How The Astrology Of December 2023 Impacts Each Zodiac Sign's Love Horoscope All Month

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december 2023 love horoscopes for all zodiac signs

The universe doesn't plan on taking it easy on you in the last month of the year, which is no surprise considering the lessons and growth you've already been asked to do.

Rather than trying to avoid any deeper lessons or new realizations, see this as your chance to put changes into place so that as you move into a new chapter and a new year, you will be doing it from a place of knowing that everything you've been through has served to make you better.  

December brings several astrological changes that impact each zodiac sign's love horoscope for the entire month.

Both Neptune and Jupiter stations direct, which allows you to start to implement the inner work you've been doing into your life.

Not only have you seen the truth, but you also now know what you are worth, which means everything you desire is just one choice away. Major relationship decisions during the holidays are often unlikely as many wait until the new year to have hard conversations with their partners. 

Still December's astrology in the coming weeks, including the last Mercury Retrograde of the year, enforces a few things and you may find you can't put off for later what you had hoped to delay.

Mercury retrograde encourages self-reflection.



You must not only reflect on your internal growth and lessons from the past few months, especially those that center around seeing the full truth and knowing your worth, but you also will need to realize just because it may be imperfect timing for you — doesn't mean that it's still not divine timing.

The Cancer Full Moon stirs conflict.

The Cancer Full Moon at the end of the month may bring up some challenging times for holiday gatherings, but if you see it as an opportunity to find greater balance within your life, then you should be able to make the most of it.  



While everything is always happening for your highest good, in December, you are being guided to make sure you are focusing on the real-life aspects of creating a relationship as much as you are enjoying the passion that Venus in Scorpio will bring.

You can use this to your advantage as you discuss how to spend the holidays or your plans for the new year. While it can be challenging to have conversations, it's always better to know the truth than find out later you were wrong. This isn't just about learning how to love another better, but yourself as well, which always starts with yourself.  

Key Dates for December 2023 

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Friday, December 1: Mercury enters Capricorn

Mercury, the planet of communication and agreements, shifts into the earth sign of Capricorn, influencing your romantic focus. Mercury rules over what you feel the need to discuss with your partner and your priorities.

In Capricorn, you will be directed to focus on the logical, grounded aspects of your relationship, including your intentions for the relationship, how to progress your connection or how to move forward after a period of recent challenges.

This is a discussion of what is logical and based in real life, so plans will be necessary, as well as having a clear idea of what you want. Abstract or overly emotional thoughts won't prevail as much during this time, so do your homework, make the checklist and ensure you are focusing on the details of creating a life with the one that you love.  

Monday, December 4: Venus enters Scorpio

Venus shifts into Scorpio, creating an intense and passionate phase in your romantic relationship. As much as Mercury in Capricorn will be encouraging you to get real about your plans for life, Venus in Scorpio will become more intense, emotional and passionate.



This will create a space of not allowing yourself to get caught up in the emotional feelings or the romance of holiday festivities and make sure you're finding a balance with making plans and hashing out real-life matters. 

In Scorpio, Venus can also become overly jealous, so being mindful of yourself and your partner during the season of more holiday parties and social gatherings will be of benefit.

This is also where healthy, grounded communication comes in because when both people have clarity on the connection, they are less likely to become jealous or dramatic. Make the most of this energetic era by consciously creating balance with clear intentions and honest communication.  

Wednesday, December 6: Neptune retrograde ends

Neptune rules themes of fantasy, illusion and dreams, yet it also governs unconditional love and hope. No matter how much your decisions need to be based on real life, it would be best if you also balanced it out with a little bit of faithful optimism to help inspire you to continue to strive for more.

As Neptune stations direct in Pisces, there will be lessons that rise to the surface from the last six months on where you may have been deluding yourself or not seeing the whole picture.

While this may bring unexpected relationship changes, you also will be given a healthy dose of hope for a better future. Use this to ensure you are building your future on solid ground but still allowing yourself to daydream a bit about what you hope love will bring into your life.  

