What Your Zodiac Sign Can Manifest By Journaling After Venus Enters Capricorn On January 23

A Full Moon and Venus helps to charge your intentions and mental clarity this week.

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Hello, success attractors. A new week is here, so let's both relax and get some work done, shall we? We welcome the week with a Cancerian Moon, which means we definitely start the week nice and easy. Things are moving slowly, and we still have time to recover from any overactive energies from the weekend.

Coming off that, Venus enters Capricorn on 23 and shakes things up for us in several important life areas. We question our motives and look to authority figures for guidance. Things feel very "serious" and that will set the tone for the year.


Don't let the Leo full Moon make you irritated with loved ones. Instead, work on your patience during this time and acceptance of loved ones and their flaws. But, if all else fails, take time for yourself and retreat inward. Things pick up on 27 with both Uranus going direct and the Virgo Moon. We are in charge of our own stories and ready to take on big life changes.



What makes this energy so unique is we have critical thinking skills to match the energy to make things happen! Moon Trine Venus casts a "settled" and secure feeling over us, and the desire to do less and enjoy our enviornment surrounds us. Please do, as 28 is a Friday and weekends are to be enjoyed.


Our weekly journal prompt for all zodiac signs is as follows: prepare yourself for the future; what do you bring to the future? This exercise is to do an inventory check of yourself. You have amazing abilities that may go unnoticed even by you because we take our abilities for granted. It could be tenacity and intelligence. Or perhaps you are clever and filled with tons of energy. When doing this, if needed, ask your closest loved ones about your best qualities. 

Remember that the stuff you least want to do is almost always the most impactful. It's usually THE game changer in life but it's disguised under the plain robes of patience and hard work. Keep this in mind for any goal or endeavor you wish to pursue. What do you bring to the table, literally for yourself? What can people with your specific personality qualities do to achieve their goals? Something you and only you can do with your unique gifts. These gifts are your tools for manifesting your dreams.

What your zodiac sign can manifest by journaling after Venus enters Capricorn on January 23:


Manifest: joy

The full Moon will heighten your sensitivities and you'll have creative energy to feed off of and think about what truly makes you happy.


Journal Prompt: Use the 5 senses (​​smell, touch, see, hear, taste) to create a visceral experience of what fills your cup. Identify two of each and flag this part of your journal to always return to for a quick pick me up. 

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Manifest: creative solutions

Venus is currently in your adventure sector. This is a great opportunity to think creatively about a current problem bugging you and explore your options.

Journal Prompt: Brainstorm backward. What do you want to achieve ultimately? What are the last and final steps to get there? Keep going backward to arrive at where you are right now.


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Manifest: acceptance

Creativity energizes you this week and allows you to view your troubles in a new light. You'll get clarity and regain some peace with yourself.

Journal Prompt: This evening, write this affirmation 6 times and then under it, write "I accept." 

The affirmation: I am worthy of achievement, praise and love

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Manifest: leverage

As Venus enters your partnership sector, you can take advantage of the communal energy coming your way. Networking and social events can be scheduled and likely produce great success.


Journal Prompt: what curiously positive situations do you currently find yourself in? Explain this in detail, then figure out how you can leverage this situation to gain more out of it. Continue to milk this situation for everything it can provide you with and have fun along the way! 

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Manifest: peace

This week takes your usual charm to the next level! It's the perfect time to connect with others, hash out conflicts, and talk to people of interest. Any conflicts should be quelled and you'll leave the conversation refreshed.

Journal Prompt: what and who do you need to speak to about something bugging you? What is needed to regain your peace after this person or situation has gravely disturbed it?


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Manifest: trust

Venus is currently in your home and family sector. This can affect many aspects of your life and can be quite overwhelming if you don't take time to make boundaries and schedule time for yourself.

Journal Prompt: trust that you are going in the right direction and the universe has your back. Script the best elements coming to your life in the coming months. Gain ownership over these events by deeply visualizing them.

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Manifest: a third eye

The universe has your back this week as you try to make big shifts in your personal life. Make sure not to dwell too much on your emotions and instead focus on constructive activities that encourage forward movement.


Journal Prompt: Take this time to record a dream you have in detail. Dreams are our subconscious talking to us. Make sure to focus on any repeating symbols and how you felt when you worked up.

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Manifest: wisdom 

Past failure, relationship-wise or otherwise, will present itself to you differently now that you are emotionally healed and in better spirits.

Journal Prompt: What utility can I find in this dark moment of my life? What can be learned or taken from it to make it most useful to me?

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Manifest: allies


Opportunities are coming one after the other, and you're ready for them all. The stars are in your favor and you can afford to take big forward action in business dealings and negotiations.

Journal Prompt: your allies are a huge part of the journey to your dream life. Who is currently helping you with your goals? How can you show gratitude toward them?

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Manifest: love

Even though the Sun has left your zodiac sign, there is still much to be excited about. You're an attraction magnet, and with all this additional attention, you can choose who you want in your life and who you do not.

Journal Prompt: what are all the qualities you'd want in a partner? If the list exceeds 15, circle the top 5, as these are the most important and thus non-negotiable. Anyone coming your way must have these to access your space.

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Manifest: direction

Many life areas are swarming with conflict right now. You are strong enough to weather any storm but the main issue is that many people and opportunities are pulling you in opposite directions.


Journal Prompt: what intuitively am I feeling is the correct direction for me? What does my intuition say? What does my logical mind say? What will keep me safe as I pursue all my options?

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Manifest: soul alignment

Your long-term goals are front and center. Being you, your goals are both professional and relational. This is great because it will encourage positive forward movement in your dealings with others.

Journal Prompt: what barrier do I naturally put that prevents me from connecting to others? What does my intuition tell me about the best way to handle this? 


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