3 Zodiac Signs Are Stronger Than Their Problems On March 7, 2024

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3 Zodiac Signs Are Stronger Than Their Problems On March 7, 2024

Every single one of us has casually spoken the words, "I can't handle this," in earnest or in jest. We toss around those words very easily because the truth is that life on earth always delivers just enough troubles to have us at our wit's end, wondering if we can take anymore.

We are called 'strong' for surviving when the reality is that survival is what we do; it's beyond a choice. We are survivors, which automatically lets us in on a fact: we are stronger than our problems always.

Thursday is a day of personal recognition for three zodiac signs in terms of what we begin to realize about ourselves. We may feel inundated by problems, up to our eyeballs in this, that, or the other negative thing. 

Because the load is so heavy, we may want to give up. What does 'give up' mean? Nothing, really. It's just an expression we use all the time. "I give up." No, you don't. Here you are, still, still 'not giving up.'



What we have to help us realize our true strength on this day is the transit of Moon square Jupiter, which takes that point home for us. If we feel a certain very specific problem weighs us down, we have to ask ourselves: is this problem bigger and stronger than ME?

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What's the answer to that, zodiac signs? The answer is NEVER. We are always bigger and more mighty than our problems. These three zodiac signs set that strength up for us as an example.

Three zodiac signs are stronger than their problems on March 7, 2024:

1. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)

For the last few weeks, you've had something on your mind. There have been moments when you really wonder if you'll get through whatever it is that plagues you. You know you've gone through much worse before. If you get down to it, you know that whatever it is that troubles you right now, on Thursday, you have to be bigger than it, as there is no other way to be.

You'll find that once you start to think that way, you'll begin to rev up the engine that kick-starts the real positivity in your life. During the transit of Moon square Jupiter, you will fully understand that there is no problem that is bigger than you are. While you once gave in to the idea that somehow all the stress was just going to eat you up and spit you out, you now know that that's just impossible. Nothing ever really gets you, and nothing ever will.

You are one of the strongest Sun signs there is, Cancer. While it takes you a while because you like to process things with your emotions, you eventually rise to the challenge, and you always end up a winner. You have shown yourself this in the past, and as of this day, during Moon square Jupiter, you know that nothing will get you down. Oh sure, you may feel its effect, but it won't conquer you, no way.

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2. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

You were born courageous and strong, and even though you've shown yourself that there is no way that anything could ever get the best of you, you've still seen your share of problems. Some of them have been seriously intense. There are times when you have had to admit to yourself that some things are just 'too much,' but the reality comes back to show you that 'too much' is just a string of words, as you are always bigger than 'too much.'

During the Moon's square to Jupiter on March 7, you'll see that it's up to you to deal with a problem that looms large on this day. While it may 'want' to come off as threatening or dangerous, you'll process it until you realize its real value. After concluding that this problem isn't as dark and damaging as you expected it to be, you'll end up knowing that whatever it is, you can handle it.

What you have on your side is your own Leo nature, plus the forceful backbone effect of the transit Moon square Jupiter. Life is for living, and you plan on living every day as best as you can. Yes, you accept that troubles will crop up, but they are just that: troubles. You are the one living your life, not your troubles. Your problems are merely teachers. That's what lets you know that you will always rise above Leo.

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3. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

As long as you stick to your own set of values, you'll be fine. You've learned that all the troubles in the world can be heaped upon your head. You'll still be there, shining like the Sun, when it's all over and done with. This is who you are, Sagittarius. While you don't welcome the idea of problems, you aren't afraid to face them either. As you know, they can never be greater than you are.

You have taught yourself to think this way over the years, and on March 7, during Moon square Jupiter, you'll see that those years of practice have made you into a true warrior of self-love. What you've endured is just the stuff that life is made of. Yes, there are hard times, and yes, there are definitely times when you just want to throw in the towel, but those are just words, aren't they? All this talk of being strong is what we have; we ARE strong.

If ever you feel yourself slipping into anxiety, you'll realize that this is part of being human, and that's how you distance yourself from stress. By naming what troubles you, you become its master. In that way, it becomes diminished. During the Moon square Jupiter, you are very much in touch with who you are and just how powerful you are—powerful enough to overcome any obstacle, truly.

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