Relationships Improve For 5 Zodiac Signs In February 2024 Thanks To The Major Aquarius Energy

Don’t let any rules hold you back from following your heart.

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"Follow your heart because it always knows." - S. Parrilla. To follow your heart often means, at times, it feels like you're losing your mind. Even in those moments, it doesn't mean that you're making foolish or rash decisions, but only that you are having to change directions and begin to entertain a new reality. Through this process, by following your heart toward love, you end up being able to step into your true self and the life that has always been destined for you.  


February begins with the hint of what is to come as Mercury shifts into Aquarius on the fifth, joining the Sun and Pluto already in this air sign. Aquarius is an interesting zodiac sign, especially when it comes to love. While it is often categorized as being detached or even cold, making relationships suffer, in reality, the true meaning of this zodiac sign couldn't be further from that. 

Aquarius is a sign that prefers the incredible and is drawn to the unique. This often means what others see as cold or detached is the Aquarian desire to hold out for the once-in-a-lifetime love rather than simply settle for a warm body beside them at the end of the evening.


With Pluto recently moving into Aquarius, the energy here is intensified as Pluto, the Phoenix of the cosmos, encourages you to transcend your limitations and wrap yourself in the undeniable feeling of the truth.  

While February will carry a heavy Aquarian theme, it will peak from the sixteenth to the eighteenth, when there will be a stellium in this zodiac sign. A stellium is when five or more planets congregate within one sign, merging the energies in many ways and creating a strong focus of desire within yourself.

When the stellium occurs, the Sun, Pluto, Mercury, Mars, and Venus will all search for truth, uniqueness, freedom, and a love that seems the entire universe conspires to bring to reality. This also means this is the direction and path that your own divine heart will take as well.  

Pisces Season begins on Sunday, February 18, and infuses the Aquarian desire for freedom and individuality with romance and mysticism. As much as you will still be guided to follow your heart in the second half of the month, you also will have greater faith and hope in the decisions you make.


Largely, not only will you have an unquenchable desire to fulfill the quest of your heart, but you will feel that love seems more meaningful and fated. This will only serve as confirmation that some of the most amazing journeys of life are those that your heart leads you on.  

Horoscopes For The 5 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Improve The Month Of February 2024 

1. Leo  

(July 23 - August 22) 


Expect the unexpected in February 2024, along with the need to take a chance on the love that calls to you. The month begins with three planets in Aquarius, ruler of your romantic sector. With the Sun, Pluto, and Mercury in Aquarius, you'll be able to understand what you genuinely want from love and who it is you most want. This may challenge what you thought your ideal person would look like, but you will be pleasantly surprised as this relationship unlocks a completely different idea of what life can look like.  

Aquarius energy governs all matters of the heart for you, so if you are already in an existing connection, this would be a time to focus more on what you are building with your partner. With Pluto just recently having moved into Aquarius, there will be a gradual path of transformation here. Still, as the cosmic lovers Mars and Venus shift into this air sign by the eighteenth, you can expect unexpected fireworks.  

You may have written off a romantic interest or even a current partner as not being someone who can truly fulfill all your needs. Or even that you must somehow sacrifice what you really desire to make a relationship work. By being able to understand your truth more and being ready to make any necessary changes, you will be in for a surprise. Often, it's your perception that limits a relationship, not necessarily the connection itself. Let yourself fully surrender to the love you have found, and you may just see it's the one you've always been searching for.  

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2. Libra  

(September 23 - October 22) 

You've been on a new journey in love, working to create the romantic relationship that you've come to learn you deserve. You've already begun using boundaries better and seeing that love should always be reciprocal. You've moved away from what hasn't been in alignment with you so you can move toward what is.  

The Aquarius energy of February 2024 highlights your sector of marriage and commitment, which would bring positive developments in an existing connection or the fated meeting of a brand-new partner. You will move through a pivotal healing moment on Monday, February 19, when the North Node in Chiron unites with Aries, ruler of your romantic sector. This will occur directly on the heels of the Aquarius Stellium from the sixteenth through the eighteenth in your marriage sector. Remain very aware of events during this time, as well as what new levels of love your healing unlocks.  

