Why The November 17 Horoscopes Are So Good For 4 Zodiac Signs

A beautiful day is in store for these four zodiac signs.

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The energy, on November 17, 2023, is beckoning you to remember how far you have come from where you used to be. The past may be painful, but your future is bright.

While four zodiac signs will experience the most blessings under this cosmic influence — Leo, Scorpio, Gemini and Taurus — there's something special here for the rest of the zodiac signs too.

First of all, the energy is primarily governed by Sun conjunct Mars in Scorpio, which is a cazimi aspect that brings luck to some, and hardship to others.


So, the focus is on sticking to your guns and following the call of your intuition as you try to accomplish your goals. You may not have as many supporters as you would like, but that's okay. You have you on your side.

With Jupiter retrograde in Taurus aspecting this main energy, you are also being urged to remember that the best teachers cannot teach a foolish student and the worst teachers cannot hold back a brilliant one.


Don't give away credit for your hard work to those who haven't worked for it. You can be grateful for what you have received in accordance with reality but don't blind yourself to what you brought to the table.

If you feel called to, light a yellow candle and journal your thoughts and feelings sometime during the day. Your subconscious mind wants to communicate with you. Let it unburden itself. Now, let's focus on the four zodiac signs with the best horoscopes on November 17, 2023.

Four zodiac signs with the best horoscopes on November 17, 2023:

1. Leo

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Here's the thing, Leo. You are at the top of the best horoscopes list for a reason. Yet you will feel morose for much of the day as painful memories are triggered within you.

Trust the universe when this happens. It's trying to help you clear out the toxins from within you so you can heal once and for all and move forward with pride and confidence in yourself.

If you feel called to, light a green candle in honor of this clearing and sit in quiet meditation for a while. Your soul will speak to you more clearly than usual. You can substitute the pillar candle with five tealight candles, too, arranged like a five-petaled flower.

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2. Scorpio

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Scorpio, the energy is extremely peaceful for you. You will feel blessed and rejuvenated as the day progresses and may even want to kick back and wind down earlier than usual.

If you feel called to, engage in self-care rituals or visit the spa for a pampering session. Your soul craves the undoing of many metaphorical knots.


Some of you are on the verge of entering a new phase of life, but you are still in the transition period right now. Be patient with yourself and allow the days to unfold as they will. The universe has your back and is leading you to your destiny.

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3. Gemini

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Gemini, the energy is highly extroverted to you. So, even if you are a natural introvert, you are being urged to engage with others more and live it up in social gatherings.

Some of you may be attending a spiritual retreat right now. If that's true, open your heart as you engage with the people around you and experience the activities lined up for all the participants. You won't regret it.

If you feel called to, exchange friendship bracelets with your best buddies. This may or may not have anything to do with Taylor Swift (mostly, it does not), but this act will strengthen the bonds of friendship between you. If those bracelets have rose quartz crystal pendants or charms, then even better!

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4. Taurus

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Taurus, it's time to lay the foundation for the next few years of your life. You are being encouraged to think about the resources under your belt (and command) and how you can use them to further your goals (or come up with new ones).

Don't censor your creative side. Extraordinary ideas lie in wait for you.


Also, most of you will benefit from engaging with your loved ones over associating with weak acquaintances. Social climbing and networking have their uses, but not. If you love bringing home flowers, get some red roses. They will be lucky for you.

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