Tuesday, December 12: New Moon in Sagittarius

The Sagittarius New Moon rises and helps you think about your relationship's future and whether it honors your authentic truth. Sagittarius is the sign of the seeker, who is always searching for something or someone better and more meaningful.

Despite the possibility and tendency for Sagittarius to inspire you to try things out with a new love, it's also a zodiac sign that requires deep roots to truly feel as if there is a greater purpose to life.

As you blend the two, ensure you are honoring your truth as to whether the connection you're in is one that truly fulfills you in the ways you desire. If not, this lunation may have you dreaming of a better and more fulfilling romantic connection.  

Wednesday, December 13: Mercury retrograde begins

Just as the Sagittarius New Moon asks you to reflect on the truth of your relationship, Mercury stations retrograde in Capricorn as you are called to go over the plans and details of your life. This will require some hard conversations as you are asked to look at the reality of what you've created instead of what the potential dream originally was, a theme that Neptune direct will also emphasize.

Also, it presents an opportunity to learn how to love better as you reflect on whether your actions have been aligned with your intentions. As you progress through the last Mercury Retrograde of the year, be mindful that exes may pop up. Their return could be due to some holiday loneliness and not actually the sign of a destined love affair. Be mindful of the choices you make and practice upfront and honest conversations to avoid any heartbreak in the new year.  

Thursday, December 21: Sun enters Capricorn

The Sun shifts into Capricorn, beginning Capricorn Season and a chance to create your most successful life. Capricorn wants to work hard to achieve its desired results, but be wary of thinking you need to work harder in your relationship to make it work. Love won't have you exhausting yourself to make something work or keep it alive, even if it's only on life support.

Be grounded and practical in matters of the heart as you're careful of overpromising or hoping things will turn out how you expect. One of the lessons for Capricorn is to learn that by increasing your vulnerability, you can save yourself from misunderstandings later or realizing you were the only one working at something. There is a great deal of passion around you right now, but don't let your heart get carried away just yet and make sure you're having the conversations necessary to create the long-term relationship you desire.  

Tuesday, December 26: Full Moon in Cancer 

The Full Moon in Cancer will peak and bring any domestic or familial influences to a peak as you are encouraged to lean into love. Cancer is the sign of home and family and will draw your attention inward to your feeling of fulfillment and unconditional love.

However, the Full Moon is opposite the Sun in Capricorn, which highlights any differences between your emotional satisfaction and the success you feel driven toward achieving. While this may bring up issues between work commitments and family, it could also be that your relationship is one that others may not agree with or that you've set on the back burner while you focused on your career.  

This is a theme that will carry over in the coming weeks as you reflect on how to create more balance in your life, which is about learning to love better, not just others, but yourself as well. When you can prioritize your need and desire for unconditional love over the wants for your success or public life, then you can also practice radical self-love as you create what consciously aligns with you — and no one else.

Be wary of family disagreements during holidays or how you divide your time. The most important thing is to honor what is most important to you; remember, sometimes you will ruffle feathers simply by being yourself. 

Friday, December 29: Venus enters Sagittarius

Venus, the planet of love moves into future-orientated and social Sagittarius, helping you to take a more extended look at your romantic life. This will emphasize the work of Mercury Retrograde and Neptune direct this month.

You are called to reflect on the future of your relationship, this energy has you believing anything is possible. Because Sagittarius delights in exploring new territory and taking the path least explored, you won't be able to talk your heart out of what it most wants while Venus is in Sagittarius.  

Just make sure that you're balancing your desires for newness with the meaning that you're genuinely looking for in life. You may want to take things in a new direction in your relationship or think about the next level of commitment, but you also need to ensure that you are connected to all the choices that you're making. When you are confident in moving from your truth, it will never matter if others agree or not.  

Saturday, December 30: Jupiter stations direct

Jupiter is the planet of abundance, luck and the divine dreams you have for your future. Since the beginning of September, Jupiter has been on its retrograde journey through Taurus as you have worked to ensure stability within your life and relationship.

