3 Zodiac Signs Learn Not To Trust Easily On November 24, 2023

You march to the beat of your own drum, and you always will.

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November 24, 2023, may go down in our personal history as the day we put our foot down and stood up for ourselves. During the transit of Moon square Pluto, we are going to see that the culmination of life lessons seemingly has a purpose, and that is to show us when we need to protect ourselves from emotional harm.

Moon square Pluto is a very strong transit, in so much as, during its passage, three zodiac signs come to terms with the wisdom they've accrued so far. That means that we know when to say 'no,' we know when something is not good for us, and we know that we do not have to go along with something — or someone — if our gut tells us not to trust what we see.


For the first time, we see that, no, we are not paranoid or overreacting. We are listening to our heart and our heart is telling us that something is wrong with this picture. We don't back off of our instincts this time, and that's how November 24, 2023, is different than other days. During the transit of Moon square Pluto, we've not only learned not to trust so easily but to follow that gut feeling all the way home.

Three zodiac signs learn not to trust easily on November 24, 2023:

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

In the past, you were more concerned about coming off as a 'good person' or someone who was always compassionate and kind. While so much of that is true about your nature, Aries, you've also gotten yourself into the habit of being 'too' good, which essentially means that in order to 'show the world' that you're the altruistic hero of the people, you've ended up becoming a doormat, and you know it. And, as an Aries, you also know that just won't do. Nope. No way.


You'll see that on November 24, 2023, you'll be put in the position of having to live up to someone's expectation of you, meaning that you'll be asked to do something that goes against your better nature. Now, the old you might go along and do it anyway, but with the power of Moon square Pluto at your side on this day, you will think twice because you're starting to understand that power is found in personal strength, not so much in giving it all away, as you've been doing for so long.

It will be during this transit, Moon square Pluto, that you think twice before you make this move, and that will open the gateway for you to say NO again and again if you surmise that the situation is either unsafe or somehow untrustworthy. You don't trust easily because life has shown you that throwing your trust away is an unwise move, and you, Aries, are a very intelligent and rational creature. You follow your heart and it leads you to the right place.

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2. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)


Trust has never been your big thing, but being polite has always ruled your world, and that's what's gotten you into the most trouble so far. During the transit of Moon square Pluto, you're going to recognize that all the trouble in your life has occurred because you feel that maybe you gave too much away in 'being polite' and that your actions ended up showing you that not trusting your situation was a good idea, still, one you didn't listen to at the time.

On November 24, 2023, you're going to know that your gut feeling has been right all along and that it's OK to pull back and take your time before leaping in ... whether it has anything to do with love or not. You will take the power of Moon square Pluto and use it to bolster your feelings of distrust. There's something that just isn't right about the situation you are presently in and you want to make sure it's sturdy before you make another move.

You are no longer concerned with how you look or whether people think you are too self-protective or not. This is your life and you'll take all the time you need to make the choices that will take you to the next place. During Moon square Pluto, you realize that you are doing the right thing by yourself and that makes you happy. Trust must be earned, but if it takes forever to gain, that's a lesson right there ... and it's one you learn today.

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3. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

You used to believe that if you didn't just go ahead and trust people, you, yourself, would be judged as someone untrustworthy, and that clouded your ability to judge for yourself whether a situation is good or not. On November 24, you'll wrangle some of that awesome Sagittarius energy and you'll decide that being independent is the way to go when it comes to trust. You don't trust easily because life has taught you not to trust easily. 

During the transit of Moon square Pluto, you will feel stronger about your independent drive, which means that if you don't trust a situation, you'd rather stay alone. You are no longer concerned with how you come across because the truth of the matter is that you've never come across as anyone but an original who does their own thing. Others may see you as too secure 'on your own' and so they'll tell you that your trust is just a projection of you not being trustworthy yourself ... and what do you care?


You don't. On November 24, you know that there's only one person in the world that you have to be concerned with, and that's Y.O.U. If a situation rings off all the red flags, then you will listen to what your heart tells you and you will stay silent and back away. You have nothing to prove to anyone. You aren't about to trust a person or a situation just because that's what's expected of you. You march to the beat of your drum, and you always will.

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