3 Zodiac Signs May Find Their True Love Before The Weekend

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Here we are, midway through November, it's Scorpio season and the transit is the Capricorn Moon. Sounds like something is brewing if you ask me, and before this weekend, what's brewing is true love.

How does a transit like the Capricorn Moon bring about such a stroke of luck? It's simple ... during the Capricorn Moon, we are realists.

We aren't obsessed with looks or money. We aren't trying to nail down the perfect person, and we aren't forcing our way onto someone, hoping they'll become just like us.

We don't want anything but the truth, and in love, on this day, love looks like the person who makes us laugh.

True love? Well, we have to start somewhere, and we have to understand that true love isn't necessarily perfect love.

For three zodiac signs, the true love that is coming our way is the kind that we can handle.

We aren't looking for a love story we can show off, litter Instagram with or prove to the world that it exists.

During the Capricorn Moon just before the weekend, the true love that we find is the one we accept as 'real.'

Three zodiac sign may find their true love before the weekend:

1. Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Imagine falling in love with someone who doesn't automatically make you want to take out your phone and upload ten zillion photos of yourselves together. Is that still a thing?

Do we ever just relax into the love of another person without making it a social media event? During the Capricorn Moon, it sure is. We are content to love someone on this day simply; no Instagram needed — no Facebook announcements.

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That is why we will know something is different about the person we've just met. We don't want to dilute the feeling by sharing it all right this second. On this day, Gemini, you will find that the person you've just fallen in love with is so real, so genuine, that you won't want to dumb them down by making them into a meme. This is a real person, and that's what makes your love for them 'true.'



It is during the Capricorn Moon that you see exactly what's going on here. This is no ordinary day and no ordinary person. What you see in this new person is potential, and it doesn't need to be watered through social media. This love is your true love; this is someone you want to know better. This is your life and theirs. It's time to get back to reality, and the Capricorn Moon will show you how valuable this day really is.

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2. Leo (July 23 - August 22)

You've always loved the idea of true love. However, in the past, you've made the mistake of thinking that anyone who checks off the ticks on your list is worthy of that title. What you didn't take into consideration was the idea that nobody's ever going to be perfect and that looking for perfection is a lost cause of an idea.

During the Capricorn Moon, you'll know what perfection really is: it's 'wabi-sabi,' or rather, the appreciation of imperfection.

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You will be meeting someone who helps you to understand that beauty is where you find it. You don't have to rely on your old checklist of standards in order to find what you'll forever know as your true love.

This person is your true love and that is because they are real, they are honest with you and they have no ulterior motives. You feel comfortable with this person and you want to see where it all goes.



Time plays an important role here, as you might feel incredibly attached to this new person right from the start. Rather than let infatuation eat you up, you pull back just enough so that you can witness the miracle that is at play here. During the Capricorn Moon, you will see that the answer to your question of 'where is my true love' is answered with a very simple response: right in front of your eyes.

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3. Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

You've always been very practical, which is why it's ironic that you've also thrown yourself at people passionately and without hesitance. You are definitely a passionate person who has ideals. As time goes by, you've come to realize that in your practicality, it's better to leave the concept of ideals behind. You don't want to bank on ideals any longer, and with the Capricorn Moon in the sky, you feel supported in your endeavors to find practical love.

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This is what you will come to know as your true love, and this love, this person, makes themselves known to you before the weekend. during the Capricorn Moon transit, that it all starts making sense to you. Clarity is a huge part of this day's success and this new person in your life seems to fit right in with your idea of pragmatism and practicality.



It doesn't hurt to have the Capricorn Moon above you, as you have always felt good when the transits favor your zodiac sign. You will fall in love with someone on this day, Capricorn, and you will see that they are nothing like anything or anyone you ever expected.

They bring something immensely fresh and different to your world, and you can appreciate the idea that they are not anything near your ideal. They are your true love, not your ideal fantasy.

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