During this time, you encountered lessons healing any sense of lack of self-worth so that you could do the work and be open to receiving what you genuinely want. Now, as it stations direct, you are truly getting the green light to implement all you've been focusing on internally.

This is the time for taking a leap of faith, trusting yourself and knowing that you are the only one who gets to decide what you are worthy of receiving, and as soon as you do, the stars align to make it a reality.  

How the astrology of December 2023 impacts each zodiac sign's love horoscope all month:

Aries Leading Energy: Full Moon in Cancer, ruler of your home, family and domestic relationship 

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Seize the opportunity to improve your romantic life while the Full Moon in Cancer peaks on December 26. Even though this may draw a greater focus on imbalances, especially between the energy you give other aspects of your life versus your partner, it still casts everything in a glow of love. Along with Venus in Scorpio encouraging transformation and greater intimacy, you are being given a meaningful chance to change things for the better.  

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Even if it feels uncomfortable, embrace whatever the Full Moon in Cancer brings up, especially as you know you are already in a period of change with the new eclipse cycle in your zodiac sign and Libra for the next two years. Look at any challenges, or just truth, as a chance to go deeper, to create more understanding and to find that space where you can be on the same page as your partner.

Remaining calm will help with this as you remember the importance of healthy communication to ensure you can use whatever you go through to create a stronger and more stable relationship.  

Taurus Leading Energy: Venus in Scorpio, ruler of your romantic sector 

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When you let love lead, you also allow yourself to settle into your soul as you no longer resist what makes you so unique. On your journey to figure out what you need from love, you also need to dive into discovering who you truly are. As you have risen to this challenge, you have come to learn that there is no point in denying yourself what you most want. In fact, by honoring these desires, you guarantee you don't just find fulfillment in love but also in life.  

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Venus in Scorpio highlights romantic themes in your life, helping to bring together powerful divine encounters, deepening existing relationships, and creating a space where you can enjoy your romantic life more.

To make the most of this time, honor your intense, passionate nature rather than just trying to take a logical approach to everything. As much as you need to take your head when you fall in love, don't try to rationalize every matter of the heart and let yourself enjoy the process of loving and being loved.  

Gemini Leading Energy: New Moon in Sagittarius, ruler of your house of relationships 

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It's time for a new beginning in your romantic life that's based on what you need instead of what you feel like you should want. As you've been diving into greater depths of yourself, you've realized that your romantic life is more important than you've thought. It's not that you disregarded it, but with so many other important relationships in your life, you didn't always acknowledge the value your partner brought into your life. 

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Now, as the New Moon rises in Sagittarius alongside the Sun in this fire sign, you will be able to redefine the love that you create and receive completely. This is the time to make amends with your current partner, change your life and prioritize the love that means so much to you.

Even if you feel pulled by other areas of your life, by letting your partner know about their place in your life, you will ensure that your partner will be next to you at every finish line you cross. Don't be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve in new encounters because by embracing your more vulnerable side, you can feel confident you're creating the connection you've come to learn you need.  

Cancer Leading Energy: Capricorn Season, ruler of your relationship sector 

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This will be a big month for you, not just because the Sun shifts into Capricorn, ruler of your romantic sector, but also because this is the last whole month Pluto will be in Capricorn before shifting into Aquarius in January.

With Pluto preparing to leave Capricorn, only returning for a short stint in this earth sign at the end of next year, you are wrapping up an important life phase in your romantic relationship. While you might be considering or already going through a separation, your eyes are fixed on the future and instilling within your relationship what you've come to learn you need.  

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While the holidays are rarely a time when anyone wants to make any big moves in their relationship, you could find yourself gaining some important clarity around this time. Make sure you honor your inner truth and all that you've grown in, as you must believe that you deserve all that you are looking to create in your life. Capricorn Season and Pluto in Capricorn are here to bring changes to your relationship.

However, as long as you embrace your truth and that of your connection, then you may also be able to renegotiate your relationship agreement to have a brand-new agreement with your current partner, especially as Mercury begins its retrograde in Capricorn. Let yourself honor where you've been, but still allow yourself to move toward what is meant for you.  

