How You Tend To Self-Sabotage (And How To Stop), According To Astrology

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The 12th house is a potent and often misunderstood house in astrology that can elicit fear because it is such an enigma. It is a place tied to our subconscious where we see the debts we have, where the hidden enemies reside and even karma from our past lives will surface. The 12th house is where the nightmares can take fuel and we have to discover how to find our way while navigating the storm. However, when transits are happening in our 12th, some benefic planets can bring an awakening, new passion, and hope.

How you tend to self-sabotage, based on your 12th house ruler

According to astrologer Zoe Cardiff, the ruler of the 12th house can also provide insight into "the work that you need to do on yourself to improve your life." In a TikTok video, she explained how the 12th house is associated with self-sabotage. Knowing this information, instead of being afraid, we can find beauty and promise in the 12th house. 



While the 12th can be a hidden gem, it is mysterious and similar to a haunted mansion since its complexities can make anyone self-sabotage.

To uncover the ruler of your 12th house, you first need to know the sign and locate where the ruler is in your birth chart, which you can find using a free birth chart calculator.

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Aries 12th house



You may bottle up your emotions, which can make you feel frustrated. Impulsivity may also work against you if you do not learn how to implement patience and be more tactical. Finding good methods to release pent-up emotions healthily is essential, such as exercising, meditating and starting new projects.

Taurus 12th house



A need to find security by any means possible could make you obsessed with stability. Learning to not put such a great emphasis on the material and focus on discovering your talents could lead you in a direction that helps you create a solid foundation you crave, helping you feel more liberated from the clutches of the 12th.

Gemini 12th house



You may feel apprehensive when sharing your thoughts with others due to a fear of being critiqued. Having Gemini here, you should learn to research more and become more prepared when discussing topics with others. It can help you become more confident in your speech and writing process. These are wise people who prefer to think before they speak, hide their writing and research.

Cancer 12th house



Having the moon ruling the 12th may lead to a stifling of emotions. You may be afraid to be ridiculed or hurt. One of the things you have to learn is how to get comfortable with being emotionally vulnerable with people you trust so that they can build more genuine relationships. Continue being open to making friends, even if you have been hurt before. However, knowing who to confide in is also important.

Leo 12th house



Not feeling confident enough to be in the spotlight can be a self-sabotaging practice with Leo in the 12th. Hiding their light from others could be an embodiment of this placement. You should focus on your hobbies and keep perfecting your skills. Learn to take pride in your gifts and talent because your talent could be helpful and serve as a healing tool for others.

Virgo 12th house



A Virgo 12th house reveals a strong tendency for self-criticism as well as recurring self-reflection on how to control and change the past. Allowing yourself to see mistakes as part of the learning process and journaling your emotions can be a way to learn more about the needs of your 12th. There is strength in trying once more if you do not succeed the first time.

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Libra 12th house



Secret relationships and not being able to bring your love to light could be one of the conflicts of Venus ruling this house. Learning to be more discerning when it comes to choosing partners is key. Establishing a better relationship with yourself will help you not become reliant on the love you receive from others.

Scorpio 12th house



There could be issues building genuine relationships with others because you may not trust people, as remaining in an emotional shell is one of the effects of having Scorpio in the 12th. Learning to be aware that not everyone is perfect is imperative. And when you find people that are worth it, avoid grudges and open your heart.

Sagittarius 12th house



Not trusting your philosophy or ideologies may lead you to self-sabotaging practices. Opening yourself up to the world through books or meeting new people can be beneficial. Welcoming the expansive energy through knowledge and learning can help them embrace the mysteries of this house and learn of the positive impact of connecting with the community.

Capricorn 12th house



Overworking and not taking care of yourself could be a self-sabotaging practice for you. Learning to take breaks, be there for yourself and establish healthy work boundaries is critical. There is a need for you to find your inner spark so that you can embrace the beauty of having this placement once you feel confident in who you are. 

Aquarius 12th house



Feeling stuck and not tapping into the electrifying energy within is one of the expressions of this placement. Trust your creative process and invite the world to experience your thought process by joining clubs and meeting new people. Social interactions are a blessing here. People with Aquarius in the 12th have numerous gifts that many will appreciate. Do not close yourself off to the world and embrace what makes you unique.

Pisces 12th house



You often self-sabotage by giving too much of your energy to others. However, there is a lot of beauty hidden deep in this 12th house placement. You have the power to give powerful guidance, healing and emotional security to others — as long as you learn to protect your boundaries first.

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