer months.


What is Neptune in retrograde? When we say a planet is in retrograde, all that means is that the planet's orbit is slowing down. From Earth, this creates an optical illusion that the planet is actually going backwards.

According to astrology, when a planet goes backwards, the energy and characteristics associated with that planet traditionally are completely inverted, meaning focused inwards. That's you! Explains why people freak out when it's time for Mercury in retrograde, right?

Neptune the planet is closely associated with psychic gifts and intuition, so this is a planetary retrograde to get excited about, because you're about to be the most intuitive, emphatic, and insightful version of yourself. 


Things that have been confusing will suddenly be clear. You'll be focused, in tune, and have a relatively easy time solving problems that once were the bane of your existence. This is truly a time to love that retro life.

But there are a few things to remember:

1. Embrace the high, but prepare for the crash.

In addition to representing the beauty and power of insight and escapism, there's a reason we don't all have everything figured out all the time usually: because it simply would be unfair to the people around us. While you might have some cunning insights and see your life with a clarity that you've never witnessed before, that's not the case for everyone around you, and that can lead to some clashing. 

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In a way, this social sparring and upheaval might help you ease back down from the spiritual high of this planetary state once Neptune speeds back up.  Consider it all a part of the process. 

2. Don't ignore reality. 

Neptune, in addition to being the name of a planet, is also the name of the mythical Greek god of the Ocean. Knowing this, it's not hard to understand why so many astrologers associate the planet with an escape from the everyday and a return to the magical. 


Just because you feel like you have a grip now, resist the urge to retreat into the realm of escapism. Your problems won't go away just because you've sorted them out. You've actually got to take the time to solve them. So do that. 

3. You'll see things clearly. 

Periods of retrograde can often feel scary. That's because we are forced to link inwards and that's not always an easy thing to do.

Don't panic! These periods are essential for your continued growth as a human being. Embrace the gifts of Neptune and Mercury, and trust that everything happens for a reason, however trite that might sound. 

4. Neptune has a mission for you.



If you find yourself losing focusing during this period when Neptune is in retrograde, remember this: Neptune wants you to open your mind, open your heart, and stay grounded. These are pretty powerful lessons, especially if you stay in the right head space to receive them. 

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