Leo Leading Energy: Venus in Scorpio, ruler of your home and family sector 

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You deserve the most passionate, fulfilling life you can dream of. As you're dreaming, reflect on whether it's emotions that are governing the picture you're creating in your head or if it's an obligation to create something others will approve of.

Scorpio energy asks you to go deep within yourself as you excavate your truth from the chaos that may surround you, but as you do, you'll also discover the diamond you've been seeking. During this time, Scorpio energy highlights your home, family and committed relationship, so as you're going deep within yourself, make sure you're creating the same space with your partner.  

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You've already learned that you can achieve everything you had wanted to, only to realize it was nothing you ever needed. Now, it is your chance to do things differently. You have an incredible capacity for love and are passionate about life. When you can embrace these parts of yourself, everything gets easier, including the romantic decisions about your life. Whether it involves moving in, changing homes or just opening up emotionally to your partner, know that you are worthy of it because that's the first step to creating it.  



Virgo Leading Energy: Neptune Direct in Pisces, ruler of your house of relationships 

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Piscean energy rules over your romantic life, helping you to take your eyes off the quest for perfection and enjoy the magic of what it is. Neptune has been in its retrograde phase since the end of June, helping you to see the truth of your relationship or the perspective you've been using to view it.

While Neptune retrograde in Pisces helps expose the truth, it's also about focusing on what is real versus what is only imagined or perceived. For you, this may have more to do with reflecting on whether you still need to hang onto those fears and doubts that have kept you in a state of constant effort or work in your relationship. 

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Although Neptune direct in Pisces may bring the end to any relationships that were built on shaky ground, it's also about recognizing the importance of looking at love through a lens of truth.

You don't need to project any fears, doubts or growth in your self-worth into each connection because then it will always end the same. Instead, when you can truly take a step back and see the big picture of your relationship, you can also often see it's already everything you ever dreamed of. Let yourself be happy; you deserve it.  

Libra Leading Energy: Capricorn Season, ruler of your domestic sector 

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This is the moment you've been waiting for. Just as you may have wondered when it would be time for the next steps of growth, you are being called to start implementing and reflecting on the changes to your life you've been considering. While Mercury will also be retrograde in Capricorn this month, there is still the chance for some proactive action in your domestic sector as you embrace the ability to go back and make the decisions necessary to ensure the future will be completely different.

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Much of what you thought you were creating years ago no longer fits or resonates with your truth, and now, as you ready yourself to move through the new eclipse cycle in your zodiac sign and of Aries for the next two years, you're no longer scared of change.

You believe in yourself so much more than you ever have before, which means that you also deserve to have a relationship that will truly fulfill all your needs. Capricorn energy in this part of your life wants to create a solid foundation, which means meaningful conversations, transparency and compromise will be key factors in your romantic life. Remember you are in charge of this new phase of your life, so make it everything you have ever dreamed of.  

Scorpio Leading Energy: Jupiter Direct in Taurus, ruler of your house of relationships 

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You have spent the last few months acclimating to the new energy after the previous eclipse cycle in Taurus and Scorpio ended at the end of October. Since that time, along with letting the dust settle, you've been enjoying a new sense of freedom from the lessons of your past. In that newfound freedom, you've also begun dreaming with more certainty about what you want for your future and what you know in your heart is destined for you. While it may have felt like it's taken a long period, the truth is you are right on time.  

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Jupiter is the planet of abundance and good luck. Since September, it's been moving through its retrograde phase in Taurus, helping you to shift your internal mindset and beliefs regarding relationships and your self-worth.

As Jupiter stations direct in Taurus, you will feel a lightening in your romantic life as it suddenly feels like you are surrounded by a multitude of new possibilities — and right on time for New Year's Eve. Break out of your comfort zone at the end of the month, change your routine, go to new places and take a bit of a risk when it comes to love because the universe truly is on your side. 