There is always a direct correlation between your healing and growth and the relationship you choose to accept. Try to see it as the difference between finally knowing what fits and what you deserve rather than holding onto any regrets for decisions made in the past. You truly have stepped into a new way of being, which means it's just the beginning of finally being loved the way you've always desired. 


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3. Scorpio  

(October 23 - November 21) 

The most important thing for you to do in February 2024 is not to give up hope for the love you have been dreaming of. The last few years have been wrought with challenges and lessons, but that doesn't mean anything is impossible. as with anything, what isn't meant for you first must be cleared away to make space for what is. February 2024 promises hope and some divine re-directions that can help you really start this new chapter of your life.  



February is dominated by an influx of Aquarian energy from the very beginning of the month, though it will peak on the seventeenth. Aquarius energy rules your sector of domestic intimacy and family and heals the generational wounds that have been preventing you from having the healthy relationship you are seeking. As this energy moves through your life this month, expect a brand-new chapter in your healing to begin, which will be in divine timing to the universe, presenting a new opportunity for love.  


Shortly after the Aquarian stellium on the seventeenth, the North Node and Chiron align together in Aries in your well-being sector on the nineteenth. Mark your calendar for these dates, as you may be presented with opportunities for love, growth, healing — and even freedom.

All the while, the Sun will shift into Pisces on the eighteenth, highlighting your commitment and marriage sector, showing you the rewards for moving through all you have. This energy will create the perfect atmosphere to have a brand-new and healthier phase in your existing relationship or finally free yourself from the pain of your past. Just remember, while there is always a purpose to everything, sometimes that comes down to finally letting go of what was never meant for you.  

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4. Cancer  

(June 21 - July 22) 


It's time to look toward lighter and brighter times in your romantic life. Although you are just exiting a more challenging period in your relationship, the energy in February 2024 will help confirm that the worst is over so that you can start directing your energy toward what is new and what enables you to feel alive once again.  

The surge of Aquarian energy that begins in February with the Sun, Pluto and Mercury will help you put all your energy into change. Whether it's building a new healthy sense of intimacy within an existing relationship or even putting yourself back out there and believing in love again, it's the perfect energy to help you set the tone for what you know you've come to deserve.

Pay special attention to any events or fated encounters around February 17 when the stellium peaks in Aquarius with Pluto, the Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Venus all in this air sign. Not only could it help bring you closer to your partner, but if you're looking for new love, you may find that the universe has you cross paths with someone of great importance around this time.  

Once the Sun shifts into Pisces on February 18, there is a new energy around you, so not only are you going to be investing in positive changes, but you also are going to have luck on your side. Pisces rules all matters of luck, and when it comes to love, that is precisely what you have been hoping to receive.


Whether it's meeting someone while on holiday or planning a romantic getaway with your partner, put your energy into expanding your horizons so that you can truly feel like you're not just stepping into a new chapter — but that you're seizing it as well.  

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5. Pisces  

(February 19 - March 20) 


You may have felt like 2023 gave you some blunt awakenings when it comes to love, but since that time, you've been putting in the work to learn how to approach love differently. Since Saturn has shifted into your sign of Pisces in 2023, you've still been the dreamer that you're known for, but you've also been radiating more serious and committed energy as well. While this has helped you and will continue to in all facets of your life, you will see the most noticeable difference in matters of the heart. 

The beginning of February draws a great deal on the Aquarian energy in your life, which governs healing, dreams, and intuition. This will help you understand that to heal doesn't mean not believing in true love, but only that you must use your personal growth to be able to make the decisions that truly will lead to a healthy relationship. Let yourself dream, reconnect with your romantic nature, and take the time to remember that part of who you are is the eternal optimist for love.  



Once the Sun shifts into Pisces, joining Saturn there, you will see more energy around how much power you hold throughout events in your relationship. This will be intensified on February 19 as the North Node and Chiron collide in Aries, which can help you understand just how much you've grown in terms of your self-worth and knowing what you deserve.


Lucky for you, this paves the way to make the most of the Full Moon in Virgo in your romance sector. As long as you embody all those important lessons you've been learning, this lunation could truly be the return of knowing that your soulmate is out there — and they may even be closer than you originally thought.  

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