Love Is Very Lucky For 3 Zodiac Signs On January 10, 2024

We aren't withholding on this day, nor are we asking for anything in return.

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We could all use a good day's worth of love and whether we are in a relationship or not, this day, January 10, 2024, maybe just the day we've been looking for. What's lucky about this day is that we have the transit of Moon trine Jupiter working with us. While this is pretty much the kind of broad-reaching positivity-bringing transit that affects everyone, three zodiac signs will know exactly what to do with this kind of pro-energy.


What this transit brings us is a positive attitude when it comes to 'giving.' We aren't withholding on this day, nor are we asking for anything in return. We are here for the joy of it all. we're not thinking selfish thoughts and we aren't really looking for 'what's in it for us?' We just want to experience what already exists and we want to see it as loving, safe, expansive and nurturing.


For the three zodiac signs that will take well to Moon trine Jupiter's vibe, we can expect relationships that are already established to grow. We, ourselves, feel so good about life that we can't help but want to nurture the relationships we already have. We want to help the people we love, and we want to ignite their imagination with plans of great adventures and highlights of things to come.

Three zodiac signs will have the best love horoscopes on January 10, 2024:

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

Ah, it's so nice to think that this day will require very little from you in terms of energy and that what little energy you do have will be put to good use. It's not that you're lacking in energy, but what you are lacking in is negativity and that frees you up on this day, January 10, 2024, because during the transit of Moon trine Jupiter, there is no room for the darkness. You will seek out and find the light, that is for sure.

If you are in a relationship already, then you will notice that communication seems to be at an all-time high between you and your partner. It's as if Moon trine Jupiter opens the gates to a new path of communication and everything feels very easy and approachable. What you'll notice happening between you and your partner on this day is that whatever held you back in the past is seemingly non-existent.


This encourages you and has your mind ticking; you want to make more of this day, and not in a selfish way. Being that Moon trine Jupiter so inspires you, you may want to get down to business and start making some 'getaway' plans. Why not think about vacationing this early in the year? You aren't restricted by time, so think about booking your trip now.

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2. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

Because Moon trine Jupiter is one of those 'far-reaching, big picture' types of transits, you'll be thinking about the future on this day, January 10, 2024. this will apply heavily to your romantic life and where you want to see it go in the near future. Jupiter transits tend to inspire people to travel or go on adventures and what you'll see happening on this day is that you want to make some travel plans with your love.


This could be a very good day to choose a location and 'just do it.' There's a lot of spontaneity that comes with a transit like Moon trine Jupiter, and on January 10, 2024, you will find that your impulsive nature is invited to a degree. There's a lot of 'why not' going on during this day, and because you know and trust your partner implicitly, you also know that they will totally get into it with you.

Moon trine Jupiter puts the two of you into the kind of sweet mood that has you both showing an almost darling kind of respect for each other. It's nice to be nice and that's so much of the theme of this transit's visit to your world, Gemini. The act of being nice makes you feel like all is right with the world, and why shouldn't it be? You are totally down for the kindness and the compassion. 

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3. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)


Did someone say, 'adventure?' They sure did, and the voice you'll hear is the voice of Moon trine Jupiter, as it tells you to move on with those dreams and to take that fabulous partner of yourself with you. You will feel a definite call for excitement on this day, January 10, 2024, and it won't come with risk or too much spontaneity. It will come as a result of proper planning and a dream of travel and new environments to explore.

You are, quite frankly, way too over the negativity that has tried to keep you in its clutches. Because you are fortunate enough to have that mega-reserve of positive energy, you will be tapped on this day, as Moon trine Jupiter needs you to step forward and use what you have. You'll find no excuses available on this day. It's January 10, 2024, and you have a mission, Sagittarius. Go on out there and conquer the world (in a nice way, of course ... )

Your explorative and inquisitive personality will be the bait that snags your partner on this day, and they will have no problem whatsoever buying into that positivity vibe that you're slinging wholesale. You are all in when it comes to being nice, saying sweet things, dreaming big dreams and sharing the goodness that is life ... you want to be next to the person you love and they enjoy being with you, as you are pure inspiration and creative thinking on this day, January 10, 2024.


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