Sagittarius Leading Energy: Neptune Direct in Pisces, ruler of your home  

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Your home, family life and domestic relationship have been a central focus for you most of this year, especially as Saturn was recently stationed direct in this emotional water sign. Pisces rules all matters closest to your heart, which is also why, no matter how much you love to explore and try new things in life, having a solid and secure home is essential for you. As much as it hasn't seemed like it, Saturn and Neptune are working together to help you understand what you need and fully embrace the path forward to achieve it.  

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Neptune direct in Pisces helps you to embrace the lessons you've learned since June, especially regarding the truth of your needs, home and relationship. Saturn stationed direct at the beginning of November, which was the start of implementing what you've learned, especially around any karmic lessons.

Still, now that you can clearly see the whole picture, you owe it to yourself to take action to create what you really want. Honor yourself first by articulating your needs to your partner, giving yourself time to process and validate yourself. You have a huge emotional capacity, but sometimes you overlook that to keep moving. When you honor your heart, you also can create a home and relationship that honors you.  

Capricorn Leading Energy: Full Moon in Cancer, ruler of your house of love and romance 

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This month is all about self-reflection and how to create more space for love. With Mercury retrograde and the Sun in your zodiac sign of Capricorn, there is heightened focus on yourself, your beliefs, needs and choices you've made in the past.

As the Full Moon in Cancer rises, it's your chance to make amends and find a peaceful way to move forward. There is no sense in just running away or pretending that there isn't an improvement that needs to happen in your romantic life, as you are being ushered into a new beginning in your romantic life. 

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Make sure the decisions and choices you're making are yours and not influenced by anyone in your life or the obligations to live according to a specific ideology. You get to decide what will work for you, and right now, the more you can start reflecting on all you've learned, the more you can set your sights on opening, becoming more vulnerable and mending whatever bridges have been broken.

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn is of enormous importance for you because it will help give you insight on exactly what you need to do to create improvement in your relationship come the Full Moon in Cancer. Just remember that love may not be all you need, but it certainly can pave the way forward.  



Aquarius Leading Energy: Jupiter Direct in Taurus, ruler of your domestic sector 

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Not only is Uranus currently in Taurus bringing changes to your domestic sector, but Jupiter stations direct help you to choose the path of most incredible abundance. This has been and will continue to be a test of leaning into being okay with needing others, which includes your partner. While your independence is a gift and most certainly a strength, ensure you are reminding yourself that it doesn't mean you have to do everything by yourself. You can still be strong and independent and lean into your partner, ask for help or change the way you think about what it means to be in a relationship together. 

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With so many relationships taking on unconventional parameters like being together but living apart, you must be mindful of how you talk to yourself. If you are telling yourself that you are alone or must do everything, then you will. On the other hand, if you allow yourself to acknowledge you are part of a partnership, you're going to be far more likely to reach out for help.

What you believe is the reality you will create, and as Jupiter stations direct, you will see growth in this area of your life. Whether it's traditionally moving in together, spending more time with each other or simply feeling as if you're doing life together, you will need to create the space for something new to grow. Let yourself fully embrace the relationship you have or the possibility of a new romance, as everything is about to take a turn for the better.  

Pisces Leading Energy: Full Moon in Cancer, ruler of your house of commitment 

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Just because in the past relationships haven't turned out how you hoped doesn't mean that the miracle you've been dreaming about isn't waiting around the next corner for you. As you're slowly coming out of a period of being introverted, you're starting to open up to your partner or new love again.

Because of that, you're going to see a more serious commitment coming in. While it may be a proposal, it could also be the declaration of feelings or intentions that you've desired or the decision to commit to one another fully.  

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The Full Moon in Cancer rises in your house of commitment, while the Scorpio energy inspires you to broaden your perspective, take a chance and embrace the abundance of life. Cancer not only brings commitment but also increased happiness and pleasure as you are ready to fully receive this love that you've been working to create.

Just make sure you give yourself enough time to enjoy it and to remember that everything happens at divine timing, even if it seems like it's happening differently than you had imagined it would. Retake a chance on love, trust the lessons you've learned, but be prepared to open to love again because this time is guaranteed to be different.  

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