Love Horoscopes Are Lucky For 3 Zodiac Signs On February 1

This is just the beginning.

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Here, we have a day that practically breaks us open and allows us to feel it all. While that may sound wildly vulnerable and perhaps almost a little 'too' much, we have to consider that this is the way it works in life. If we are to grow and become better people, then there's usually some kind of gigantic epiphany of sorts, and that's what February 1, 2024, brings us.

This epiphany goes by the name of the Scorpio Moon.


Awareness is what it's all about for three zodiac signs on February 1, 2024, and this may not be an easy path ... but oh, how worthwhile it will be, and oh, how it will pay off, especially when it comes to our love lives.

This could be just the trick: zodiac signs. What the Scorpio Moon brings us is psychological insight, the ability to embrace major change and emotional resilience.

There's also something very mysterious about February 1, 2024.


We may find that during the Scorpio Moon, our partners have a very specific kind of allure, something we cannot resist. We will find that this attraction works for us and draws us closer to our partners. Our newly discovered 'awareness' lets us see our romantic partners in a beautiful new light, and one thing we all get to know is that ... this is just the beginning.

February 1, 2024, love horoscopes are luckiest for three zodiac signs:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

It's February 1, 2024, and you feel mighty fine. You feel as though you got through the first month of the year intact, and that's given you a certain kind of confidence, especially regarding how you feel about your romantic relationship.

The person you are with was not always known to you as 'the perfect one,' but you've come to see that perfection is not what you were after.


What you have working for you on this day is the Scorpio Moon, and this really helps you tap into the part of your mind where you can 'see the future,' so to speak. It's not as though you are suddenly psychic, although that's not necessarily NOT going to happen.

You will be so in tune with what's going on spiritually that you can pick up on your partner's thoughts. What you may feel on this day, February 1, 2024, is that the two of you are in sync with each other's emotions.

This has taken the two of you a while to develop, but now that it's here, you really feel it is a positive thing in your life, Aries.

The idea of not worrying about whether or not this person is perfect is a weight off your mind. You fully admit that neither of you is perfect, but in a way, you're perfect for each other at this point in your lives. During the Scorpio Moon, it's all very clear: you can do this. The year is promising, and it all starts on this day, February 1, 2024.


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2. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

The one thing you really felt was missing in your relationship was that psychic tie to your partner, and you always thought this was something that should happen immediately rather than something that could be developed.

Here you are on this day, February 1, 2024, and the Scorpio Moon shows you that it's never too late to find something new and wonderful about the person you love.

What you will discover on this day is that your partner has now finally warmed up to the idea of sharing this kind of mystery with you. Perhaps they were closed off to you initially, as that was their version of pacing themselves.


They, too, need to self-protect, so all of this time together was their training ground. Now, during the Scorpio Moon, they feel safe with you and you with them. This transit shows you that you can relate to this person in more ways than one.

What the Scorpio Moon brings out in you is this belief that the romantic partnership you're in right now has much more to it than just romance, or rather that the umbrella of romance covers so much more than love and passion.

This day has you cherishing the person you are with, as they are now a very close and dear friend to you. This is a connection you realize now is something you never want to part with.

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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

February 1, 2024, ushers in an entirely new world for you, as this is the first time in so long that you feel open enough to let it all happen without standing in its way. Love is hugely available in your life, and you'll find that during the Scorpio Moon, you get to have it your way, which implies that the ways of fantasy and imagination are very much a part of how you conduct your love life during this time.

You've never been interested in romance alone; you need a healthy fantasy life, and it's something that you and your partner will share on this day.


You may be in a relationship with someone very different from what people expect from you. Still, during the Scorpio Moon, you are quite happy to blow people's minds when you stick to your lifestyle and show everyone in your life that you will always do it your way. Defying the expectations of others is part of being you, and on this day, you and the person you love will stick together, knowing that what you have is definitely unique and worthwhile.

Your cup overfloweth, as they say. On February 1, 2024, you feel so good about the decisions you've made to improve yourself that you won't be able to keep it all to yourself, which definitely means that your partner will reap the benefits of your positive mood. You see everything as possible during the Scorpio Moon because you trust your mind and you feel in tune with all things in the universe. Not too shabby!

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