3 Zodiac Signs May Consider Ending A Friendship On March 13, 2024

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3 Zodiac Signs May End A Toxic Friendship On March 13, 2024

As they say, 'When you know, you know,' and for many of us, we know for sure that the friendship we've been hanging on to has suddenly run its course — and rightly so.

We are very dependent on friends. We want them. We want to love them. If things work out, we hope to establish a connection that might last a lifetime ... or not. We're not happy to see a friendship end, but sometimes there is no alternative.

What's going on right now is that we have the transit of Moon sextile Saturn in our cosmic sky. It's influencing three particular zodiac signs. We'll see that influence take the form of recognizing that we can no longer remain friends with someone in our lives whom we believe to be an unhealthy influence. In fact, we are becoming less like ourselves simply by staying with them.

That just won't do. We know ourselves to be proponents of happiness. Even though, for the sake of friendship, we'll occasionally do something that might go against the grain, there's just so much that a person can take before we start to realize that there's something wrong with this picture. This is what we will see on this day as we conclude that we must agree to end a particularly unhappy friendship of ours.

Three zodiac signs end a friendship for good reasons on March 13, 2024:

1. Cancer 

You've been living a lifetime of heeding others' advice, driven by your innate Cancer generosity. You're starting to feel as though you are becoming a puppet, there to be played with and then discarded when done with. However, on Wednesday, everything shifts. The usual pattern feels nonsensical to you, and under the influence of the Moon sextile Saturn transit, you resolve to reclaim control.

No longer will you passively accept others' impositions. You've reached your limit, recognizing that certain individuals have exploited your kindness as a lifestyle choice. Enough is enough. Without hostility, you assert boundaries, no longer willing to serve as the sounding board for others' grievances. This transit marks a turning point — you're determined to assert yourself, unafraid of shedding the "nice guy" image. This is how you show yourself that you are not willing to go with the flow if, indeed, the flow is in the past.

Deep down, you know your inherent kindness isn't contingent on compliance. You're driven to demonstrate your individuality, to show the world that you're not merely a supporting character in someone else's narrative. The Moon sextile Saturn empowers you to seize control of your life and live it on your terms. If this means you must distance yourself from a friendship, then so be it. You can only see a good life for yourself in the future, and you wish to proceed towards it freely.

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2. Leo 

OK, so here we are. You are feeling as though there's something about the snap when it comes to you and a certain friend of yours. There's been this tension for a while, and you're really not sure it's giving you a good vibe. You seem to see this relationship as one that takes much more than it gives, and honestly, that's not your thing. Where did the love go, and how did it get so twisted?

That's how things start to look for you during Moon sextile Saturn, which tends to show people the 'underbelly' of friendships, romances, and other kinds of relationships. What you, Leo, will be seeing on this day is that this lovely friend of yours is a little more than you can handle because they've just revealed to you a side to them that is totally undesirable.

So much so that you may just end up telling them that this has to end; you thought you had a friend, but what you have is a problem. As we all know, problems have solutions. In your case, Leo, the solution is to get rid of the toxicity that comes with this particular friend. While it's hard to get yourself to this position, you'll find that once you admit that this person needs to be out of your life, you'll start to feel much freer, and your breath will become easier.

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3. Capricorn 

You've come to realize the presence of negative individuals in your life who seem to drain your energy and continue to do so without your consent. Despite your sincere efforts to offer guidance and wisdom, they consistently ignore your advice, so really, why are you even bothering to go out of your way to help them, as you seem to be doing all the time? It's not about ego. You genuinely want to help, but their lack of receptiveness is a frustration.

On March 13, 2024, with the transit of Moon sextile Saturn, you'll find the strength to draw a line. You've poured your heart into communication, and now you recognize the futility of investing time in those who don't value it. Where's the reciprocation here? Where is the appreciation for what you've doled out? Regrettably, these toxic individuals fail to give back. What this one friend shows you is that they take your advice and actively act against it.

You've embraced the fact that your time is precious, and you don't need to be the hero in this story. You've done your part, and it's not your responsibility to rescue others. This alignment of Moon sextile Saturn in your life as a Capricorn grants you liberation from the cycle of catering to toxic influences. It's time to put an end to that dynamic once and for all. Good on you for having the nerve to do just that, Capricorn.

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