3 Zodiac Signs Experience Rough Horoscopes On December 1, Thanks To Moon Opposite Pluto

Today has us signing up to be test dummies for Moon opposite Pluto.

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December 1, 2023 brings us a Leo Moon opposite Pluto. Just writing it is enough to send shivers up my spine. For the three zodiac signs that will be most affected by this spine-chilling transit, we may see a lot of forceful behavior today, all in the name of 'truth and transformation.'

OK, what does that even mean? It means that on this day, a few of us are going to see December 1, 2023, as the day we 'jumpstart' our resolutions for the new year to come. What we'll be met with is an obstacle course and a slam to our prideful egos. We absolutely leave the gate filled with confidence, but have we thought this one out? Have we, really?




Moon opposite Pluto is at play here. This one goes out to three very specific zodiac signs as if we're here as test dummies to see if 'it works.' Yes, Moon opposite Pluto, you work just fine and here we are, down here, feeling every bit of it. This transit will have us believing that we are the heroes in our own story, only to be jolted into a far less romantic reality. Ah well, what to do? What to do?


Three zodiac signs have rough horoscopes on December 1, 2023 during Moon opposite Pluto:

1. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)

Hey, hey, it's the first day of December and you've decided that you're not into playing the whole 'wait around for January to change my ways' thing. In fact, you might have planned this for a while, to call December 1 your 'start date' for some big, positive plans that you want to get a move on. You've got a Leo Moon hanging over your head and you feel as though the universe is backing up your fabulous intentions.

The only glitch in the matrix here is that this Moon is opposite Pluto at this particular juncture and that could spell trouble for you, Cancer, if you get too far ahead of yourself. What this means is that on some level, you believe the universe 'owes' you a break simply because you are putting in the good vibes. While that would make sense in a perfect world, well ... is this world perfect? Maybe for a celestial body, but not necessarily a human body.

The real problem here is not so much that you may only get a false start but that whatever 'doesn't' occur for you today may end up tossing you into a state of laziness. Yes, that is fast. So what today has the potential to bring you is the idea that if you can't get what you want immediately, you could fall into a lax state of mind and simply stop trying. Suddenly, January doesn't seem so far away after all.


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2. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

Are you getting ahead of yourself, Leo? Is that what this day, with its transit of Moon opposite Pluto, will bring you? Quite possibly, yes. The Leo Moon will have you believing that you are nothing short of a superhero — and who would want to sway you or anyone from that belief? Everybody is on your side, and so on December 1, 2023, you'll feel like you want to take the lead and show them all how it's done.

How is 'what' done? Well, living positively, for instance. You are into the whole holiday gluttony-fest as much as anyone else, but you are also not into becoming overweight or unhealthy, as this is how you perceive this time of year. You set your intentions for being healthy and for not playing into the indulgence. You go for it, guns a-blazing. You want to set an example for friends to follow, and they may just get on board with your display of action.


However, and there always seems to be a 'however' when the Moon opposite Pluto is around, you will see that you, yourself, are not as committed as your words make you out to be. So, while you stand on your platform and announce to the world that you'll be making great plans and that everyone should line up and follow you, make sure your heart is really into it, as today proves to you that you might not be all that well-intended after all.

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3. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

Dear Scorpio. It seems as though you may have overestimated your abilities on this day, December 1, 2023. That's not to say you are incapable. In fact, you are more than capable of achieving whatever it is that you set out for. What's going on, however, is that during the transit of Moon opposite Pluto, you may feel a little 'too' fundamental about your beliefs and you may end up pushing a little too hard to make others around you 'get your point.'


Today brings out the revolutionary side to you, Scorpio, and when you get like this, as you do when Pluto transits influences your psyche, you tend to want to stir things up. Things include people, friends, strangers, drivers in other cars — that kind of people. You may find that during Moon opposite Pluto, you will be a little more aggressive, and all because you really and truly believe that you are right ... the kind of 'right' that cannot be questioned.

so, in your dogmatic way, you will try your hardest to make December 1, 2023, a great day, as long as you are the one who defines 'great.' Your 'great' may not be someone else's 'great' and because the Moon is in Leo, you might start to feel as though you're amidst crazy people who cannot see the beauty in what you see or believe in. You may end up feeling a bit isolated on this day, stuck in your ways, or 'right' despite the truths around you.

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